Amrum 2010

Amrum, Germany – 6th March 2010

Hello from Amrum,

today we started our trip to Amrum Island – a nice German Island in the North Sea. We drove some hours – unfortunately the winter came back yesterday, but we arrived safe on the Coast – and saw our Ferry – called Schleswig-Holstein.

Here you see me inside – with the typical greeting – Moin Moin.

I went outside – the weather was sunny – but it was cold.

We stopped at another Island, called Föhr. Some people left the Ferry, but we went on to Amrum.

What a great trip. I will write more from Amrum soon.

Amrum, Germany – 8th March 2010

Moin Moin,

we made our first walk on Amrum. Here you see me in front of a typical house. They are so beautiful.

Then we went to the Dunes.

I enjoyed my time on a beach chair.

They had nice paths out of wood in the Dunes.

Amrum is a really nice place.

Amrum, Germany – 10th March 2010

Moin Moin from Amrum,

today we explored Norddorf, the village, where we live. First we saw this funny stone.
The language is not German, but the language from Amrum.

In this gate is written – better dead than slave. We say – better travelling than staying at home.

One of the wonderful old houses here.

We went into a nice café. I had a nice apple pie. And a hot chocolate with Grand Marnier. It was so yummy.

On our way back we saw another great house.

Amrum, Germany – 11th March 2010

Moin Moin,

we went to Nebel and visited the church.

We went inside and spent some time there. We thought of a very good friend.

Tobi, we miss you and we will never forget you.

Outside are interesting tombstones. The life stories of the dead people are written on the stones.
We read a few.

Then we walked through the village – and saw some nice old red houses.

There was a beautiful wind mill.

We saw two old white houses – both colours are nice – and we loved the thatched roofs.

Amrum is a beautiful Island.

Amrum, Germany – 12th March 2010

Moin Moin,

today we went to Norddorf and walk through the Dunes – there is a big lake.
First we went along the Promenade and saw the Sea.

Here you see the wooden Path we were walking on.

This is the beautiful lake inside the Dunes.

Look – there is still ice on it. It is a really cold winter – and now spring here in Germany.

I hang around in the Dunes. It was great.

Amrum, Germany – 13th March 2010

Moin Moin,

it was a very cold day outside, so I decided to have a nice evening in front of the fireplace.

First I had to work for it.

Then I had a relaxed evening – it was warm – and comfortable.

Amrum, Germany – 14th March 2010

Moin Moin,

I want to show you some nice things in the flat we are living.

Some beautiful mussels.

A nice lighthouse. There are many lighthouses in this part of Germany.

Two strange fishes. They are able to live outside the water.

And here are two funny bunnies. They are sitting in an egg-sleigh and have fun all the day.

We all have fun here in the holidays !

Amrum, Germany – 15th March 2010

Hello from Amrum,

RikeH asked us, where we wanted to go today. So we took the map of Amrum Island and had a look. We decided to walk to the highest point of Amrum

Here you see me on the highest Dune – it is 32 m high. This was the way we walked on.

A nice view over the other Dunes.

I saw Norddorf in the distance.

RikeH gave me a coin – so I looked through this telescope. I saw the North Sea – amazing.

On our way back we stopped in a nice cafe. I had a delicious hot chocolate with advocaat and a yummy tart of raspberries.

Amrum, Germany – 16th March 2010

Hello from the North Sea,

we went to the beach. The beach is very long here on Amrum – and not too many people walk here.

We had a nice view of the beach.

I collected some mussels. They are so beautiful.

We went near to the North Sea – I had to be careful because I didn’t want to get wet feet.

Look – sea-gulls are living here.

Back home I tried something special for this region. It is called Küstennebel – and really delicious.

Amrum, Germany – 17th March 2010

Hello again,

We went into the Dunes – I wanted to show the others the wonderful lake.

The lake is wonderful again – there was still some ice on it. And this time it was sunny!

There was a wooden way on this side of the lake.

The lake looked nice from another point next to it.

The path went through the Dunes – we had nice views from the highest point.


Amrum, Germany – 18th March 2010

Hello from Amrum,

We went to a nice little harbour. There are colorful houses.

We saw the Sea and a ship in the harbour.

These are big red buoys here – they get a new color, I think.

After it we went on a big playground. Here you see us together.

I had so much fun!

There were sheep next to the playground. Many sheep are living in this region of Germany.

Amrum, Germany – 19th March 2010

Hello Mum,

today we visited an interesting place called Vogelkoje,

The birds came to this nice sea – and felt good.

But sometimes they went into this cage – and were caught by the people here – this is not fair…

But nobody does it anymore today.

We went to another nice place then – a small lighthouse. You can see it behind me – far away.

We were in front of it, but RikeH forgot to take a photo of me. The lighthouse was so beautiful – I want to show it to you – so we show the photo of my friend Snuttig.

We had great views over the Dunes!

What a nice walk.

Amrum, Germany – 20th March 2010

Moin Moin!

My last walk on Amrum Island – I really loved being her. I walked on the wooden path again

I had nice views from a look-out.

Wow – this was really steep!

I sat in the sun on the Dunes…

… and found this interesting sculpture.

A last view of the beach – there were beach chairs now.

Amrum, Germany – 21st March 2010

Moin Moin

Our last day on Amrum Island – we were all sitting together and talked a lot.

Most of the others will leave us and our Host RikeH tomorrow. We are the lucky ones and can stay here for more days! We celebrated the last day on Amrum drinking a delicious bottle of wine.

Oups – very delicious.

We sat a very long time – and had so much fun. It is great to be a ToyVoyager!

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