Mein Leben 2011

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 7th January 2011

Hello friends,

today I showed Archer a small town called Bad Oldesloe. RikeH went to school there years ago. The weather was not so nice – it was getting warmer – and most of the snow is away now. There is a small river in the city.

This was the view into the other direction.

There were nice old buildings.

And an interesting monument.

The last things we saw were a nice fountain and the town hall.

Nienburg, Germany – 28th January 2011

Hi friends,

A new guest arrived today. He is called Bobi and I gave him a warm welcome.

He arrived just in the right time, because we will make a nice trip this weekend. We visited a nice town called Nienburg. This is the townhall.

There was a funny fountain. With aspargus.

Can you see me?

It was time to eat something delicious. But no aspargus.

Then we continued our walk. What a nice tower.

And a big church. How beautiful.

I loved this statue in front of the church.

The last building was a museum. We didn’t went into it, because the weather was so great.

Then we jumped into the car. Tomorrow we will see something great – RikeH told us, but we didn’t know what.

Halle, Germany – 29th January 2011

Hi friends,

We went to a Darts Tournament in Halle. Many great players were there. Here you can see Phil Taylor – the best of all, I think. I’ve been here two years ago – and he won.

Here were some of the other players – it was great to stay near to the players.

So many people were here – but only two bunnies.

It was so interesting.

We had such a great day. Maybe I will become a Darts-Player.

Lübeck, Germany – 12th February 2011

Hi friends,

it was time to show Bobi and Archer another nice city -so we visited a Hanseatic city today – called Lübeck. It is a very nice city – and the City Centre is a Unesco Place. We started with the Holstentor. It is very famous in Germany – it was on one bill for many years here.

Now you see it from the other side.

There were nice buildings next to the river.

And old storehouses.

Then we went to the place next to the townhall.

There was a skating rink. We wanted to try it – what they hadn’t small shoes for us.

So we continued our walk. The last photo shows the other side of the townhall – a very beautiful house.

Hamburg, Germany – 27th February 2011

Hello from cold Germany,

Yesterday we went to Hamburg. Here you see me in front of the planetarium.

We saw a great movie about the stars, then we made a walk through the park. There was a big lake – with a little ice on it.

Nice trees were next to the lake.

Fortunately no one was in danger in the lake, so we made this photo.

Later we went into the city center. Here you see the townhall.

Near to it there is the Lake Alster – with nice buildings around.

I loved the view – and the clouds were so beautiful.

Archer left today. I said goodbye to him. We became good friends.

Bobi and I gave him a big hug.


Zingst, Germany – 12th March 2011

Hi from Zingst,

today we drove some hours with the car – then we arrived at the Seaside. We have a wonderful holiday house – I will show it later this week, I think.

But the weather was so nice – and we made a first walk through the village called Zingst.

Here you can see me on the Pier.

This is the long way we walked on the Pier.

I saw the beach from here – really nice.

Then we walked on the Pier back to the beach. What a long Pier!

I sat in front of a small Dune – hopefully we will find bigger ones in the next days.

Back home we found a cosy place…

Can you see us?

We loved to sit in front of the fireplace and talked a lot.

What a nice day.

Zingst, Germany – 13th March 2011

Hi from Zingst again,

today we took another walk in Zingst. This time on the other side of the Village – there is another Water – called Bodden.

It was very windy.

There is a lot of water everywhere.

The trees are really lopsided, probably it is often very windy here.

This is the way we walked. On the top of a dike.

Then we went to the Harbour. There were only two ships – and I thought this one would be better in America…

On our way back we saw this wonderful house.

Zingst, Germany – 14th March 2011

Hello friends,

we walked along the beach today. Here you can see me in the Dunes.

This is the way to the beach – there were really high waves.

I though about taking a bath – but the temperatures were very low…

We made a rest in this little boat.

It was so windy – and Inuk felt down – but fortunately he can fly – so don’t worry – nothing bad happened.

We found another boat – with nice red flags in it.

We stopped at this little bistro and took a photo – it is really funny, because Zuckerhut is the name of the street where RikeH and I are living.

Then it was time for entertainment. I took a ride on this carrousel.

It was so funny!

This is the house of the tourist information.

Another nice building.

On our way back home we stopped at a restaurant and RikeH bought us delicious ice-cream.

This was yummy! Back home we sat some minutes outside in the sunshine. But although the sun was shining – it was cold – so we went inside and had a nice evening.

Zingst, Germany – 15th March 2011


we decided to have a lazy day at home today.

Most of the time we relaxed on the couch, but in the afternoon we played a nice game.

First I had to throw the dices.

Then Inuk wrote it on the paper – we had to built streets and villages.

Surely I won!

After it we had a delicious meal. Not only bread…

…there was hot cheese, too.

I put the bread on my fork and then I put the bread into the cheese,

It was yummy – and I had a glass of wine with it.

Sadly we finished it really fast. No bread anymore.

And no cheese.

In the evening we played with RikeH’s new Smartphone. We made a photo in the Comic style –
we think it is really funny, what do you think?

Prerow, Germany – 16th March 2011

Hello from Prerow,

we drove to another Village – Prerow – today. First we had a stop at the High Dune.

But to tell the truth, it wasn’t that high… Well, we saw the Sea from here.

In the other direction we saw the little Prerow River.

Then we went to the Beach. It was so cold and windy that we didn’t walk a long time.

We found a nice place without wind – next to an old tree.

Later we visited the small church.

We went inside – it was nice there.

There were ships inside.

Here you can light candles for the ones you love and who are dead. We light one for our really good friend Tobi, who died one year ago.


