London 2009

Hamburg, Airport, Germany – 7th December 2009

Hello from the Airport,

Today we start our trip to London. I am so excited. First we took two photos inside the Airport.

Then we went outside and watched the airplanes.

And now I am IN one of the planes – it is amazing!!! I was able to look out of the window – we were really high above the ground.

Here you see all of us together!

In the evening we arrived in our new home. But we were too tired to take more photos.

London, England – 8th December 2009

Hi from London!

We started to explore the city of London. And because of the great weather we jumped into the London Eye. Here you see me inside.

This is me on front of one of the other cabins!

We had so much fun – and after the ‚flight‘ we went to the houses of Parliament with the tower called Big Ben.

Later we had this great look at the London Eye.

We saw the changing of the Horse Guards.

At the end we made a stop at Trafalgar Square – but it was too cold to take a bath in the fountain.

What a great day in London!

London, England – 9th December 2009

Good morning from London!

We will visit the Queen today – or at least watch the changing of the guards in front of the Buckingham Palace. This is normal for tourists – there were hundreds or maybe thousands, but only a few ToyVoyagers. Well, on our way to the Palace we saw the Parliament again – this time it looked even better – so we made another photo.

After it we went through a park – some of us saw squirrels I only saw the last part of it.

We reached the Palace. Although we were very early, there were so many people. You can see me in front of the Palace:

And this is the monument next to it.

Then it started : many musicians came and some guards.

After the ceremony we went to visit the Tower of London. On the way we found Julius Caesar.


This was me in front of the Tower:



We saw the juwels of the Queen, but we were not allowed to take photos inside. But we found this friendly knight. He was so nice and hold me in his hand. And you can see a part of the Tower Bridge behind us.

Before we went home we had this great view of the Tower Bridge.

Back home we talked a lot about our adventures.

We have a strange white Christmas Tree here. Many Greetings to Bine and Holgi!!!


Maybe you remember that I thought that something is strange with Marshall – he is a very nice guy, but for a sheep? Look – there is he sitting with Mandy Sheep – she is a typical sheep I think.


We other looked from the other side.

I decided to talk to Marshall – and ask him about his sometimes strange behaviour.

He told us that he is a wolf and not a sheep.

A Wolf???????

We all were very scared, only Lucan was cool – and stayed next to Marshall and talked with him. Marshall told us that he is a friendly wolf and didn’t find the right words to tell us that he is not a sheep. Well that is not a problem. Now we know why he was such a strange sheep – and he is our friend, Marshall the Wolf.

What another exciting day!

London, England – 10th December 2009

We started our day and bought a ticket for a big bus. This was fun. First we decided where we wanted do go to.

We drove over the Tower Bridge. We all love the Tower Bridge.

We went in the park again, because yesterday Lucan didn’t saw the squirrel. Today we were happy, because now all of us have a photo with a sqirrel.

Then we went into the Hyde Park to visit the Christmas Market. It is called Winter Wonderland here.

We saw a nice place where people danced on ice… this is strange…

Hey, we met some Santa Clauses – I thought that there is only one in the world?

In the evening we ran around in the flat – and wanted to show some more of the funny things in this house. Look in the staircase.

We had two funny tables in the flat. The round one shows a map of the busses in London.

The other one had a plan of the Tubes on it. I showed the others, where our nearest station was.

A pillow from London:

A curtain of London:

and a funny teapot.

Maybe the British people are sometimes a little weird??? But I like it here.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

London, England – 11th December 2009

Hi Mum,

Another sunny day in London. We started it in a wonderful market hall.

We saw this very big monument – called the Monument.

Hey – all of us in front of the Tower Bridge – we love the Tower Bridge!!!

This wonderful church is called St. Pauls Cathedral.

We went on a boat trip on the river Thames.

It was dark outside – and we asked RikeH to made a last photo of us in London. You cannot believe where we wanted it. It is such a wonderful bridge.

We had such a great time in London. But tomorrow we will go back home to Germany.

Dicker Kumpel

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