Karibik-Kreuzfahrt 2013

Miami, USA – 4th March 2013

Hello from Miami,

My friends and I are on the cruise ship now. This is our bed.

Here you see a little more of our cabin.

For the start we got some delicious sweets and a bottle of champagne.

Later we relaxed on our balcony.

I had a nice view of Miami from the balcony.

On the Atlantic Ocean, ??? – 5th March 2013

Hi friends,

Kleine Fee and I had a lazy day hanging around on the ship. I will show you more photos of it later – but today we had something delicious to eat.

First we had a basket of assorted tortilla des maiz strips.

For dessert we had strawberries dipped in chocolate. They looked wonderful.

And they were delicious – we ate them all.

Oranjestad, Aruba – 7th March 2013

Hello from Aruba,

This photo was so funny – but let’s start earlier this day. We arrived in Oranjestad this morning. What a nice view!

Before I started my exciting trip on the island, I had delicious breakfast.

Look – really big cactus-plants.

And a wonderful beach. It was a little windy, as you can see.

Later we stopped at another nice place.

It was a funny trip – and now you can see, why. We drove on a segway.

Our last stop was next to a lighthouse.

I decided to taste a coconut.

A last view from our balcony – then we had to leave.

Willemstad, Curacao – 8th March 2013

Hello from Curacao,

Today we visited Willemstad – a nice city on the Curacao Island. They have nice bridge there, called Queen Emma Bridge. It is a Pantoon Bridge and called The Swinging Lady. We went over it – and when we reached the other side – it started swinging.

Behind the bridge you can see my cruise ship – the M/S Riviera.

In the city is a floating market – here you see a part of it.

There were many beautiful and colorful houses here. This was a synagogue.

More colorful houses.

And a yellow church.

After some walking we saw the bridge again. This time people walked over it.

I loved the nice houses.

Behind me you see the Governors Palace.

Houses in the Breedestraat.

Well – did I already tell you that I love this bridge?

I had a great view from the bridge.

Back on the ship I relaxed and then I walked on the upper deck and had these views over the city.

Look – there was another cruise ship.

This is our ship – I went into the pool after this photo, because it was so hot – we had about 31 degrees Celsius!

After the bath I relaxed with my girl-friend Kleine Fee on our balcony.

I am so happy that she is here with me.

I showed her some views of the city.

St. George’s, Grenada – 10th March 2013

Hello from Grenada,

Another sunny day on our trip. Behind me you see our ship.

Our first short stop gave us a nice view over the small harbor.

Grenada is the Island of the nutmegs. You see one next to me, on the other side there is a fruit of cocoa.

Maybe these two were nicer?

I walked to the Concorde Waterfalls.

Although we have winter in Germany – they have nice weather here – and I saw some flowers.

Then we went to a factory for the nutmegs. I look a little strange on this photo, but I wanted to show you these signs, they were used to paint the destination onto the sacks for the shipping.

Here were some nutmegs.

They were packed here.

At this place they dry the nutmegs.

There were lots!

This is the machine to open the nutmegs.

I really loved this sign.

I learnt a lot in this factory. It was so interesting.

Other beautiful flowers – and a palm tree.

Our last stop was at a volcano lake.

At home it was time for a party with Kleine Fee.


We had a lot of fun!

Cruises are fun!

Kingstown, St. Vincent – 11th March 2013


Hello from St. Vincent,

We visited Kingstown today. To tell the truth, we didn’t like it too much. There weren’t many touristic places to visit, and it was very crowded on narrow streets. But we found one nice place – a church called St. George’s Cathedral.

Next to the church was another church – St. Mary’s Catholic Church – but it looked very dark!

In the park of St. George’s I found beautiful flowers.

Because we didn’t feel so great in the town, we returned onto our ship – and looked over Kingstown.

Maybe you can see the kind of houses they have here.

I loved the color of the water – in reality it looked nicer than on the photo.

The clouds looked dark, but we had no rain – only high temperatures and a very high humidity.

These are the stairs in the foyer of our ship.

Maybe I should have such a lamp at home, too.

A really strange color, isn’t it?

But it was a nice chair in the Grand Bar.

Here you see me in the elevator – they always show where we are, what day it is and which deck we are at the moment.

Bridgetown, Barbados – 12th March 2013

Hello again,

Our next Port of Call was Bridgetown.

I loved this nice old sailing ship.

There were some small yachts near to it.

There was a small arch – but I don’t know, where it was for.

I took a rest under this big tree.

This is the St Michael’s Cathedral.

Behind me you can see the Parliament.

Do you know this man? He is Lord Nelson.

This was another beautiful building in the city.

And a last church.

Back on the ship I was hungry and I ate 3 sandwiches.

Castries, St. Lucia – 13th March 2013

Hello again,

Today we made a nice trip over the St. Lucia Island. Our first stop was near to a village called Anse La Raye.

I tasted the delicious cassava bread.

We stopped at another point of view – and saw the fishing village Canaries.

Look – banana Plants.

It was amazing – we saw the majestic Pitons.

Then we drove into a vulcano and saw the Sulphur Springs.

The springs were interesting – but had a bad smell – so we decided to leave and visited a nice Botanical Garden.

There was a beautiful waterfall.

I tried a coconut cookie. It was yummy.

This place is called Marigot Bay – the site where the original Dr. Doolittle movie was filmed.

We spent our afternoon at the beach.

I loved this view.

And I had fun at the beach.

When we went back to our car we saw these palms.

This view was so beautiful – typical for the Caribbean, I think.

Gustavia, St. Barts – 15th March 2013

Hello fans,

B) I am famous and I am beautiful – so I had to visit this Island. It is called Saint Barthélemy or St. Barts. 😀

From my balcony I saw this big yacht.

This was the port of Gustavia.

I stopped at the Stone Anglican Church.

On the other side of the street there was this big anchor.

Behind me you see one of the oldest houses here – the Dinzey House, built circa 1820.

This is the Wall House.

This is the new town hall – called Hotel de la Collectivité.

We stopped at the Shell Beach.

After relaxing at the beach we walked up this little hill and had a nice view over the harbor.

St Bart was Swedish in the Past – and this is the Swedish Bell Tower.

St Bart was a beautiful Island.


MS Riviera, on the Ocean – 16th March 2013

Hello friends,

We were alone in our cabin and decided to have a look at the minibar.

We found some nice drinks and put all onto our table.

Kleine Fee and I decided to take these beautiful bottles.

One was not enough – We found a more bottles.

Well – we had a great party!

Good night!

MS Riviera, on the Ocean – 17th March 2013

Hello again,

The evening was wonderful – but we didn’t feel great this morning.

My Mum RikeH brought some ice for our aching heads.

Afterwards we got some medicine.

Later that day we felt better – and had a great breakfast in the suite. Be sure that we didn’t drink the champagne.

In the afternoon I came back into the cabin and found this.

I am sure that it was for Kleine Fee and me. We were the Couple of the week!

Unfortunately it was our last day on the cruise ship. We really loved it here.

Miami, USA – 18th March 2013

Hello from the USA again,

This morning we arrived in Miami. I loved this view!

We took a trip by bus and saw some nice places.

It was a great journey!
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