Zingst, Germany – 17th March 2011

Hello Murph,

It was so cold outside – Inuk and I decided to stay inside. We wrote updates for our travellogs and watched some of my friends. First we looked at the one of UrselHH. She has such a great time in Finland. She visited the Baltic Sea, too, but had more sunshine – and more snow.

TobiHH is at the beach, too – but in England – I have no idea, if it is that cold there, too.

Then I saw your updates, Murph. You took photos with flowers – well, they are wonderful.

A good idea – I wanted to take some flower-photos, too. But not outside, so I walked through the house.

This was the first one I found. A white one…

Lovely yellow ones…

I loved these small white flowers.

And the last one is beautiful,too. What do you think?

Well, of course you have the better photos, but I found my flowers inside. 😉

Zingst, Germany – 18th March 2011

Hello friends,

we were in the forest today. But the forest was not so nice now in the Spring Time.

Fortunately we found this lovely little lake.

You can see the trees behind me – not really green.

Maybe I should come to this place later this year…

After the walk we stopped in the village and had a nice cup of coffee and a big chocolate tart.

Zingst, Germany – 19th March 2011

Hello again,

it is our last day in Zingst now. Tomorrow we will go back to Sülfeld. We will make the big walk around Zingst today.

It started in another forest – can you see us?

Here we are.

Then we saw this kind of heath.

Later we reached the beach again. There are pieces of wood in the water.

Can you remember the Pier behind me? We started there one week ago.

In the Village we found a boat – but not in the water.

There were statues of some people.

A really nice place.

Back home we played in the garden.

Then we heard someone calling…

We jumped to the other tree and met this funny yellow guy.

We talked a lot about our lifes and had a lot of fun.

Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany – 20th March 2011

Hi from home,

We are back in Sülfeld now. It was a very sunny day. At home we searched for my new guests – and found them sitting in the garden.

I apologized for not being here when they arrived – but no problem, the mail system worked slowly. We talked a lot about the last days.

There were many beautiful flowers in the garden – I wanted to show you some of it. Murph, Bine and Holgi – I hope you like these ones more!

They are really nice, aren’t they? It is good to have the Springtime now. Later we went into the house and sat on our place. My guests and I have our own big armchair.

Suddenly we heart someone laughing. A yellow guy looked around the corner.

We met him in Zingst. His name is GustavHH and I he heard about the life of ToyVoyagers and wants to become one, too.

Hamburg, Germany – 21st March 2011


we went to Hamburg today. Behind me you can see the Gothic Revival Church of St. Nicholas. It was formerly one of the five Lutheran main churches in Hamburg. It is now in ruins, serving as a memorial.

We went there because a colleague of RikeH told us, that there is an elevater, who can take us to a 75,3 metre-high platform inside the spire.

Of course we tried it out. And here you see the view – it was amazing. You can see the Townhall and the Lake Alster behind me.

This was the view to the old warehouse destrict of Hamburg – there are many nice old buildings.

The next direction is to the Port of Hamburg. I will finish a cruise there in December!

It was nice on the platform, but very windy and RikeH was afraid of loosing us, so we went down to the ground. Here you see all of us together.

Can you imagine – I have been there on the tower!!!

It was amazing.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 27th March 2011

Hi Mum,

we went to Bad Oldesloe. This is a small town near to Sülfeld. I already know it, but wanted to show it to my new guests. When we went into the city centre we crossed a bridge and saw this nice little river.

This is the Townhall.

We saw the river again – there were some ducks, I told them about the life of a ToyVoyager, but they were not interested in coming with us.

Two other beautiful views – it was a nice place – I understand why the ducks live here.

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th April 2011

Hi friends,

the weather was wonderful – and we decided to make a trip with the bike. The way was really long!

After some kilometers I relaxed in the sun.

There was a lake – many fishes live there.

Back home I relaxed among beautiful flowers, what a nice trip.

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 9th April 2011

Hi from Bad Segeberg,

We decided to walk around this Lake – called Ihlsee.

You can see the Lake behind me.

There were really big trees there.

I really liked this place.

The place is a nature protection area.

Travemünde, Germany – 10th April 2011

Hello from Travemünde,

we went to the Baltic Sea – to a place called Travemünde. The weather was really nice in the morning. We walked along the beach.

There were beautiful buildings.

We had a delicious dinner in this funny chair.

Later the weather was a little cloudy, but no problem for a ToyVoyager.

This is the oldest lighthouse of Germany, but it was not open.

Behind me is a big hotel, you should spend some time here.

This is the photo of the afternoon – it was so windy!

Have a look at my ears!

The trainstation of Travemünde is funny, on the tower you can see, when the next train to Lübeck will leave.

At home we had delicious muffins.

Hamburg, Germany – 17th April 2011

Hi friends,

We went to a fair in Hamburg. It was so funny. We saw many things. These sharks were very scary!

This slide was built in 1907. It was really funny.

There was a big wheel.

And a fast carrousel. I didn’t want to use it.

I preferred this one!

Hamburg, Germany – 21st April 2011

Hello again,

We went to Hamburg again to see the Port. First we had a look at the new building of a philharmonics.

And I saw a very big ship on the Elbe River.

This is the Cap San Diego – it is a museum now.

Behind me you see another museum-ship – it is a sailing ship – the Rickmer Rickmers.

These are little boats which pull the big ships.

This is a nicer view of the Rickmer Rickmers.

This monument is a thank you for the crew of the ship Cap Anamur. They helped many Vietnamese people.

It is always great to be here.

Sülfeld, Germany – 24th April 2011

Happy Easter!!!

