Amrum 2012


on the ferry to Amrum, Germany – 10th February 2012

Hi from the Coast,

Great News – we were allowed to go on this ferry! And we went to Amrum.

Look – there was a lot of ice on the North Sea.

Maybe they didn’t know the way and we were on the way to the North Pole.

I looked back – no ice behind our ferry.

We had fun in the restaurant and learnt that they say Moin Moin here, instead of Hello.

Later I sat in the front of the ferry – can you see the big piece of ice?

Wittdün, Germany – 11th February 2012

Hello from Amrum,

Yesterday we arrived in Wittdün. This morning we went onto our balcony and had a look around. Well – normally there is water – but now there was ice.

Then we relaxed in the sunshine.

Later we went to the dunes near to Norddorf. Look – there was snow in the dunes.

We climbed up a very high dune and had a nice view.

We went to the water – well – water? We saw some water – but more sheets of ice.

I loved to sit on the wall of another look-out.

Wittdün, Germany – 12th February 2012

Hello from Wittdün again,

Another sunny day on the Amrum Island. We made another walk – this time around Wittdün. We were on the way to a small harbour – you can see it behind me.

This was the view to the the big port, where the ferries stop.

These funny colorful houses were next to the small harbour.

Can you understand this phrase?

There were more ships behind us.

Ahoi from the North Sea.

Wittdün, Germany – 13th February 2012

Moin Moin,

Today we visited a lake for birds. But we didn’t see birds. Maybe it was too cold?

So I decided to enjoy the view of the lake. Behind me you can see the way we came.

This was the other direction.

We talked a lot in the sunshine.

Then we crossed a high dune…

… and had this nice view.

Can you find me?

Here I am!

I loved these small dunes!

Can you remember the view from our balcony when we arrived? There was ice everywhere.

Now the temperatures are higher – and we see more water!


Nebel, Germany – 14th February 2012
By: RikeH

Moin Moin from Nebel,

We went to another village today – it is called Nebel. Behind me you can see the church of Nebel.

We went inside. It is a nice old church.

We took a walk and went to the Coast. There was a lot of ice.

There are meadows next to the water.

And you can see the church again.

This is one of the oldest houses in Nebel.

Here is the wonderful windmill.

Another wonderful house.

It was a great day in Nebel.

Amrum, Germany – 15th February 2012

Hello again,

We had a sunny day again and wanted to visit the lighthouse.

We had to climb up 295 steps – it was exhausting, but we had a wonderful view.

Can you see the shadow of the lighthouse next to me? And it was so windy!

I really love the North Sea and Amrum !

Look, here are some facts about the lighthouse.

I want to show you our flat. This is our big corridor.

We have a nice kitchen.

And this is our living-room.

Oups – I am a ghost!

I like this boat and would love to sail it in the summertime.

These stones were funny!

Bine – have a look – a wonderful carpet in the children’s room.

And here you see the chair of us ToyVoyagers! It is great!


Amrum, Germany – 16th February 2012

Hello friends,

Yesterday we visited the big lighthouse of Amrum – today we took a walk to another lighthouse. It was a smaller one called Quermarkenfeuer. It was a long walk – but then we saw it.

It was not easy to take photos, because the sun was behind the lighthouse.

We saw the North Sea and the Dunes.

And you can see the way we came.

We had a little picnic.

Here I am in front of a nice aerial view of the lighthouse.

On our way back we saw some deer.

Norddorf, Germany – 17th February 2012

Hello from Norddorf,

We moved to another place – now we are living in a nice house. We have our own big chair again.

This is our living-room.

Here you see the view from our patio.

We relaxed in the sun on our own bench.

In the afternoon I went to the beach. Look – what a wonderful weather!

There were still sheets of ice on the beach.

Normally here is beach or water!

I spent some time on these wooden piles and enjoyed the sunshine again.

Norddorf, Germany – 19th February 2012

Hello friends,

A new guest arrived – her name is Germanya.

Because she arrived late – I had to show her some places of Amrum – we other saw last week. We started with a nice walk through the dunes around Norddorf today. Look – we had wonderful views.

It was a very long way – we had to walk a lot!

Can you see the shape of the little trees here? It is because of the wind.

This guy was so funny!

There were many beautiful houses in Norddorf.

Can you read the words on this gate?


Wittdün, Germany – 20th February 2012


We went to a little harbor today. You can see it far behind me. Some days ago I went to it – and there were ice all over the place.

To the other side we saw a ferry in the big port of Wittdün.

Then we arrived at the small harbor. There were nice colorful houses.

And now you can see the little harbor. No ice this time on the water!

I helped Germanya to understand these words.

Nebel, Germany – 21st February 2012

Hello from Amrum,

We walked to a fresh-water lake today. I’ve been here last week – when we had more snow.

Then we climbed over a high dune and had this nice view.

In the evening we went to something called Biike-Brennen. It was so nice to see a big fire like this!

Norddorf, Germany – 22nd February 2012


Today we went to Nebel again. We found a big sign with a map of Amrum.

Then we went to a cemetery. It was made for unknown dead men, who were found on the beaches or in the Sea.

We walked through the village and saw nice old houses.

Norddorf, Germany – 23rd February 2012

Hi friends,

I want to show you some decorations in our holiday flat.

There is a really big sea shell.

And some fishes – they can swim during the nighttime, because they have lights.

This man is so tall.

This fish – without lights – is very tall, too. Or maybe I am so small?

Then we went upstairs. Two birds showed their view out of the window.

I saw Foehr Island from another window.

We have funny wallpapers here – one is with sailing ships…

…and the other one with lighthouses.

Nebel, Germany – 24th February 2012

Hello again,

Today we went to a place called Vogelkoje. The people caught ducks there in the Past.

We saw some ducks on the little lake.

In these cages people caught the ducks – fortunately they don’t use it anymore.

There were many trees standing in the water.

This funny thing is a home for many insects.

The walk was really interesting.

Nebel, Germany – 25th February 2012

Moin Moin,

We took a walk along the East Coast of Amrum today. It was sunny and I enjoyed the sunshine.

Look – this was a nice windmill. It is not working anymore, someone is living in it.

Norddorf, Germany – 25th February 2012

Hi friends,

It was our last day on Amrum – so I decided to have a party.

Of course I shared the drinks with my guests.

We all get our glasses.

Three of us had a white drink, two a black one.

Look, I had a white one!

It was yummy – I loved it!

We had a great evening!

Amrum, Germany – 26th February 2012

Hello again,

Today we went home. I enjoyed my last minutes on Amrum.

Look, this is the place, where the Ferry starts.

Then I saw the ferry – it was the newest ferry on this route.

Then we were on the ferry and I looked back to Amrum – a wonderful Island.

We had a nice place on the ferry – and looked out of the window. No sheets of ice anymore.

It was a wonderful holiday!

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