Donau-Kreuzfahrt 2010

Passau, Germany – 26th June 2010


yesterday I met a nice guy in the garden. He is called Bussi.

We talked about Toyvoyagers and he wanted to become one. I invited him on a trip on the River Danube. He agreed and came with me.

I introduced him to the others.

Today we started our trip. We drove with a really fast train called ICE to Passau. Here you see us having lunch.

This is inside the train – we drove really fast sometimes – about 200 km/h.

I looked out of the window. It was really interesting.

I won’t be online for many days now. But don’t worry, I am safe on the ship.


Passau, Germany – 27th June 2010

Hello from Passau,

we will start our trip in the afternoon – and decided to made a walk in Passau in the morning. It was really hot. There are three rivers in Passau – here is one of it.

Here is the place where the rivers flow together. We enjoyed the view and relaxed in the sun.

This it the way we will go in the afternoon.

There was a photo of the place – I wanted to show you.

Look at these wonderful flowers.

There is a big castle in Passau.

and a colorful town hall.

It was so hot – I needed more water – fortunately there was a fountain.

Later we went onto the ship – I will show photos of it later. But look what happened when RikeH opened the luggage.

We found Topple and Captain Caramel.

We were really happy that they come with us!!! (not sure about RikeH…)

I will tell you more later.

Vienna , Austria – 28th June 2010

Hi from Vienna,

great News – we went to the Zoo today. First we saw this beautiful buildung.

There were really big hippos – lying lazy in the sun. RikeH forgot to take a photo of me – so I want to show a photo of my friend Bussi and the hippos.

The rhino was really big, too.

huh – really big birds – all animals are big in this Zoo.

We saw an polar bear…

and some swimming penguins.

They came out of the water – so we made this photo with all of us.

The last animal we saw was this one – a Panda!! He was so cute – but RikeH had problems to make a good photo of us together.

After visiting the Zoo, we met a trip in a small train around the Castle Schönbrunn. Here is a view from far away.

Here we stood next to it.

We had so much fun together.

We went back to our ship – there were two sister ships next to it.

This is my Ship – the Arosa Mia!

Vienna , Austria – 29th June 2010

Hello from Vienna again,

we made a sightseeing tour in Vienna today. I know most of it from the last year, but it was nice to see it again.

This is the famous Stephansdom.

The Vienna Opera.

Two interesting museums – and a nice Statue between both of them – showing Maria-Theresia.

Two other beautiful buildings – I was not able to remember all of the names. But we made nice photos.

I know the names of this buildings – the Townhall and the Burgtheater.

This is the Statue of a famous musician. He is called Richard Strauß, who wrote the song ‚An der schönen blauen Donau‘.

Budapest , Hungary – 30th June 2010

Today we had to get up early – because we will arrive in Budapest- and this should be nice. You see me on the Ship.

Here is one of the biggest buildings – the Parliament.

The view to the other side.

This was the Castle.

A big place – for the heroes. I don’t know for which heroes – maybe for the brave ToyVoyager-Heroes?

Budapest is famous for his baths – this is one of it.

We went onto a hill and had a great view over Budapest – what a beautiful city.

We saw our ship from the hill – far away!

Back home I relaxed in the sun. You can see the hill, where we took the last photos.

And the last photo of the day shows the view out of our cabin – in the night – really great!


Kalosca, Hungary – 1st July 2010

Hello from Hungary,

we took a trip called paprika and Wine today. We started with this beautiful old house.

Inside were very colorful drawings on the walls.

Here is the red paprika – a nice red – I liked it.

One of the machines in the museum.

We played together in the Paprika.

Later we went to another village. There are houses like this full of Wine.

In this barrels they have the Wine.

We bought some wine and drank it at home.


Novi Sad, Serbia – 2nd July 2010

Hello from Serbia,

we reached a new country – Serbia – and visited a nice Abbey and the Town Novi Sad.
We started with the Abbey of Krusedal.

Inside it was really interesting!

Later we went to Novi Sad – a nice little town with beautiful buildings.

I loved this Square with many old buildings.

Belgrad, Serbia – 3rd July 2010

Hello from the Capital of Serbia,

we started our trip in Serbia with this beautiful church.

They are not ready with building it inside. But we can imagine how it will look like, when it is ready.

In the old city of Belgrad.

an important monument with a big horse.

After the city we wisited the Fortress.

We had a great view from the hill.

On the Danube, Serbia – 4th July 2010

Hello from the Danube,

we had a nice route today – this Part of the Danube is a Gorge near to the Iron Gate – and was really beautiful. Here you see me on the ship.

I enjoyed the sun with Bussi, my friend.

We drove through a very big lock:

A cruise is really interesting.

Bukarest , Romania – 5th July 2010

Hello from Romania,

we visited a very big house today – it is the Parliament now – and called the Palace of the Parliament. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Palace is the world’s largest civilian administrative building, most expensive administrative building, and heaviest building.

And you can see me in front of it.

We were not allowed to take photos inside, but here is a look, when we stand on the balcony. A very nice street with many fountains and flowers.

Then we made a tour through the city.

We had a great place – in the first row. And two big boxes with food, water and wine.

Our last stop was next to this beautiful church.

Vilkovo, Ukraine – 6th July 2010

Hello from the Ukraine,

we went by a little boat to the Danube Delta today. It was great weather – as always on this trip.

The typical view from the boat:

And then we did it – we sailed the Danube. Behind me, you can see the big 0 (really small on the photo). It is the kilometer 0 of the River Danube.

We celebrated it with fish and a wodka!

In the afternoon we made a walk through the village Vilkovo. There are nice Churches…

…and Momuments.

Now we will travel back to Passau – with some stops, of course.

Rousse, Bulgaria – 8th July 2010

Hello from Bulgaria,

we started out trip visiting a Monastery. The rock monastery “St Dimitrii of Basarbovo” is situated in the picturesque valley of the Rusenski Lom River amidst a number of rock cloisters. It lies about 10km away from the town of Rousse and carries the name of a near-by village. First a look out of the garden – and some nice flowers.

More views of the Monastery.

Then we went to Ivanovo. The village is famous for the Rock-hewn Church, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Inside there were wonderful paintings…

and we had a nice view over the Valley.

On the Arosa Mia, Serbia – 9th July 2010

We had a day on the River without stops, so I want to show you some views here. It was nice to sit on the deck and watch the nature around.

I really loved the trip through the Gorge again.

We had fun with the Shuffleboard…

…and played Chess.

Can you see me in the life belt?

What a nice day on the Ship.


Belgrade, Serbia – 10th July 2010

Hello again from Serbia,

we explored Belgrade today. It is the capital and the largest city of Serbia. I’ve been here some days ago, but wanted to have a little walk.

First we went to the Fortress.

Here you see a Miniatur of it.

We had a great view from there.

We had a rest in this wonderful place.

It was an interesting walk.

Bratislava, Slovakia – 12th July 2010

Hello from Slovakia,

today we visited our last country in this holiday – there were a lot of it – did you count them? Well – it is Slovakia.

We made a walk in Bratislava, a nice town with beautiful buildings. I have been here last year – and it was nice and very hot.

This guy was really funny.

But back to sightseeing.

I loved this tower – it is so beautiful.

Back on the ship it was time to say good-bye to our cabin. RikeH had to pack the bags, we ToyVoyagers sat together and talked and talked and talked – as always, when we sit together.

I really loved this cruise!

Back home a great surprise waited for me. My best friend Murph wrote me a postcard. He is on holiday and visits the sister of RikeH (my aunt Bine – and uncle Holgi) – and it seems to be a lot of fun. Thanks Murph.

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