The day started with a letter for me. It is from my friend Murph. I was so happy and opened it.

A nice card came out of the envelope.

Thanks Murph!

Today it is Easter and I met the Easter bunny. He told me that I should seek for some surprises.

But first I talked with some other funny guys hanging around here.

Then it was time to seek for some nice things. I found something…

…it is an Easter net, as they say here in Germany.

It was a difficult search, so I asked Long Hippo to help me.

He gave me a hint. There is a bunny with an egg in his bucket.

It is for me!

The bunny told me that there will be one more surprise outside. So I went out and found a bunny out of chocolate!

What a lot of presents for me!

When I sat there, some chicken came. They were so cute!

They wanted some chocolate, but it is not good for them – so I gave them some grain.

I really hope that you all have a great Easter weekend, too!

Aschaffenburg, Germany – 30th April 2011

Hello Mum,

I made a trip without you! Thomas and I went to a concert in Aschaffenburg. Here you see our car:


I was allowed to sit in the front!

I was a big help with the navigation system.

We made a rest in the sunshine, because the way was really long!

But then we reached Aschaffenburg. A nice little town. Behind me you can see the Castle Johannisburg.

We had a nice view over the River Main.

In the palace garden were beautiful trees.

The Castle and the Main:

This is the Pompejanum. It is a replica of a villa from Pompeii.

It was built in 1840 – 1884.

It was very hot so I took a rest in the shadow.

We had a wonderful look over the garden.

Then we were really close to the Castle – what a nice building.

On our way back to the hotel we saw this house for doves. But nobody was at home.

This was the concert we visited in the evening. We were not allowed to take photos there.

But I can show you our hotel. It was called Wilder Mann – furious man – can you see the funny sign with the man behind me?

It was a nice trip! Thanks Thomas for hosting me!

Norderstedt, Germany – 1st May 2011

Hi from Norderstedt,

We went to the Landesgartenschau in Norderstedt. They show a lot of plants there, it will last all summer long. First we listened to a choir.

Then we went to the plants. First we saw wonderful rhododendrons.

There were many.

It was the time of the tulips, so we saw a lot of in different colors.

There was a funny exhibition of chicken. They were created by different Countrywomen’s Associations.

I loved this view.

Next to some flowers I met this nice lady bird. We talked about the life of a ToyVoyager – and asked her to take the place of poor kidnapped HelgaHH, because they really look like twins.

Well – she agreed, so she will become a ToyVoyager now. Love Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany – 8th May 2011


We had a party today to celebrate Ranils arrival. First we had a delicious burger!

But I preferred the dessert – it was a yummy cake with a lot of cream.

After the meal we went to visit my grandma. She has nice flowers on her balcony.

The springtime is such a wonderful time of the year! Love Dicker Kumpel

Norderstedt , Germany – 13th May 2011

Hello hello,

We went to the Landesgartenschau in Norderstedt again. Can you remember the rhododendron from our last visit? There are more blossoms now.

There were many rhododendrons in different colors.

We made a stop and heard another choir singing this time.

I laughed about this funny person – maybe it is a straw man.

We went to a playground and found lovely sheep!

Here you can see all of us TVs – can you find me?

We visited the chicken from our last visit again.

There were many wonderful flowers.

Some flowers were inside a building!

Sülfeld, Germany – 14th May 2011

Hi Mum,


It was time to party today. My best friend Murph will come and visit us. I wanted to give him and his guest presents – I found something nice and had to wrap it.

I searched nice bands to decorate the presents.

Ready – I hope that they will like it.

I waited for hours – then Murph came. I was so happy to see him!

And of course it was nice to see Ulrich, too.

I introduced my other guests.

Later Mum came and told us that it was time to have coffee and delicious cake. We went to the table – or maybe on the table.

Of course we had beautiful flowers for Mum this afternoon.

Then I had a delicious piece of cake. It was so yummy!

Guess what – it was time for presents then. Murph and Ulrich brought some for us.

We looked what was in the baskets.

There were really delicious sweets.

Then Murph and Ulrich got presents, too.

They really loved it!

We had a party all day long!

And in the evening Murph and I had a nice glass of wine and talked a lot!

Krakow, Poland – 20th May 2011

Hello from Poland,

we took a nice trip this week-end. And the best thing was that we took the plane!

Here you see me waiting for the plane. This was the one we took.

Look, we were high in the air – and I saw the ground and some clouds.

Later we had more clouds.

We arrived in Krakow in Poland. We walked in the old city and saw this nice gate.

I played in the miniature.

This is a Part of the old City Wall.

We will see more in the next days.

Krakow, Poland – 21st May 2011

Hi again,

We visited the Wawel Royal Castle today. It is situated on a hill next to the Vistuala River.

On the way to the Castle we passed this wonderful church.

You see a part of the Castle behind me. It was a very steep way.

We had a nice view over the River.

And when I turned I had this tower behind me.

Religion is important in Poland – and I saw the momument for the pope John Paul II.

There was a big cathedral on the hill.

When we walked down to the river, we saw this big dragon. He was really scary!

But no problem for me – I am a brave bunny!

Tomorrow we will make a boat trip, this will be fun, I hope.

Krakow, Poland – 22nd May 2011

Hello friends,

on Sunday we made our promised trip on a boat. It was so great.
Can you remember the Castle we saw yesterday? We will see it again.

But first you see me on the boat. I had a great place!

There was a big abbey next to the river.

Then we saw the Castle from the water – it was so nice and big!

I liked this sailing boat.

It was a nice boat trip!

In the evening we made a walk on the Main Marketplace.

It looked great in the night!

