Madeira 2012

Hamburg, Germany – 29th February 2012

Hi mum,

I arrived safely at Scillys home. HömpfMömpf, Clairchen and I sat in the bag and looked out.

My old friend LewisHH welcomed us.

We clambered out of the bag.

Time to explore the home of LewisHH and Clairchen.
I scale this funny woolen flower.

Look, I know such bells from some hotels.

HömpfMömpf can handle the bell with his beak.

Then I saw this nice boat. HömpfMömpf and I we both were the skipper.

Scilly said that we should use the time to prepare our trip to Madeira. So we got this travel guide.

I am looking forward for a great time 🙂


Hamburg, Germany – 2nd March 2012

Hi mum,

tomorrow we will fly to Madeira. And so we had to pack the baggage.

Scilly came home. Who is that? A TV in Scillys bag!

We gave him a warm welcome. His name is Erol the Pirat and he will come with us to Madeira.

We had to hurry packing the suitcase with all the important things like a cup, a plate, a candle holder etc. etc.

But Scilly did not like what we have done .

And she had a surprise for us. We got a parcel from Spencer. He ist a TV brother of Clairchen and Lewis. He join the big German Round Robin at the moment.

We were very curious. So we opend the parcel.

We found Spencers carnival costume, a dictionary for Hessian, some postcards and some sweets for us .

This is a funny postcard.


Funchal/Madeira, Portugal – 3rd March 2012

Hi mum,
today our holdidays began. After packing the suitcase yesterday we were ready to fly this morning.

See me waiting in the airport building in front of our airplane.

We had a great fly. See me sitting in my own seat!

I got the full service with coffee, water and a sandwich.

But to sit alone is very boring. So my friends Hömpf Mömpf, Erol, Clairchen and Lewis came and we had a nice chat.

I tried to organice some drinks. But unfortunately they saw me. Scilly did not want us drinking alcohol. Hmmmm…….

So we began to read the travel guide. Now we are well prepared for our stay on the isle of Madeira.

Then we took a look out. But there was nothing but some clouds and the sun.

After landing we took the Aerobus to Funchal and met our rentlady. She showed us our holiday apartment. The weather is really great: 20 degrees and sun, sun, sun. We took a first look from our 2 balconies.

Now we are very tiered. But I am sure we will have a great time on Madeira.

Funchal/Madeira, Portugal – 4th March 2012

Hi mum,
Yesterday 7 degrees in Hamburg, today 21 degrees and no clouds in the sky! I love Madeira!
First we discovered the market hall. Today on sunday it is not open. But tomorrow we will take a look at all the exotic plants, fruits, vegetables and fish. See me in front of the market hall.

HömpfMömpf had a life mission to see palm trees. I want to show you its first palm tree.

On our walk trough Funchal we found this little church. How picturesque!

This is an old castle by the see. A liked the yellow.

See me in front of the marina of Funchal. Which boat for me???

Funchal/Madeira, Portugal – 5th March 2012

Hi mum,
as I told you yesterday we went to the market hall this morning. So many colorful fruits, vegetables, fish and flowers to see.
See me with an overview of the market.

Here are some localy grown tomatoes.

Take a look at all these exotic fruits! We were able to taste some of them. Yummy….

Madeira is well known as the flower island. See me in front of a lovely flower stall.

There is also a separat fish hall. Look at me in front of the catch of the day.

On the way out we saw two cruise ships in the harbour, the AIDAsol and the Thomson Destiny.

Back at home we took a look at the exotic fruits we bought this morning.

The green long thing in the middle is a ananas banana, the big green round thing is a soft mushy apple and the small rounds are different kinds of maracuja.

It is a shame we can’t share the beautiful smell with you.

Funchal/Madeira, Portugal – 6th March 2012

Hi mum

Today is Scillys birthday. We TV’s helped Richy to decorate the table. It is nice, isn’t it?

Clairchen, HömpfMömpf and I had a nice birthday card for Scilly which we found on Amrum. Thank you for helping us choose the card.

To celebrate the birthday Richy invited us to a traditional english tea time in the Reids Pallace Hotel. We sat down on the terrace and had a lovely view over Funchal and the sea. See me in front of the food. We had sandwiches, scones and little cakes. Yummi…

After eating so much we walked back into town. First we passed the casino of Funchal. We took a quick picture but we are not allowed inside, minimum age 18!

