Finnland 2012

on the ferry to Helsinki, Germany – 24th May 2012

Hello from the Ferry,

We are on our way to Finland now. My Mum was very busy the last days, so we didn’t update our travellogs, but now it will be better, I hope. 😀

We went from Travemünde,Germany to Helsinki, Finland with the Ferry Finnlady. The weather was wonderful, but it was very stormy that my Mum decided to take only a few photos of me outside. She didn’t want me to fly away.

Can you see my ears flying around my head?

Fortunately we had a wonderful cabin with many windows. Through this one I saw the way we went.

Then we all went to the window on the side of the ship. The sun was wonderful.

Of course we wanted to look out of the window.

Our ferry was great – look, there in front of us was a cruise ship.

Our Captain did a good job, so we won the race!

Here are some more views of our cabin – enough place us TVs…


Hanko, Finland – 25th May 2012

Hello from the Finland,

Behind me you can see the Port of Helsinki – or maybe one of the Ports there.

When I looked into the other direction – there was no port anymore – really strange.

We drove a while and our first stop was Hanko. A really cool name, because it is close to my last name. We saw this nice beach.

Hanko has a small port.

There was a small hill in the middle of the town – with a church and a red tower.

I loved the tower – maybe it is a rocket?

Just another nice building – the Casino.

A great place to stay!

But we went to another town called Turku. Here you see a church.

This is the library I think, with a nice fountain.

I looked over the river and saw this big church – it was wonderful!

Our hotel is next to this river!

I would have loved to drive with this train, but RikeH was too tired.


Turku, Finland – 26th May 2012

Hello from Turku again,

We made a short walk through Turku again – and I saw this nice church from yesterday – but another side.

Then we visited the archipelago. We started in a small village called Naantali and saw this nice church.

There were nice old houses, too.

Then we drove through the beautiful nature.

We had to use some ferries – this was the biggest of all.

We saw a ship of the SAR.

I liked the views. But it was stormy again…

On the ferry there was a flag of Finland. Of course I wanted a photo of it.

The sky looked great with the clouds. And far away I saw a big ferry! Can you see it between the islands?

I love it to be on ships!

In the evening we went back to Turku and saw this beautiful fin.

Next to it there was a big crane.

And there were big ships, too.

We went to the Castle, but it was closed.


Rauma, Finland – 27th May 2012

Hello again,

The day started in a small village called Rauma. It is famous for the old part of it with many wooden houses.

I think this was the town hall, but I am not sure about it.

Look – this bear was so friendly!

They had a nice old church.

We drove to the next place Pori – and started with another church.

Behind me you can see a great park!

We had a nice view back to the city.

There was another old building – maybe the town hall. Unfortunately I cannot read the signs here.

Our last stop of the day was at the seaside. We found this great beach.

Can you see me in the Dunes?

Here I am!

Vaasa, Finland – 28th May 2012

Hello from Vaasa,

Can you see this nice church? It is situated in Vaasa. It looked like the weather was not so nice, but wait for another photo of the church we made after visiting it.

Inside it was beautiful, too.

Next to the church was the town hall.

Then we had a look back to the church – and the funny monument – now you can see the sunshine.

I think that all cities of Finland have a water tower.

Back in the hotel we decided to do something typical for Finland – and we went into the sauna.

It was not hot enough for us, so I worked hard…

…and put some water onto the hot stones.

This was much better!

Later we relaxed. It was great!

Helvetinjärvi NP, Finland – 29th May 2012

Hello friends,

It was time to explore the nature. We went into a national park called Helvetinjärvi. We saw this small stream.

I sat on one of these big boulders.

We went down to this beautiful lake and had a picnic there.

This was the famous place for the national park – a small gorge.

But I prefer this view!

On our way back to the car we passed this moor.

This place seems to be dangerous fur bunnies. Hopefully they only played tag.


Jyväskylä, Finland – 30th May 2012

Hey hey,

We were in Jyväskylä today. First we went to a place called Naissaari. I had fun on this monument. Can you see me?

We saw this watergate, but there was no boat in it.

This is typical for Finland – trees and water.

We bought some chocolate.

Then we went onto a hill – Harju.