Krakow, Poland – 23rd May 2011

Hi Mum,

today was our last day in Krakow. Yesterday we went over the Main Marketplace – but in the night.

Now we saw it during the day!

We saw the street with the name of RikeH’s friend.

This building looked really big!

There are wonderful gardens around the city centre. I loved this bridge.

And this fountain was so nice!

In the afternoon we had to fly back home. I had my own seat!

And I found a great place in the car, too.

Dicker Kumpel

in the air again, Germany – 2nd June 2011

Hello friends,

today we started our big holiday. I had a wonderful view out of the window of the plane.

Can you see the river? It looks so funny.

Then I had a delicious meal – it was yummy.

We will go around in a car – and RikeH chose this big car!

Hopefully they will let me drive it, too!

St. John’s, Canada – 3rd June 2011

Hello from Newfoundland,

Today we made a trip to a point called Cape St. Francis. On the way we stopped at this lovely beach.

Then we reached the Cape – and had a wonderful view.

I enjoyed sitting on the Cliff looking at the Cape.

We were allowed to sit in the front of the car – it was great!

Then we drove back to St. John’s and went onto the Signal Hill. We saw a nice lake.

And there was the town.It was very windy there – look at my ears.

This was the Building – where Mr.Marconi started the first wireless connection between Canada and England a long time ago.

Here you see the street, where we live at the moment. The houses are very colorful.

I still was not allowed to drive the car up to now. But I found out, that it has a camera to show, what is behind the car…It must be easy to drive it, I will ask RikeH everyday!


St. John’s, Canada – 4th June 2011

Hello again,

Today we drove to a point called Cape Spear. Behind me you can see the old Lighthouse.

Maybe we will see lighthouses every day? I am not sure about it.

We had a wonderful view from the place.

And there is the most easterly point of North America. This was amazing.

Then we drove to another nice place – it is the Ferryland Lighthouse.

On the way we saw the wonderful Coast.

We went to this lighthouse…

…and had this delicious picnic there.

I loved this place!

Cape St. Mary’s, Canada – 5th June 2011


We went to visit a lot of nesting birds today. But first we stopped at a little harbour with beautiful boats in different colors.

This net is used by the fishermen. I wanted to try it out, but I am too small.

Then we arrived at Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. It is is one of Newfoundland’s major seabird colonies. During the breeding season, it is home to 24,000 Northern gannet, 20,000 black-legged kittiwake, 20,000 common murre, and 2,000 thick-billed murre.

Well – we wanted to go there and count them all. It was a nice walk along the coast.

We came nearer to the biggest rock. Most of the Northern gannets, for example, make their nests on „Bird Rock“—a 100-metre-tall stack of sandstone that is separated from the viewing area by a
chasm only a few metres wide.

Here you see me really close to the rock. I wanted to go nearer, but my Mum RikeH was a little afraid of the steep cliffs – and unfortunately she cannot fly – and told me that a 100-meter-fall would have been not really good for her.

These were the views to the other directions.

We were not able to count the birds, because many of them were away to find food for their children.

This night we spent in a funny cottage. Have you ever seen something like this in a fridge?

There was a big bear, but I was not afraid of it.

I found a great chair to relax.

But it was nicer to spend the evening together with Quentin Ducky and Lintilla in front of the fireplace.

Harbour Grace, Canada – 6th June 2011

Hello friends,

we drove to Harbour Grace – but we stopped in a little village – and took a photo of this nice church.

Then we arrived in Harbour Grace. Behind me you can see the the SS Kyle. The vessel was pruchased by the Earl Brothers Fisheries of Carbonear in 1960 and used in the seal trade until 1967 when
an iceberg accident caused her to be moored in the Harbour Grace harbour. During a storm the SS Kyle broke its moorings and drifted to Riverhead where it has been standing ever since.

Amelia Earhart took flight from Harbour Grace on May 20, 1932, to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. The plane behind her monument is the „Spirit of Harbour Grace“.

We had a closer look at the SS Kyle from here, too.

After looking at all these exciting things we drove to our next destination. We took a rest at this lovely place.

There were beautiful rocks in the sea behind me, but unfortunately they are really small on the picture. But they were wonderful when I saw them.

Some kilometers later we saw a moose next to the road. We all were so glad – and of course I wanted a photo with it.

Bonavista, Canada – 7th June 2011

Hello from Bonavista,

We were in Bonavista. On our way we stopped at a cliff, where puffins are living.

They are so cute and funny. We saw a lot of them, sitting there and flying around, but they were far away. You can see the black and white dots on the photo behind me :

there were the puffins.

The nature around were really beautiful, too.

I found this funny chair – so you can see a puffin and me!

Then we went to Bonavista – behind me is the lighthouse.

This is a monument of John Cabot, who gave this part of the land the name.

We drove to nice rock formations, called Dungeon Rocks.

It was a windy place – like all places here in Newfoundland.

Near to the Rocks were some animals – I visited them.

First I talked with the cow.I told her about the ToyVoyagers, but she didn’t seem to be interested.

So I changed to the first horse…

… and to the second.

But they were too tired. Look!

So it was time for some more sightseeing – one of many churches in the town of Bonavista.

There was a big pond – and we walked around it.

These houses were important in the history of the town – but I didn’t really understand why.

Let’s talk about the big car again – I asked to drive it, and this time they answered ’not yet‘. This is even better than no…


Twillingate, Canada – 8th June 2011

Hello from Twillingate,

we were in Twillingate – a little town next to the sea with nice old houses.

Behind me you can see the harbour – and the way to the ocean.

This lovely beach was next to our home. We had a great view there.

