Kurzkreuzfahrt Kopenhagen 2015

Mein Schiff 4, Hamburg, Germany – 22.05.2015

Hello friends, I am on a Cruise Ship again. It is the Mein Schiff 4. First I show you the pool.

We started in Hamburg and had nice views over the new part of the Port.

Look, the ship had an indoor pool.

There was a smile on the chimney of the ship. Well – I know it, because I was on the Mein Schiff 1 years ago.

No problem, if I would jump into the sea.

A look into the other direction.

These guys were so funny.

On the way to our cabin.

This was our cabin, not that big, but enough for a short cruise. To tell the truth – I am used to bigger cabins. I told it my Mum, and she called me a snob.

We liked this place.

Then we started our cruise – with music.

Look, a funny boat with water fountains was in front of us.

This is a very expensive building in Hamburg.

The church is called Michel – it is famous in Hamburg.

Two old ships…

The port of Hamburg is beautiful.


On the Ship, Germany – 23.05.2015

Hello friends, Today it was a day on the Sea – more time to spend on the ship. First we had a cup of coffee.

The machine did the work.

Well – water around us – but this is typical for a Cruise.

Nothing to see in front of us, too.

Then it was time for artist – these men did great things with fruit and vegetables.

The best animal of all!

Look, a funny bird.

These guys were great.

Some people relaxed next to the Pool.

Should I run around the ship?

Better not…

I decided to explore the Ship. These people with the umbrellas were funny.

I loved this couple.

We relaxed in the sunshine.

Copenhagen, Denmark – 24.05.2015

Hello friends, We were in Copenhagen and left the Ship for some hours. It looked great!

This was the little Mermaid – full of tourists… but I was the only bunny here at the moment.

We continued our walk and stopped next to this beautiful fountain.

Not far away there was this little church.

I think this is the place where the royals live.

Oh – a wonderful church.

I went into it.

Then we went back to the big place and saw the Guards.

This is one of the most famous places in Copenhagen, called Nyhavn.

Look, the town hall…

… a funny fountain….

… and a big hotel.

On our way back to the Ship I wanted to have this photo!

This was a great size of the Ship!

Time to relax in the sun!

Then we left – it was a nice day in Denmark.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

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