We had nice views over the city from the tower on the hill.

Behind me you can see the church of the city.


Jyväskylä, Finland – 30th May 2012

Hey hey,

In the late afternoon I told my guests that I have a surprise for them.

All were excited and we jumped into our travel bag.

Look, what happened! RikeH met two Finish hosts – mmm105 and reissari – and all their TVs and TV-guests. So we had a big TV-meeting!

To have a better view of us – we made smaller photos.

It was great to meet so many new TVs, I wanted to see many of them as my guests in Sülfeld!

Believe it or not – I met some TVs which already visited me – look – Errol on my left side and B.o.B. on my right side (looking from my direction, of course!).

Then we had another meeting – we went to a postcrossing-meeting. You can see the postcards of the postcrossing-members. We had so much fun talking with these friendly women.

What a nice meeting!


Savonlinna, Finland – 31st May 2012

Hello again,

We found a great place today – the fortress Olavinlinna. You can see it behind me. I felt in love with it – and wanted to have many photos of it. You will see it…

In the garden around was this funny monument.

We came nearer – did I told you that I love this building?

This was inside the walls – the walls were very high!

The view was even nicer with flowers…

…or was it better with these flowers?

Hey – this was the owner of the fortress, I guess.

My last photo at this place.

Then we drove about a dam with a forest. Our guidebook told us that it was one of the nicest places to visit.

Well – I searched the nice view…

It looked like a street with trees…

… and some water.

I preferred this view over the lake.

Back in the town of Savonlinna, (where you can find the wonderful fortress) we had these two views.

It was a nice day!

Kerimäki, Finland – 1st June 2012

A special greeting to Gittchen today,

Yes, we found another church in Finland… It is the biggest wooden church of the world.

We went inside, of course. (It is not always possible to go into Finish churches, because most of them are closed.) This one opened today.

There were many children coming into the church.

Look – the bell tower stood alone.

In the afternoon we reached the national park with the Koli Mountain. We had a great view over the lakes around.

The way was really steep!

And we saw trees. There are lots of forests in Finland!

Maybe this was a religious place in the Past?

I liked this place.

Believe it or not – we found snow!

Can you see me with this funny guy?

This is a ski region in the wintertime.

Look – I would take the black way!

A funny kind of tram brought us back to our car.

It was very steep.

Here you can see it…

On our way to the next hotel we stopped and enjoyed the sunshine next to this beautiful lake.

Vuokatti, Finland – 2nd June 2012

Hello friends,

We had a lazy day at home. Look, what we had for dinner

Then we sat in front of the fireplace and talked.

I love it to look into the fire!

And I want to show you the funny kind of drinks we had.

Hossa National Park, Finland – 3rd June 2012

A great day!

We saw reindeers!

Well – we were really excited, so the photo was not so good. But they were really cute!

We went to a national park called Hossa. This is a funny name. We started our walk next to this lake.

I liked this wooden path.

The nature looked different to the other parts of Finland with trees and lakes.

But fortunately we saw water again!

And another lake – yes, we are in Finland.

Murph – I found these mushrooms – and yes – mushrooms! Do you know their name?

I wanted to have another of these photos – a lake and trees around!

Juuma, Finland – 4th June 2012

Hey Hey,

Today we went to another National Park – Oulanka NP – and made a walk called the Bear Loop.

We started at this suspension bridge.

This was the view from the bridge – and you can see me at the beginning of the trip.

We saw this little boat, but we didn’t have to use it.

Then it was so great – we stopped next to these rapids.

We went into this old mill.

We had to climb up mountains and had this great view!

Later we stopped at this waterfall. It was nice to sit there.

But it was even better to have a picnic in the forest!

The look into the other direction!

This was really interesting. You see the yellow ribbon around the tree? It shows that here is the start of the zone between Finland and Russia. We were not allowed to go there. The green color on the tree showed our trail.

A lovely bumble-bee.

Then we were back at the beginning – can you remember this view?

This time I had enough time to look into the other direction from the bridge!

Yes – I am a brave bunny – I crossed this dangerous bridge!