Twillingate, Canada – 9th June 2011

Hello from Twillingate again,

today went to a place called Long Point. There is a nice coastline, of course.

We stopped at the lighthouse. There are many of them here in Newfoundland.

We drove back to Twillingate and found a nice place for this photo.

Then it was time for adventure. We were making a boat trip. There were no icebergs, but boat trips are always fun.

I were allowed to be the driver. Maybe RikeH and Thomas will allow me to drive the Jeep, when I am doing a good job here.

It was lovely to be on the water.

I searched for Whales, but we didn’t find any.

The view was so nice! But it was very windy!

We stopped near to some nice rock formations. Can you see the hole in the rock behind me?

We continued our trip and saw a little village from the seaside.

This was fun!


Gros Morne National Park, Canada – 12th June 2011

Hello friends,

we spent the day in the Gros Morne National Park. Here are many big mountains and wonderful bays. I liked it a lot!

First we stopped at a lookout and saw the Bonne Bay.

We drove further and stopped next to it.

The next stop was next to the Tablelands. They were really interesting and we made a walk there.

Next to the trail were these beautiful flowers.

Then we reached the end of the trail and saw this great valley with a nice river.

Can you see that there is still snow on the top of the mountains?

I loved the river.

In a small town called Woody Point we saw this old house. I have no idea, why RikeH was not able to make a nicer photo – maybe because it was too windy?

Next to the house was another lighthouse.

This was the view when I stand next to the lighthouse.

After walking another trail we reached this wonderful waterfall. It was amazing!

Well – you remember – it is still my dream to drive the Jeep. Today I looked at the motor. I have to understand how it works to drive the car.

And I learnt the signs next to the road. There are mooses in the area, I think.

I finished the day with another lighthouse – it is the one of Rocky Harbour, where we are living at the moment. Behind the lighthouse is the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

In the evening I saw this wonderful sunset.

Gros Morne National Park, Canada – 13th June 2011

Hello again,

my Mum RikeH packed our bags again – so we had time to play in front of the cottage.

I loved the slide.

It was a very big one!

Then I tried the swing.

But playing alone was boring – so we all tried to use the slide together.

I was the fastest!

The idea was not so good…

My Mum RikeH came and told us to sit in the sunshine.

Later we were on the road again and stopped at this funny rock. It is called Arches and really nice.

The beach next to it was not really nice and sandy – and it was a little windy, so we decided to move on.

We spent this night in a lodge.

Next to it was this pond.

Tomorrow it is my birthday. I am so excited!

St.Anthony, Canada – 14th June 2011

Hello friends,

as you know, it was my birthday today. I got a beautiful present!

The other came and sang a wonderful song for me.

Then they gave me a big hug!

After the breakfast we drove to St. Anthony – it is in the North of Newfoundland.

Next to the street we found some snow – in June!

We took a boat trip. This was our boat.

Can you see, what was behind me?

Yes – we saw this wonderful iceberg! This was amazing.

We drove around it – and took a lot of photos.

Then we left it. Bye iceberg!

We drove along the Coast and saw a small lighthouse. RikeH had to hold me, because it was so windy on the boat!

There should be something nice in the next bay.

Another iceberg – he had such a funny shape.

In the evening we had the birthday party! We had a lovely drink…

… and something nice to eat.

But I loved the drink more!

And made some nonsense.

We were very tired for a moment.

But then we decided to become artists!

My birthday was great – maybe I should have a party like this every week.

St. Anthony, Canada – 15th June 2011

Hello from St. Anthony again,

we planned a lazy day today, but made a short walk to a lighthouse. But first I wanted a photo of our home here.

On our way to the lighthouse we saw this nice plane. It is in a Memorial Park for people who died during their fight agains fire.

Then it was time for a lighthouse. It was the same we saw from the boat yesterday.

We had a lovely view to the other side.

This photo is typical for the sense of humour of the people here. They call the steps – stairway to heaven. Because there is a cemetary at the beginning of the steps.

We went back to the town – you can see it.

We stopped at a museum – there is a monument in front of it.

Did you find me – here I am!

An artist created a fish out of ice in front of the museum. It looked great!

In the evening I sat in our room and looked out of the window – it is a nice place.

St.Anthony, Canada – 16th June 2011

😀 Happy birthday Thomas !!! 😀

Today it was time for a museum. It was at the place where Vikings lived around 1000 years ago.

Behind me you can see their village.

They had very funny houses.

I went inside – there was a wonderful fire.

I found big helmets…

… and big shoes.

I visited the old smithy. Can you find me?

And here was something for HoBi and Murph – do you know these mushrooms?

It was great – I met some of the Vikings – maybe they came back home after being away for 1000 years?

I think that they came with this boat.

On they way back to the car I found an interesting monument.


St. John’s, Canada – 18th June 2011

Hello friends,

It was our last day in Canada today. I looked into my travelog and found out that I forgot to post one of the most important events of the holiday.

I drove the Jeep Grand Cherokee!!! Look.

And I drove really fast. It was so much fun!

Maybe I will become a race driver in a few years!

In the garden of our last cottage I found a friend. Can you see him?

Here is a better photo.

And on this photo you can see him really good, I think.

Of course we talked a lot about our different lives!

In the evening our traveling group sat together in a big armchair. We met a new friend from Newfoundland. He is the funny puffin between us.

We had a small party – it was such a nice holiday!

Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany – 25th June 201

Hello friends,

My Mum RikeH told me that she had a surprise for me. So I sat on the sofa and waited.

Suddenly a nice flower and a gift stood in front of me.

I took a closer look – there was something blue behind it.

Look – it was my best friend Murph – he came to visit me.

