Bremerhaven 2013

Bremerhaven, Germany – 11th August 2013

Hello friends,

Many greetings from Bremerhaven. We decided to go there, because I promised Sean a big surprise here.

But it will be tomorrow, today we explored the city. There were two really beautiful buildings.

On the other side I saw the water from the river Weser.

You can see that we are close to the Sea.

There were some beautiful ships.

Many emigrants started their travels here – this monument is a memory for these people.

We had to stop at this watergate, because a ship wanted to go through it.

Behind me you can see the little harbor in the middle of the city.

And these are the views out of our room.

Bremerhaven, Germany – 12th August 2013

Hello friends,

Today we went to the Zoo of Bremerhaven.

I started with the ice bears. This one was a little tired at the beginning.

Hello, hello! The night is over.

But he didn’t get up.

His friend was not as tired.

I met a polar fox.

Hello big bird – he is a Kea.

Then we came to the important part of the Zoo for Sean. I met two friendly penguins.

This is a relative of mine – a snow hare. In winter he is white, but in summer he is as brown as I am .

Look – I saw funny feet. Who will this be?

The feet of these birds.

I think that the left bird was a young one.

Later I met another tired animal.

I saw a seal in the water. Maybe he is the one I met when I was here last time.

This was my last view over the Zoo – and I saw the two ice bears together.

It was a nice day in the Zoo.

Cruise Ship Artania, Germany – 12th August 2013

Hello friends,

today I visited a cruise ship called Artania.

Maybe I will travel on it next year – and today we explored it.

First I looked in different kinds of cabins. Well – this one is nice.

It has a nice balcony – enough place for Kleine Fee and me.

This one is too small for us.

This cabin was nice – a Suite for me and my friends.

Enough place for parties…

This would be a good choice.

But THEN we went to the Owner Suite.

It has two rooms – this is my favourite.

Strangely RikeH told something about winning a lottery before travelling in this Suite, can you understand it? I am a little afraid that she won’t choose this Suite for us.

We went away from the cabins and explored the rest of the ship.

A great place for me!

Well – sports on a cruise???

Hanging around the pool is better.

In front of us was another nice ship – the Amadea.

We explored the interieur of the ship – some bars and restaurants.

The theatre.

And the lobby.

The last stop was a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants. I especially loved the dessert.

I would love to travel on this ship next year – maybe someone out there could book the Owner Suite for me and Kleine Fee???

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