Kuusamo, Finland – 5th June 2012

Hello again,

Another lazy day at home – this is our home…

In the evening Vriendje and I had a nice time together. First we had something yummy to eat.

This way it was easier to get the cheese-balls.

Can you imagine what we were doing ?

Yes, we sat in front of the fireplace.

It is great to spend time with a friend!

Rovaniemi, Finland – 6th June 2012

Merry Christmas to all of you!

The Finnish people are crazy sometimes. We arrived in our new home today.

And look, what we have in front of our house – a Christmas tree!

This was really strange. But my Mum told me that we are in the Santa Claus Village. Santa lives here – this is amazing!

Maybe we will meet him tomorrow. Who knows?

But first I had to show you two funny things in our room. This is the wonderful lamp!

We had fun playing on it.

Now I believe that the Christmas Time comes nearer!


Santa Claus Village, Finland – 7th June 2012

Hello from the Santa Claus Village!

We saw these signs today – and wanted to meet Santa Claus.

But can you imagine it? Santa Claus didn’t allow making own photos – and wanted to have a lot of money for the photos taken by his gnomes…

So we decided that this Santa Claus is nice, too.

There were an ice bear and some gnomes next to him.

There were signs showing the distance to some cities around the world.

And here is Santa Claus’ Main Post Office – he has to write many letters each year.

This girl helps him.

I was really in the North now.

I crossed the Arctic Circle. Have you ever done it?

It is even written in my language here!

Later I saw this funny tent.

There was a friendly reindeer with a sleigh.

I really loved it here in the North, but tomorrow we will be back in the South and visit Helsinki.

Helsinki, Finland – 8th June 2012

Hello from Helsinki,

Yes, we visited Helsinki today. Behind me you can see the cathedral.

I went inside.

Another nice view of the cathedral.

I liked this nice fountain.

This is the market hall – it is too long to get a photo of the whole building.

There were some ferries in the Port.

This is a Russian church – I loved the gold on the roof.

I saw some people making music.

There were some nice buildings in this part of the city.

Near to the water there was another beautiful building.

Look – we made a trip with a bus – and I learnt a lot about Helsinki.

These animals looked strange!

This is a wonderful church – inside a rock – really strange.

In front of a museum there was this moose.

There were two statues in front of the railway station. I think they have lamps in their hands.

Porvoo, Finland – 9th June 2012

Hello from Porvoo!

Today was our last day in Finland – and we spent it in Porvoo. We met a really nice lady there. First we climbed up a hill and had a look over the town. Unfortunately the trees were really high!

This was a better place to look at the city.

Behind me you can see the famous houses next to the river. The weather was not as sunny as yesterday, so you cannot see it so good.

There were moomins living in this shop.

We had a stop next to his bunny-lady. On the right side you can see some other TVs.

We went up this hill.

There was the cathedral of Porvoo.

It was a little dark inside.

Then we did something funny – we went onto the Castle-Hill. But there was no castle anymore…

We stopped on a bridge and saw some nice new houses…

…and a ship with the funny name Glückauf.

There was an exhibition of the fire department.

Here we had a better view of the famous houses.

It was a great time in Finland!

In the late afternoon we went to our ferry – here you see us in the port-area.

We drove onto the ferry. This was interesting!


on the ferry, Germany – 9th June 2012

Hello from a Ferry again.

We were back on the way to Germany. Fortunately we had television in our cabin. So we watched soccer. In the first game the Netherlands played. Vriendje was so excited.

Unfortunately for Vriendje the Netherlands lost.

We went outside and had a wonderful sunset!

It was stormy again!

Here you can see a model of our Ferry!

It was time for soccer again. We decided to have a party!


Well the wrong supporters!

The game was great!


The good supporters!

Germany won – and we celebrated it!


Travemünde, Germany – 10th June 2012

Hello from Travemünde.

We arrived in Travemünde in the evening. Our ferry was very late – but we had nice views of Travemünde.

Can you see the big house?

We came nearer to it!

I visited this place last year. It was funny to see it from the big ferry!

This big sailing ship was wonderful!

I would have loved to spend some time at this beach – but it was time to drive home.

We passed these houses.

This big building is a place for old people.

Many greetings
Dicker Kumpel

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