What a big surprise – I was so happy to see him.

Of course I opened my gift.

I decided to show the Landesgartenschau to Murph and Belka. As always there were many beautiful flowers.

This plant was so funny.

And I met the crazy chickens again.

There were storks, too…

… and little pigs. I wanted to play with the pigs, but I was not allowed to do it.

So we went to another place and had fun on the playground.

Another funny guy.

And more wonderful flowers.

I talked with this strange man. He had a nice house.

There was a strange tree in his garden.

Then we met someone who played the piano.

It was a great day. But then I had to say good-bye to Murph. It is always great to see him.

Sülfeld, Germany – 1st July 2011


We are back in Germany for two weeks now, but nothing interesting happened. Today I decided to show my guests Sülfeld. This is the center of Sülfeld .

Behind me you can see the pharmacy – but don’t worry, I am fine and need nothing there.

Then we saw the old church.

Luckily the door was open and I went inside.

Our church is really nice! And I am happy that I were able to make some photos there today.

Norderstedt, Germany – 15th July 2011

Hi friends,

We went to the Gartenschau again today. We heard a nice choir this time – but you can see, there was a lot of rain.


We saw nice flowers.

I love this color!

Then we went into the house with flowers. My grandma loves these flowers.

There were many other flowers – and the good thing was – no rain inside the house!

Hamburg, Germany – 16th July 2011

Hi from Hamburg again,

Today we drove to Hamburg and saw the Alster – a lake in the city center. You can see the lake behind me. There is a nice fountain on it.

There were some busy people in a small boat. They cleaned the lake, because there were some bottles etc. in it.

I saw another boat – with cars on it – this was funny!

We walked around the lake. These nice boats offer trips on the Alster.

I loved the next place. Behind me is the town hall of Hamburg. A nice building!

The other side of the river was beautiful, too.

Back home it was time to say good-bye to Aslan. We became good friends over the weeks. I will miss him.

We all gave him a big hug.

Kiel, Germany – 26th July 2011

Hello from Kiel,

My Mum RikeH had a seminar in another town – Kiel. And we asked her to take us with her. Kiel is a nice town near to the Baltic Sea. Many ferries start in Kiel. We saw the ferry to Gothenburg. It was really big!

I have no idea what this is for – but wanted a photo…

We saw any nice ships in the harbor.

There is a shipyard on the other side.

We walked a lot and came to a small harbor with small ships.

There were some seals living. They enjoyed the sunshine. I would have loved to see them swimming, but they were really lazy.

This is the garden of the Castle – we relaxed next to the beautiful flowers.

Then we visited a nice church.

Kiel, Germany – 27th July 2011

Hello from Kiel,

We spent another day in Kiel. And today we wanted to make a boat trip. Do you remember the ferry to Gothenburg? We saw another one like this today.

We were nearer to it, when we sat on the boat.


There were some strange buildings behind me.

Later we saw a cruise ship – it was soooo big!

There were a lot of people on our boat.

And some people did some sport on the water.

There was a big sailing ship behind me.

It was nice to be on the water.

Look – the big ship started it way to the next destination.

This was our little boat.

Then I saw the cruise ship again. I would love to do a cruise now!

Later we saw two other ferries – Kiel seems to be important for ferries!

Sülfeld, Germany – 29th July 2011

Hi friends,

Two new guests arrived today. They are DuDette and DuDu – a lovely mouse-pair. I welcomed them and we talked a lot.

Then I introduced them to my other guests.

I wanted to show them the surroundings of Sülfeld. First we found a tractor!

There were wonderful big trees here – and everything was so green.

But we found a field of grain, too.

Then we climbed a big rock – it was so steep!

After the climbing I was tired and relaxed in the sun with my new guests.

On our way back home we found this nice flower…

… and a big bug.

Look what a funny tree.

Back home I found a card sent by my best friend Murph.

There was a ladybird between a lot of mushrooms and we had to find it.

We found it! That was fun! Thanks Murph!

Potsdam, Germany – 5th August 2011

Hello from Potsdam,

We made a nice trip this weekend. We went to Potsdam – famous for the wonderful castle Sanssouci. You can see it behind me.

There were nice statues in the garden.

And a strange Chinese Tea-House.

Later I saw this wonderful fountain – in the background is the Orangery.

Yes – here you can see it better.

In the evening we relaxed on the big bed. Enough space for us 4.

I talked with Moony – so DuDu and DuDette had time for themselves.

Potsdam, Germany – 6th August 2011

Hello from Potsdam again.

We spent a second day in Potsdam. Behind me you see the Brandenburger Tor. Yes – there is a Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam, too – not only in Berlin. And the one in Potsdam is older than the one in Berlin.

This is the oldest church in Potsdam.

This part of the town is called Dutch Quarter.

There are really nice houses here.

There is another old Gate.

Then we saw another really beautiful church.

Next to it is the old Townhall.

This evening we spent on the colorful armchair.

Berlin, Germany – 7th August 2011

Hello from the capital of Germany.

After spending two days in Potsdam it was time to drive home today. But we visited another city on our way. Can you imagine where we were? (maybe I gave you a little hint – with the capital of Germany…)

Maybe you don’t know it – the drink is called Berliner Weisse mit Schuß – and it is typical for Berlin. It was yummy! Then it was time for sightseeing. We saw some buildings in the new government district.

Then we saw the Reichstag.

And the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Before driving home we had a rest at the Potsdamer Platz. The roof of the building is so interesting.

Hamburg, Germany – 14th August 2011

Hello from Hamburg.

