Donaukreuzfahrt 2009

Passau, Germany – 26.06.2009

Hello from Bavaria,

We started our tour in Passau. We explored the wonderful city and started with the Passauer Dom.

Then we saw this lovely fountain with the beautiful building.

Over the Danube we saw the Veste Oberhaus on the hill – it has a very long wall.

Do you know that the Danube is the second longest river of Europe? And I will make a cruise on it – it is amazing!!!

Passau, Germany – 27.06.2009

Hello from Passau again !

This morning we spent in Passau again. We had a beautiful view over the Danube.

Because Rike know, that we wouldn’t love the boring long trip with the bus in the afternoon, we were allowed to play and we saw a great car of the fire department

Here we are on the long trip from Passau to Budapest. But we had fun – ToyVoyagers have always fun.

Budapest, Hungary – 28th June 2009

Hello from Budapest!

We are in the capital of Hungary – normally it is sunny here, but we have an adventure trip, so we have been in a big thunderstorm with a lot of rain. Can you see me under the umbrella?

We went back onto the ship – and found our bed that pretty !

After the dinner we had much better weather, so we went out. This is our ship – the Arosa Bella.

This is the most famous bridge in Budapest. Really pretty!

Postboxes are really funny here – we loved them.

along the Danube, Hungary – 29th June 2009

Hello from Hungary!

Today we took a trip with the bus, because we wanted to see the Donau-Knee. You will see it on one of the photos. First we visited a small village, where many artists live. It has a nice church – and a great place.

Then we went to a big Fortress, called Visegrad. We saw the Donau-Knee there, And later, from the place, where we had dinner, we saw the Fortress,

We drove to the cathedral of Esztergom, one of the largest churches of Europe. It was amazing. When we stood next to it, we saw our ship in the Danube. Of course I wanted a photo !

Back on the ship, we made a photo of the cathedral of Esztergom. Isn’t it beautiful? After it, I played on the ship.

Komarno, Slovakia – 30th June 2009

Hello from Slovakia!

In the morning, we explored the small city Komarno. It was very pretty. We saw the Town hall, a very nice building (a bank) and then a great fountain.

Bratislaca, Slovakia – 30th June 2009

This afternoon we went to Bratislava, the capital of the Slovakia. It has wonderful old houses. But we loved this monument.

After it, we went to this nice palace, where the first man of the country lives. And we loved the fountain.

This tower is really beautiful.

Vienna, Austria – 1st July 2009

Hello from the Danube and Vienna!

On the way to Vienna, we passed Bratislava – and made these nice photos.

This is the view out of the cabin. Then I relaxed on the sun-deck. It was wonderful.

When I arrived in Vienna, I visited the big Stephans-Dom. After that, I went to the Hofburg, where are many Fiaker.

I had fun in front of this monument of Johann Strauß!

Vienna, Austria – 2nd July 2009

Hello again from Vienna !

First we visited the beautiful Karlskirche and the townhall.

After it I drove to the castle Belvedere. I loved the Statue – it is much bigger than I am. Then we relaxed together in the sun.

In the afternoon we went to the prater – a funny place in the town. We first rode the big wheel – it is very old -it was built in 1897. After it we rode in the a funny little train called Liliputbahn.

We love this holiday !!!

Melk, Austria – 3rd July 2009

Hello from Melk!

Today we visited the beautiful cathedral of Melk. It was so beautiful – I loved the interior and the garden,too.

Back on the ship I played chess, but I didn’t understand how to play Shuffleboard.

Well, now our cruise is over – we only go to Passau and then back home to Sülfeld. We spent the last hours on the ship – watching out of the window and talking about our adventures!

I really hope to make the next cruise soon!!!

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