Amrum 2013

Wittduen, Amrum, Germany – 1st September 2013

Hello friends,

I am on the Amrum Island again. It is nice to be here – and some of you know, why we are here…

Well, we took a walk today – I had to look, how the Island looks like in September, normally I am here in February or March. I think that it looks greener.

And there are more flowers.

We walked along this wooden path.

And I saw this beautiful lake in the middle of the Dunes.

The last time I was here, it was frozen.

Then we climbed up a Dune and saw the lighthouse far away.

This is the view to the other side.

Here you see the smaller Dunes – maybe they will be high when I come back in 10 years?

It is a very big beach.

And it was very windy!

I have the strange feeling that the weather looks bad on the photos, but we didn’t have the feeling of bad weather.

Wittduen, Germany – 3rd September 2013

Hello friends,

Today was an important day…but not for us ToyVoyagers. My Mum married her fiancé on the lighthouse of Amrum today. We TVs were not with them, but we waited at home.

There were only some gifts, because they decided to celebrate their wedding alone as a couple.

But someone wrote a huge card! Who was it?

Well – how amazing! The ones of you who love Darts will definitely know this man!

Then we looked into a small nice book with lovely poems about love and marriage.

Kleine Fee and I loved this one. It is about the beginning of the love!

We all wanted to get a piece of the wedding cake!

This was a nice gift for a new fan of Bayern München.

I liked the flowers!

Well – I have to think about something. This is the little box, where the rings were before the ceremony. Kleine Fee is such a lovely girl, maybe I should ask her to marry me soon? I will meet my friend Murph in a few days, and asked him, what he means about this.

But now I want to say : Congratulations Mum and Dad!

Amrum, Germany – 4th September 2013

Hello friends,

Today another gift arrived. Kleine Fee and I were so curious.

We helped my Mum to open it and found these friendly koala bears, two pigs, a wonderful candle and a nice card.

Kleine Fee wanted to sit in front of the pair…

…this was strange, so I called all our friends here – this was a better feeling.Murph – we have to talk!


Amrum, Germany – 4th September 2013

Hello again,

We took a walk to this nice small harbor today.

We had delicious lunch in this colorful restaurant.

These colorful signs were used on the North Sea to show some danger zones.

Can you understand these sentences, if not, just ask me or RikeH.

Then we stopped at a great playground.

It was fun playing here.

Later we continued our walk and went through the Dunes.

Look, a beautiful house!

And the Kniepsand – a very big beach!

Some people took a bath in the North Sea.

Wittduen, Germany – 5th September 2013

Hi friends,

In the morning I went onto our balcony and saw the ferry.

Fortunately we still have some days here, so we enjoyed the sunshine.

Later that day the weather went much better – and I took a walk to the small beach – and saw another ferry.

Can you see the lighthouse far behind me?

It was great sitting in the Dunes.

And I found some nice shells.

Kniepsand, Amrum, Germany – 5th September 2013

Hello friends,

Later that day the humans wanted to walk alone to the Beach. Of course I wanted to go with them. After begging for half an hour I was allowed to come with them. Look, I found a nice ship.

And a long beach – called Kniepsand.

RikeH told me that I had to take a bath – a bad idea…

Look – a kite-surfer.

What a long way – we have to go to the small Dunes.

Far behind me we started our walk. What would happen, if the flood arrives?

Could I jump onto the Dunes?

Fortunately we reached the Dunes before the flood came.

This was the way through the Dunes.

I had to stop and relax.

Someone created this piece of art out of waste from the beach.

It will be a long way home – will we have to swim?

But I will thing about this later. First I enjoyed the view over the North Sea.

Should I really put my foot into the water?

Better not, I think.

I was a little tired after the long walk to the water, so RikeH carried me on the way back.

In the Dunes I found some beautiful plants.

Normally I am here in the spring time – and the plants are not so colorful!

Imaging this – I was so afraid of the high tide – and then RikeH told me, that this part of the Kniepsand is not flooded in this time of the year. Back home I asked Kleine Fee to come to the beach with me.

We saw a nice sundown.

It is so nice to have a girl-friend like Kleine Fee! Love Dicker Kumpel

Quermarkenfeuer, Amrum, Germany – 6th September 2013

Hello friends,

Today we walked to a small lighthouse called Quermarkenfeuer. We saw nice Erica plants between the Dunes.

Then we saw the Quermarkenfeuer.

Look- there was an aerial photo of it.

I stood next to the small lighthouse and had great views over the Dunes – and to the North Sea.

What a nice small lighthouse!

We had to walk this way!

With a little rest in the erica.

Then we went to a place called Vogelkoje. I learnt a lot about it on this sign.

Ducks were caught in these traps in the Past.

This is a nicer place – insects can live in it.

On our way back we stopped next to this wonderful mill. It looked so great!

Nebel, Germany – 7th September 2013

Hello friends,

Can you read the words on this sign? I think it is welcome to Nebel. Nebel is a nice small village on the Amrum Island.

There is a beautiful church.

Out on the cemetery they have interesting gravestones.

This is one of the oldest houses here.

There are many thatched houses on the Island.

This is another cemetery. It is used for unknown people found dead on the beaches of Amrum.

Wittduen, Germany – 8th September 2013

Hello friends,

Sunday was our last day on Amrum – and we relaxed on our beach chair.

We thought that it was boring to sit next to each other, so we all searched our own place. Can you find me?

Yes, here I am! We decided not to move, and let the others go to other places.

Later that day we drove home to Sülfeld.

Bye Dicker Kumpel

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