I have shown photos the town hall of Hamburg for so many times, but I never visited it. But this weekend I went into it. Of course I will show you the photos. This is the hall, where the important people from Hamburg come together.

This was another room – with more places – I think it is a place, where the people meet for special dinners.

I loved the ceiling.

In the past the people had funny clothes…

I found a wonderful old chair.

This is the room of the mayor – behind my head you can see the golden book of Hamburg.

There were more rooms – but I cannot remember, who works in the rooms.

The last room we visited was the biggest room – and it was really big.

It was really interesting ! You all should come and visit it.

Sülfeld, Germany – 21st August 2011

Happy Birthday dear Grandma Hummel!!!

in the forest, Germany – 22nd August 2011

Hello Mum,

today Murph invited me to went into the forest with him. We wanted to find a lot of mushrooms for the dinner.

The first mushroom we found was a toothed jelly fungus, what a funny name…

Can you see the spikes on the buttom side?

The next mushrooms were not fort he pan: Citron amanita

Egg of the stinkhorn

Small stinkhorns – puh, they stunk!

But these mushrooms were eatable.

We took them with us.

More bay boletes

Our baskets were almost full.

Seeking for mushrooms is very exhausting, so I had to take a rest.

Murph knew poisonous mushrooms, too.

What a wonderful mushroom.

Then we had to go home. The baskets were very heavy.

On our way back we found these colorful mushrooms – look – they are lilac.

They are called Amethyst deciever. Murph put them into our baskets. Can you believe it? – They were eatable, too.

At the end we found the king bolete. But our baskets were so full, so it is still in the forest.

This will be a delicious dinner!

Norderstedt , Germany – 28th August 2011

Hello friends,

Today we went to the Landesgartenschau in Norderstedt.

I found this lovely heart. A nice man made it out of wood.

Can you see me???

More nice flowers – and behind me you can see the church of the Landesgartenschau.

I loved dahlias, and there were a lot of them in different colors!

Then we made a rest and heard a choir – to tell the truth it was a very small choir, but I liked the music.

Later it was time to play on this funny sheep.

I loved these flowers, too!

Urlaub in Andalusien

Sülfeld, Germany – 18th September 2011

Hello from Germany again,

It was a nice sunny day – so I went outside and spent my afternoon in some nice flowers.

The flowers belongs to this friendly guy, we talked a lot.

There were big flowers inside.

Can you see me?

Sülfeld, Germany – 25th September 2011

Hi friends,

we welcomed a new guest. His name is Henrik and he is from Finland.

My Mum started a cruise contest – but there are not many entries at the moment. So we decided to make our own photos. Hopefully Mum will love them. We built our boats and started on the table.

Then Henrik and I jumped into the big lake with Nessie. Fortunately we didn’t sink.

Bremerhaven, Germany – 30th September 2011

Hello friends,

We were on our way to Bremerhaven. We had to cross the River Elbe. There was a big ship on the Elbe, when we waited for our ferry.

Then we were on the Elbe.

Then we arrived in Bremerhaven. This was our first view of the city.

We went through the city and found this funny monument.

There was a beautiful church – and we had lovely sunny weather.

In Bremerhaven is a museum for ships – and we saw a lot of them. And a submarine!

I have no idea, who this is.

First I thought about Dubai, when I saw this building, but I am still in Germany.

In the evening we were in our hotel. Look, we have a nice view out of our room.

Bremerhaven, Germany – 1st October 2011

Hello from the Zoo,

We went into the Zoo today. There were many nice animals. Here you can see me with the penguins.

We were able to see them swimming and watch it from ‘under the water’.

When I left the penguins I saw another animal. This was funny!

Then I saw it – it was the bird swimming in the little lake. There were many more native birds here.

At the end I visited this friendly seal. It was a great experience!

Wremen, Germany – 2nd October 2011

Hi from the North Sea,

We went to the Coast today – and wanted to see some lighthouses. I saw a lot of lighthouses during my holiday in june in Canada – but wanted to see more. This was the first one – it is not a big one, but a nice one.

There was no water next to the Coast, but Iexplained my guests, that this is normal here, because of the tides.

There were fisher boats in the little harbor.

Behind me you can see the different water levels. They had very high water levels in some years.

In another little village we saw this strange lighthouse – have you ever seen one like this?

The water still was not near to us.

On our way back we stopped at this beautiful windmill.

Stade , Germany – 3rd October 2011

Hello from Stade,

Not much happened today, we drove home to Sülfeld and had only one stop in a town called Stade. There were many nice building, but I loved this old crane.

Of course the houses were beautiful, too.

What a funny monument.

It was a nice long weekend.

Norderstedt, Germany – 9th October 2011


we went to the Landesgartenschau in Norderstedt again.

This time I saw the mascots.

more flowers

I found the chicken from my part of Schleswig-Holstein

and I loved this tree.

Then we heard some music.

I laughed about this funny mushroom.

Maybe Murph knows what kind of mushroom it is.

At the end we found some pumpkins – Halloween is coming.

Sülfeld, Germany – 15th October 2011

Hi friends of Christmas,

Christmas will be soon…so we went to a place with Christmas Trees and searched a nice one for us.

We liked this one – but RikeH wanted another.

She decided to take this one – can you see the difference?

We put a sign with her name on the tree – and the tree will be here until Christmas. This is funny. I would love to know, who will stay here for Christmas for us – but RikeH told me that the Cruise Competition is not over now… On our way back to the car we found mushrooms.

Murph – any ideas about these mushrooms?

Sülfeld, Germany – 20th October 2011

Hello friends,

we were so excited. There will be a show with a ToyVoyager in the German Television. Of course we wanted to watch it.

