Kreuzfahrt Kanaren 2011

Grand Canary, Spain – 25th November 2011

Hello friends,

it was time to travel again. We will go on a cruise – I love cruises.

Here you see me waiting at the airport – there was our plane.

I had a delicious meal.

And I looked out of the window. This was great.

This was the night view from our balcony. Behind me you can see Las Palmas.

And this is a part of our ship.

In the evening I went to the pooldeck.

There were many people from the crew telling us, who they are,
and what we can do on the ship.

My guests and I are happy to be on the ship!

on the Mein Schiff 1, Spain – 26th November 2011

Hello and Ahoi,

I found two postcards from the ship – so you can see it.

In the morning I went onto the balcony and saw an Island – it was Lanzarote,
today we only passed it – but we will come back later and visit it.

At the beginning of a cruise there is always a test for an emergency – so all people and ToyVoyager on board know, what to do.

Here I am with the lifejacket and Sqizzle, because we are so small we can take one together.

Of course we hope that we never need it.

I went into a Lounge and had a nice piece of cake.

Back on the balcony it was time to relax. You can see us
in the hammock.

We had a great view!

Agadir, Morocco – 27th November 2011

Hello from Morocco,

I woke up this morning and found out that we are in Morocco.
First I saw a big ship in the harbour.

We made a tour by bus today – and our first stop was high about the city. Look, what a wonderful view.

There was an old monument on the hill. Maybe an old castle? Who knows…

Later we went to a park with birds – I wanted a photo with the biggest bird.

In the city we saw a mosque.

We visited the market.

The owner of this card loved bottles, I think.

Before we went back to the ship we walked along the long beach. Can you remember it?

We saw it from the hill. Behind me you can see some white words on the hill, they are from the national hymn of Morocco.

I thought about swimming in the water, but decided not to do it.

In the evening we left Agadir. Can you see the words on the hill again?

on the ship again, Spain – 28th November 2011

Hi friends,

we had another lazy day on the ship.

It was time to show our cabin.

We like most this place on the couch next to the window.

Here you see me in the bathroom.

And we love this place – called Minibar. This is one part.

And this is the other.

I was invited to visit the bridge. There was much to see.

On the map I saw our way over the ocean.

It was interesting.

And I was allowed to drive the ship.

In the afternoon we all had fun with our X-Box. First we played a quiz.

The we sang wonderful songs.

After having fun it was time to work – here I sat on the balcony and wrote my travellog.

When we all were ready we relaxed on our chair in the sun.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain – 29th November 2011

Hello from Tenerife,

this morning I got up early – and I saw Santa Cruz on the Island Tenerife.

Behind me you can see another Cruise Ship.

We started our tour over the Island in the mountains – the Anaga Mountain Street.

I had a great view.

We saw a city in the Valley.

There was the Teide – the highest mountain of Spain.

We went there later – first we visited the Loro Parque. I met penguins there.

And funny fishes – they were really big, but you cannot see how big on this photo.

Then I met many colorful birds – I talked with this one, but he didn’t want to become a ToyVoyager.

Look – what a wonderful flower.

Then we went through the part with orchids.

And I was cought by a big monster…

Fortunately we only played together…

We continued our trip and went to the Teide Mountain. There were strange plants here.

Behind me you can see the Teide Mountain. We decided not to climb onto it.

Next to the Teide there were some strange shaped Rocks called Los Roques.

What a wonderful day on Tenerife.

San Sebastián de la Gomera, Spain – 30th November 2011

Hello from La Gomera!

We did a nice boat trip – and watched out for dolphins and pilot whales .

But first you can see the view from our balcony. This was San Sebastian on the La Gomera Island.

Then we were on our little boat.

Where were the dolphins and whales?

I saw a lot!

We saw many more of them – but it was not so easy to take photos – with us ToyVoyagers and the animals.

Then we made a little cruise along the Coast.

There was a small hotel in the Valley.

Can you remember the Teide Mountain we saw yesterday – we saw it today, too.

In the evening we found delicious chocolate in our cabin!

We loved it!

Arrecife , Lanzarote, Spain – 1st December 2011

Hello from Lanzarote,

today we rent a car and drove over the Lanzarote Island. We started in the Jameos de Aqua – some nice Caves.

There was a nice pool next to the Caves.

We found funny plants again.

Here you can see the pool from another place.

We went to a great outlook – called Mirador del Rio.

I loved the view!

Then we drove to another part of the Island – the national park Timanfaya.
We saw a white village on our way to the NP.

We drove through the Park in a bus – but it was not easy to make good photos there.

These are views over the Park.

The devil is the symbol for the NP.

They show how hot the ground is.

Then a man put water into a hole in the ground. 2 seconds later the water came out like a geysir.

It was really interesting.

Later we saw some camels next to the street.

Before we went back to the ship we walked through Arrecife. Here is the beautiful church.

And a nice lake inside the town.

Las Palmas, Spain – 2nd December 2011

Hello from Gran Canaria,

Another trip by car today. We drove along the Coast and stopped in a little town called Agaete.

