Jordanien 2010

Hamburg- ?, Germany – 16th January 2010

Hi from ???,

today we started our trip. It was very early in the morning – and snowy. Look – what I saw. Not much,

We went from Hamburg to Frankfurt with a fast train called ICE-Train. It has nothing to do with the weather in Germany at the moment.

Here you see all of us together.

We all got something to eat :

Here you see what I got.

When we arrived at the airport we were too early for the check-in. So we waited and watched the queue for the Emirates Flight.

We needed another airline, but I will tell you later, where we went. SURPRISE!!!

When we waited to board the plane, we went to a place where we were able to see the planes.

Look – there is our plane coming.

I had a place at the window – it was a wonderful view!

I had a delicious dinner – fresh fish with rice and vegetables.

It went dark outside – the sky was so beautiful!

I can tell you that we had a safe landing and stay in a nice hotel. But I won’t tell you now, where I am.

Dicker Kumpel

Umm Qeis, Jordan – 17th January 2010

Hello from Jordan,

on this photo you can see, where I spend this holiday – in Jordan.

We started in Amman and went through the city. They write with nice letters here.

We went to Umm Qeis, to the Ruins of the old town Gadara. First we saw the Amphitheatre.

Here we were:

I had a great view from my place.

Then we went to another place – there was a Basilica in the past.

From this place I could see Israel and Syria. I saw the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights. Really interesting.

On the tour to the next place I saw a supermarket – I love the letters here!

The next historical place was called Pella.

This was a marble column – I loved the color.

We drove to a very interesting place – called the Dead Sea. It is 422 m below the sea level – this was strange.

The humans behaved really strange there – they put something black on their skins, waited ten minutes, and then went into the water. I didn’t understand it.

After the long time inside the bus I decided to take a rest and I enjoyed the sun on the beach.

Later we had a picnic with delicious Hamburgers on the beach.

What a great first day in Jordan.

Amman, Jordan – 18th January 2010

Hello again from Jordan,

Today was a great day for Jordan. Not only that I visited the country, but it was raining.

They don’t have many rain here, so we were happy for the Jordan People and decided to visit a Museum of Archeology.

Here you can see some intersting things.

This was the view from the entrance of the Museum – the Temple of Hercules behind me.

We went to the big Amphittheater of Amman – I love these old buildings.

Next to it was another nice museum. We saw there, how the people in Jordan lived in the past.

We went through Amman and the souk. Here I was in front of a Mosque.

They sold delicious fruits and vegetables here.

Another old building.

We went to another great place – called Jerash. It is a very big old city – wonderful. We walked around there for 2 hours.
First a Gate…

…the big oval place..

…the Nympheum…

and the oval place from a hill.

A really great place to visit – and the rain stopped, when we were there.

Back home in the hotel we all drank soft drinks. We were not able to read, what it was, but it was jummy.

After it Nasse shared his sweets with us – funny pig-sweets.

Another really great day here. It is so nice to be a ToyVoyager!!!


Madaba, Jordan – 19th January 2010

Hello from Madaba,

today we left Amman and drove south. First we visited the Mount Nebo, a mountain where – according to the Bible, the prophet Moses is believed to have died. We had a great view from the top.

There was a beautiful mosaic – normally in a church – but now in a tent.

Look – what a big stone – in memorial of Moses.

After having a great time on the hill – with really beautiful views, we drove to Madaba. The city is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, expeciallaya large Byzantine-era mosaic map of the Holy Land.

We went into the Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint Georg, where the famous mosaic is.

Then we drove through a gorgeous landscape.

We stopped to look into the Wadi Mujib.

One hour later we came to Kerak, known for its famous Crusader Castle.

We visited it – it was wonderful – I would love to be a knight, I think.

In the evening we sat outside the room in the hotel and talked a lot. This time we ate the Snickers from Landroval.

Petra , Jordan – 20th January 2010

Hello from Petra,

today we visited one of the most famous places in Jordan, it is a city called Petra – a Unesco World Heritage Site.

First we had to walk through the Siq – a dark narrow gorge.

At the end of the Siq we had this view of Al Khazneh (the Treasury).

Here I am in front of the Treasury.

Here you see many tombs in the stone.

They had an amphittheatre, too.

We climbed up 200 stairs to visit the big Urn Tomb – and had a great view from the place.

There were donkeys here.

We went into an old church and saw some mosaics. I found a bunny. We were very important in the older times, I think.

We decided to make a long walk – about 800 stairs!!! But I was happy – RikeH put me in her bag, so I didn’t had to walk all the way on my short legs. Some expressions from the way.

A really steep gorge:

This is the place we wanted to see – El Deir (the Monastery). It was great!

On our way back we had nice views, too.

Back in the valley the sun came – and we saw all in different colors.

This was our hotel:

We had a delicious dinner in the evening – very important after the long interesting day!

Wadi Rum, Jordan – 21st January 2010

Hello from Wadi Rum,

we had so much fun today. We made a trip with a Jeep through the Wadi Rum. We learnt that they made the Movie Lawrence from Arabia here. I never heart of it before. But the nature was nice.

On our way to the Wadi Rum, we stopped at a nice place and saw the Valley of Petra. It was wonderful.

Look – what a funny tree. If someone knows its name, please send a PM to RikeH.

Here you can see us on our Jeep.

We drove really fast and enjoyed the nature around. There was another Jeep behind us, but we were in the leading team.

Our first stop – nice mountains and writing on the walls.

The second stop – with a beautiful gorge.

We stopped in front of a big Dune.

We walked onto the top of it – and had a great view.

What a wonderful day !

Aqaba, Jordan – 22nd January 2010

Hello from Aqaba,

Today is the last day in Jordan. We will relax in the hotel. Here you see me sitting on the balcony – and the view from our balcony. Wonderful!

We went through the garden and found beautiful flowers.

Outside we saw these nice young dogs.

Back in the hotel we wanted to drive on this funny bike, but we are not allowed, because we TVs were too young.

So we decided to relax and enjoy the last evening.

What a wonderful holiday in Jordan.

Dicker Kumpel

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