First there were photos of different TVs.

One of it showed Henrik.

And I found a photo of Murph.

This is the photo of TV-TV that won the 10th place in the television show.

Later I found a photo of me – how exciting.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 28th October 2011

Hello friends,

Today we went to a nice city called Bad Oldesloe. Here you see a funny monument.

I loved this view of the water wheel.


You can see – it is autumn here in Germany now.

This is the church of Bad Oldesloe.

There is a nice river in Bad Oldesloe.

Some old houses.

Here you see me in front of the town hall.

Sülfeld, Germany – 31st October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Sülfeld, Germany – 16th November 2011

Hello friends,

We are so excited. The GoldenBears Award 2011 started. We looked through the photos. The photos are great! Fortunately there were some photos of some of us. I am on some photos – we loved the one with Architecture…

…and a funny one with a flower in Best Plantlife.

We found a nice photo of Princess Sarah in Animal Magic…

…and a photo of Food and Drink with Squizzle – yummy!

There was no photo of Mirembe for this year – but no problem, she didn’t travel in 2010, but we are sure to see her here for the next award. Now we have a great request to all, who read this:

Sülfeld, Germany – 18th November 2011

Hi friends,

Some weeks ago my friend ThomasHH came home before he started his trip to Russia. Up to now I didn’t find the time to show you our photos. But here they are! I was so happy to meet him.

He brought some gifts!

First we found a postcard and some coins!


There were more things to unwrap:

And a little book with photos of the Iran.

One more gift!

This was great –thanks ipuenktchen for helping ThomasHH to find all these things!

Sülfeld, Germany – 19th November 2011

Hi friends,

The weather wasn’t so nice today, but we wanted to make a walk.

I found some late flowers in the grass.

We walked over a small bridge and saw a nice river.

Then we had a rest in a little hut.

Here you see a nice tree behind me – it was really cold today.

Can you imagine – what the big green thing was?


Back home I found ta nice tree.

Urlaub – Kreuzfahrt

Köln, Germany – 16th December 2011

Hi friends,

Can you see it – I made a trip in a plane again. We started in Hamburg.

We went to Cologne. Here you see me with some friends in our hotel room.

We had our own bed.

But to tell the truth – we preferred the armchair.

Then we took a walk through the city. This is the dome.

We saw a big Christmas tree.

We were tired from the long trip and spent the evening in our room.

Köln, Germany – 17th December 2011

Hi from Cologne,

Today the weather was sunny – we wanted to see a lot of Christmas Markets today. This was the first one – it was on a ship.

We had nice views from the ship.

This was the entrance to another Christmas Market.

Look – people in the ice rink.

Later we saw this nice tower. Around the tower was another Christmas Market.

In a shop window we saw these nice animals. They seemed to have fun there.

Our next Christmas Market was next to a big gate.

On our way back to the hotel we saw another side of the dome – and this time we had sunshine.

Köln, Germany – 18th December 2011

Hi from Cologne again,

It was our last day in Cologne – and we decided to visit the zoo. I thought that this animal was not living anymore.

irembe wanted to visit the giraffes – and of course we did it.

What a big buffalo.

Then we visited the penguins. They were so funny.

Can you see the meerkats – they were standing under a lamp, because it was very cold outside.

Before we left the Zoo, we visited the hippos – wow – they were big!

We were near to one hippo.

This was our hotel – I really liked it.

In the afternoon we made a walk and had a nice view over the river.

Back in the city we saw a television show. Here you see the cameras.

This was the stage.

We saw a man – who is famous in Germany, he is called Semino Rossi. We all didn’t know him – but many people around us were excited to see him.

Hamburg, Germany – 20th December 2011

Hi from Hamburg,

We went to Hamburg today – this was inside the Train station.

There was a big Christmas tree in the city.

Look – I loved this view.

I thought about buying something, but a ToyVoyager should not have much baggage.

This big ball was amazing – there were some monuments of Hamburg on it.

There were more balls from other cities.

Christmas is coming – I am so excited! We will be allowed to help RikeH decorating the Christmas tree.

Sülfeld, Germany – 23rd December 2011

Hello friends of Christmas,

Christmas will be soon – and I was allowed to help decorating the Christmas tree. My Mum RikeH has a lot of Christmas Decorations. These ones are from her Grandma.

I think that these balls were really funny.

We had a lot more.

This was the tree after the first Part of Decorating.

Then we found more decoration for the tree.

I really loved this one.

Then the Christmas tree was ready.

Sülfeld, Germany – 24th December 2011

Merry Christmas! Today it was Christmas. We were waiting on our Chair.

Santa Claus was busy, but fortunately he sent two of his friends. Snowy the friendly snowman and Rudi the famous Reindeer.

I spoke with both, sung a wonderful Christmas Song and then I recited a poem.

They loved it and I got a present.

The others did the same – look, we all received a lot of sweets!

Later I played in the Christmas tree. Of course I was careful. I want to show you the nicest things in the Tree.

This small bird is really old, but we like it!

When I was ready with playing in the tree, Snowy called me. Another surprise?

It was from my best friend Murph.

Of course I opened it.

Thanks Murph! I showed all to my guests!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, too!

Sülfeld, Germany – 30th December 2011


The weather was nice today, so we walked around Sülfeld. Can you see the nice blue sky?

We found a bridge to cross this river – I loved the views.

Later we had a rest in the sunshine.

Then it was time to continue our walk…

Behind me you can see a big tree – I love the Tree – and have a lot of photos with it.

I wish all of you a wonderful new year! Yours Dicker Kumpel

Sülfeld, Germany – 31st December 2011