Andalusien 2011

Malaga, Spain – 31st August 2011

Hello from Malaga,

It was time for some holidays again. This time I decided to travel to Spain. Because the way from Germany to Spain is really long, we took the plane.

There were mountains to see.

We arrived in sunny Malaga and made a walk into the old town. I found a sunny place.

There were some nice buildings.

The cathedral was very big.

I thought about playing in this fountain, but decided not to do it.

This was the main shopping street. With enough shadow.

What a nice first day.

Gibraltar, Great Britain – 1st September 2011

Hello from Gibraltar,

we made our holidays in Spain, but visited Great Britain today. Behind me you can see Gibraltar.

And when you look now behind me, you can see the coast of Africa. This was amazing!

This was the lighthouse of Gibraltar.

Here I am in front of the Street of Gibraltar.

There was a mosque near to the most southern Point of Gibraltar.

When we were on our way back to Spain we had to pass the runway of the airport from Gibraltar.

This was fun!

We were fast enough. No plane cought us. Here is the last view of Gibraltar.

Ronda, Spain – 1st September 2011

Hello from Spain again,

after leaving Gibraltar we saw this nice white village.

Then we arrived in Ronda. Here you see me in the oldest bullfighting arena in Spain.

I had a look, but fortunately there was no fight today.

So we were able to take this nice photo.

Then we went to the old town of Ronda. Between the old part of Ronda and the new part there is a big bridge.

It is really high.

This is the view from another place.

And the bridge from the other side.

It was really interesting and I found this wonderful ceramic from Ronda.

This is an old tower, but I don’t know the name.

There is a monument in Ronda for the poor bulls, that had to fight here.

And a monument for the torero.

It was interesting, although I don’t like the idea to kill bulls in that way.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain – 2nd September 2011

Hello from Jerez de la Frontera,

we are travelling by bus – and we have our own seat!

The next place we visited was the royal riding school. The ground was wonderful with a nice fountain.

Then I saw the people working with the horses.

This horse had to go alone.

Then we went to the place where they repair the saddles.

Where is the horse?

After the time with the horses, we visited a Sherry Bodega.

Here I sat in front of a barrel.

There were many more barrels.

You know that I love driving fast – and I found a barrel signed by Ayrton Senna.

Here the people created the Sherry many years ago.


Sevilla, Spain – 3rd September 2011

Hello from Sevilla,

today we started to explore Sevilla. The first monument was the real Alcazar.

An interested ToyVoyager should see many things and arts…

There were many interesting places inside the palace.

This room was really great with the wonderful ceiling.

This view was very beautiful, too.

At the end there were some ceramics on the wall. This funny man…

…and I found a bunny.

Then some birds came to visit the palace – do you know, what kind of birds they were?

Outside were wonderful gardens.

Then we left the palace – behind me you can see the cathedral.

Another view of the tower.

Then we went inside. This is the huge golden altar.

More views of the cathedral.

We went onto the tower and had nice views of the city.

Before we drove back to the hotel we went into the old city.

Here is the school where my Mum learnt Spanish some years ago.

This is the townhall.

Some other buildings.

At this golden tower we started a boat tour.

Here you see it from the water.

The two bridges show one dinosaur. Can you see it?

Other views from the boat trip.

What a long and exciting day in Sevilla!

Aracena, Spain – 4th September 2011

Hello from Aracena,

we visited a great flowstone cave called Gruta de las Maravillas, but we were not allowed to take photos there.

After the visit we climbed up a hill and saw this nice bell tower.

The we walked around this ruin.

There was a nice church next to the ruin.

Time for a group photo…

In the village I found this funny monument. In this region many black pigs are living.

Later we drive back to Sevilla. We visited the gardens and monuments of the Ibero-American Exhibition from 1929.

This place is called American place. It was so hot in this place – around 38 degrees Celsius.

I found a lovely fountain.

And a palm tree.

This nice house is for the gardener.

The last and most wonderful place of the exhibition is the Spanish place.

There are nice corners from every region of Spain.

I loved this place!

And I found the corner of the Canary Islands. I will visit them in a few months!

Cordoba, Spain – 5th September 2011

Hello from Cordoba,

we left Sevilla and drove to Cordoba. Behind me you can see the Roman Bridge.

This was a big place in the middle of Cordoba.

Then we visited the Mezquita, it was a mosque, later they build a church inside the mosque.

This was inside the Mezquita, there were many columns.

We passed one side of the church.

Back to the old times – this was the most important part of the mosque.

The ceiling there was wonderful.

This is the church, of course.

We walked through the old city. This is the flower street.

Some more impressions of Cordoba.

A nice patio.

Priego de Cordoba, Spain – 6th September 2011

Hello again,

my last photo yesterday was from a patio – another one today. We learnt a lot about Olive Oil today. This is a farm, where they produce and bottle the oil.

Here they press the olives with millstones.

This is the machine for pressing the olives for a second time.

In these bin they used to store the oil.

And here you see the bottles of olive oil.

This was really interesting.

We continued our trip and went to Priego de Cordoba. I saw some olive trees on the way.

In the city there were nice small streets.

We had a nice view over the surroundings.

Another street with wonderful flowers.

We spent some time in this nice park.

Then we saw the biggest fountain in the city.

I think this was the town hall.

Baeza, Ubeda and Granada, Spain – 7th September 2011

Hello again,

it was time for some more towns today. We started in a small one – called Baeza.

Our guide told us so much about history – it was a too much for me, but I liked the buildings.

Look, how nice the sunshine and the shadow were on this Gate.

This pillar was from the time of the inquisition.

Then we had a rest in front of the church – and the church bells were ringing.

This is the university.

We loved this funny man.

There were many nice palaces in this street.

We drove a short way with the bus then we arrived in Ubeda. There was a nice big place.

and the town hall.

Not so much to take photos… so we went to Granada.

This was our first view of the Alhambra.

We will go there tomorrow.

This church was next to the lookout.

I hope it will be a nice visit of the Alhambra…

Granada, Spain – 8th September 2011

Hello from Granada,

this was the day of the Alhambra. I was really excited. From the garden we had a great view!

This was one of the most famous places in the Alhambra.

There were some old ruins.

This was a nice house – but fortunately not a place for fighting with bulls.

Another view inside the Alhambra.

I loved this wooden ceiling.

I stand in the shadow – but you can see the building and garden.

There are words written on the wall.

I had a view over Granada.

Another nice ceiling.

Well – the Alhambra was nice, but it was not the best place of the trip up to now.

On our way back to the hotel we saw the town hall. We saw a lot of town halls on our trip –
like the lighthouses in Canada.

Guadix, Spain – 9th September 2011

Hi from Guadix,

we visited Guadix this day. It is famous for it cave-houses. This was the bus we were travelling with.

We visited two cave-houses. It was interesting to see, how people live here. The rooms were nice, but most were without windows.

The house we visited was behind this wall.

Then we visited this housse.

The man who owns this cave had a lovely kind of garden.

We went onto a hill and had this view.

We went into the church of Guadix – but it was dark inside.

I liked this image.

Back home in Granada we took a walk in the city and saw this momument.

This was the cathedral.

We went inside, but we were not allowed to take photos there.

Pampaneira, Trevelez, Spain – 10th September 2011

Hello from the mountains called Alpujarras,

We stopped in a nice small village called Pampaneira.

A nice view in the mountains.

I liked the little village.

On our way to Trevelez we stopped at this wonderful lookout.

We visited a small company where they produce air dried ham. You can see the ham behind me.

They were really big.

We ate some ham later – it was delicious.

This was the last day of our holidays. It was very interesting – and I was able to train my Spanish language.

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