Then we passed through some gardens. See me with some really great palmtrees and cactuses.

See me in front of a lovely old villa.

From this terrace we had a view of the marina of Funchal.

Funchal/Madeira, Portugal – 7th March 2012

Hi mum,

today we went on a trip to Monte. That`s a village 600 m above Funchal. We didn’t want to walk up so we took the cable car. What great fun. See me and my friends riding the cable car.

Monte is well known for its baskt cars. Two people sit down in the wicker baskets and ride down the streets into Funchal driven by two pushers. It works without snow! Crazy!

There is also a well known church in Monte, the Nossa Senhora do Monte. The last austrian Emperor lies here. See me in front of the church.

As Madeira is world famous for its plants and flowers we visited the garden „Jardim Tropical Monte Palace“. Here you can find many plants and flowers. See me in front of some really nice ones.

There also some sculptures in the garden.

This is the worlds biggest vase which was made by hand. It has a height of 5 m.

Oh look, this is called Rheinschlösschen. A former owner of the gardens was impressed by the upper Rhein region and build this house acordingly. It was used as hotel.

They also had a part which they called the Japanese Garden. See me in front of an asian gate.

Portugal is very famous for its portugese tiles calls Azulejos. See me in front of one typical tiled picture.

Santana/Madeira, Portugal – 8th March 2012

Hi mum

Today we went on a trip to Santana. Santana ist he biggest city in the north of the island. We took the bus. It was quiet an adventures ride over mountains and through valleys. See me and some of my friends sitting on the bus.

Santana is well known for its triangular houses with thatched roofs. It was my wish to see this special houses. See me and my friends in front of some Santana houses.

We sat down in an old chair and enjoied the sunshine.

Then a lady in the traditional outfit came and put us on her knee.

The town also has a nice little church. So we took a picture.

Back at home I wrote this postcard.

Camara de Lobos/Madeira, Portugal – 9th March 2012

Hi mum,
Today is our last day on Madeira. We went on a trip to Camara de Lobos. It is a small fishermen village in the south of Madeira. See me with all the colorful boates.

Wow, this is stokfish. Have you ever seen it before?

We enjoyed the sun on a fishing boat.

After a short walk we had this fantastic view back to the village.

In the afternoon we visited a cellar with old madeira vines.

Funchal/Madeira, Portugal – 10th March 2012

Hi mum,

this is our last morning in Funchal. In the afternonn we will fly home to Hamburg.

But before we have to leave I would like to show you the town hall of Funchal.

This church is a former abbey and belongs now to the university of Funchal.

Oh look, so many flowers over a beck in middle of town. It’s very nice, isn’t it!

Then we had to go to the airport. See me on the terrace of the airport building in front of a TAP plane. Can see the Air Berlin plane which was landed a few minutes ago?

Time to fly home!

Hamburg, Germany – 14th March 2012

Hi mum

it is my last evening with LewisHH, Clairchen, HömpfMömpf and Erol the Pirat. Time to have a party B)
First Lewis and I organized some glasses.

Clairchen showed me the stock of alcohol. What a big variety! We chose white port for the gentlemen and chocolate liqueur for the ladies.

The bottles were so heavy Lewis, HömpfMömpf and Erol had to help us.

Erol and I searched for paper streamers.

HömpfMömpf and I found some sweets.

Everything is ready for our party.

Cool music and cool drinks. See us having a lot of fun.

See us beeing drunk,

What a night!
See you tomorrow!

Hamburg, Germany – 15th March 2012

Hi mum
time to say good bye to friends.

With HömpfMömpf and Clairchen I had two great holidays on the isle of Amrum and on Madeira. I will really miss them.

I gave Clairchen a good bye kiss.

I gave LewisHH, my old scottish mate, a hug.

Then HömpfMömpf kissed me good bye.

Erol and I said a „high five“ good bye (we both are very cool)

LewisHH and Clairchen invited me to join them for another journey in the future. I said I will ask you.
I had a great time with all my friends but now I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

All the very best
Dicker Kumpel

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