This is the church.

We went into it.

There was a wonderful Valley – we had a great view from the end of the street.

Back on the Coast Street we stopped at the Mirador de Balcon.

Wow – it was high about the water.

Later we drove into the Middle of the Island – into a Valley called Barranco de la Aldea.

There were very high mountains and steep and narrow streets.

I loved this place.

We stopped in a small town called Tejeda.

This was the funny ‚Cruz de Tejeda‘.

Our last stop was a place called Terror. It has a strange name, but it was peaceful place with a nice church.

On the Ship, Spain – 3rd December 2011

Hello friends,

it was a day on the Sea again. Today I want to show you some places of the ship.

This is the Deck where we are living. It is the 12th deck – really high on the ship.

There were some people on the sun deck.

I had a rest in the sunshine.

This is a nice place to stay.

Normally there were more things to eat – but the people here loved to eat….

This place is funny – because you have a lot of place.

And a funny chair.

They always want the people to use these machines – fortunately I don’t have hands.

This is one of the restaurants.

With a nice house for me.

Here you can eat Tapas.

And here you can see, where you are.

This place is called Atrium.

In this place you can buy a lot of things.

Christmas is coming!

Another house for me.

This is the biggest bar on the ship.

We liked this place with the nice blue color.

On this day it was a little stormy. You can see the waves…

And look at my ears – I am flying.

In the evening I went into the X-Lounge and had a delicious snack.

And I drank my first glass of Champagne.

A nice dessert – I love cruises.


Casablanca, Morocco – 4th December 2011

Hello from Casablanca,

we started our trip in Casablanca with the Hassan-II-Mosque. It is the third biggest mosque of the World.

We went inside – not many colors, but nice.

It was really intersting.

I really liked this mosque.

Then we drove along the beach called the Corniche.

Our next stop was the King’s Palace. We saw two doors – first the small one…

…later the bigger one.

We went through the streets of Casablanca.

Can you see the beautiful green roofs behind me?

We visited a market with fruits…

…and flowers.

Then we went to the place with fishes.

In the cabin – without RikeH, Spain – 4th December 2011

Hello friends,

yesterday evening we had Champagne – and it was delicious.

RikeH didn’t spend the evening in our cabin – and we wanted to have more drinks…

We went to our minibar.

I climbed into the minibar – and threw the bottles to my friends.

Ready – we had 4 bottles.

We brought the bottles to our place.

I chose the Vodka.

The others had other nice drinks.

Hey – the ship moved in a strange way – or did I?

What a great evening.

on the Ship again, Spain – 5th December 2011

Hi again,

oh – what a night…

…but what a morning

… there must have been something bad in the bottles yesterday.

RikeH told us that a coffee could help. Fortunately we had a machine in our cabin.

I had to fill this funny thing into the machine.

Then we waited for the coffee.

It was yummy. And I felt much better.

We decided not to make much more this day.

on the ship, Spain – 6th December 2011

Hello friends,

today it was St Nicholas‘ Day. We found a present in our cabin.

Of course we opened it.

Some sweets – great!

Thanks dear St. Nicholas!

Funchal, Madeira, Portugal – 6th December 2011

Hello friends,

Later we started our trip through Funchal. Because we had an awful day yesterday, we decided to take a bus – and having our tour without moving a lot.

As you can maybe the see, the weather was not so nice today.

We loved this fountain and wanted to play there, but the bus didn’t stop.

Then we drove up the hill…

…and had a nice view.

Far away we saw a church, but it was not a famous one.

Then we left Funchal and drove along the coast.

There were terraces, where they grew bananas and other plants.

We drove through a nice little village, but I forgot the name.

Back in Funchal we walked back to our ship. There were three big cruise ships in Funchal today.

This was an old Tower – but not very high.

And another old building.

This was the view from our balcony – one of the other ships and a view over the city of Funchal.


Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain – 7th December 2011

Hello from La Palma,

Normally we arrived in the next Port in the morning – today it was different. We arrived in the noon. So we were able to see it from the distance.

It was the Island La Palma.

We drove to the national park Caldera de Taburiente – I looked out of the window of our bus.

Then we arrived at the Caldera – we had a wonderful view.

We made a nice walk and had other nice views – of course it was always the same crater – but we loved it!

And we had wonderful weather – this was not typical for this time of the year.

Later we went back to Santa Cruz. We stopped at a point called La Concepcion .

There were many palm trees.

And I found these wonderful flowers and plants.

This was the church in Las Nieves.

And a nice house next to the church.

Puerto del Rosario Fuerteventura, Spain – 8th December 2011

Hi from Fuerteventura,

We visited our last Island today – it was Fuerteventura. We made a tour with Jeeps here.

This was a holy mountain.

Then we drove to the Coast. It was really steep there.

Later we went to a big dune. It was great – but really windy.

In the evening we went to the buffet. There were fruits with chocolate and ice sculptures.

Can you see the bunny behind me.

This was my last view of the ship in the night.

I really enjoyed the Cruise.

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