Mein Leben 2012

Sülfeld, Germany – 5th January 2012

Hello again,

We had awful weather over the last days – so we decided to play billiard. I knew how to play it and explained it to my guests.

When we played we saw that MadBird looked like a billiard ball. Look, what we did!


Well – bad luck for the bird. Only kidding, of course we would never do such a bad thing! It was time to explore the room. There must have been horses here in the Past.

I played on this musical instrument.

Then I tried to call my best friend Murph, but I have forgotten his number.

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 6th January 2012

Hello friends,

We went to a little town today – it is called Bad Segeberg. We made a walk around a big lake there.

We had really nice views.

I wanted to climb onto this tree – but RikeH didn’t allow it.

Behind me you can see the hospital – but I am fine.


We went all around this lake!

We had problems with the sun, when we took this photo –but hopefully you can see what is on the monument behind me.

Our last stop was in front of the nice church.

Sülfeld, Germany – 12th January 2012

Hello friends,

A few days ago I received this wonderful card from my best friend Murph.

It made me think about a gift I received for Christmas. It was a jigsaw puzzle. I wanted to solve it.

Scritches and Princess Sarah came and helped me. Wow – there were many pieces.

First we searched the pieces for the border.

We started.

Done – it was not easy!

After one hour we finished it. It was really hard work!

Thanks Murph!

Sülfeld, Germany – 14th January 2012

Hello friends,

It was a nice day today – and I wanted to play in the garden. First I met this funny guy. He likes to feed birds.

The birds have this house, too. Here they find yummy food.

Look – although we have winter, I found some flowers in the garden.

It is cold in Sülfeld now – I sat on the ice on this well.

Sülfeld, Germany – 15th January 2012

Hello again,

Yesterday I played in the garden – but today I wanted to make a walk. Can you see the little lake – normally there is no lake, but it was very rainy the last days.

We had lovely sunny weather again.

But it is winter – so the trees were not green.

We have the longest nature trail for fruits in Europe here – this is a part of it.

I loved the clouds in the sky.

Sülfeld, Germany – 21st January 2012

Hello Becca, hello friends,

today a letter arrived. Look, what was inside of it!

It was a Happy New Year card from Gizalba and her TV-guests. 😀 And two gifts – one for RikeH and one for me!

I opened my gift.

And I found a beautiful key ring. Thanks a lot. RikeH allowed me to open her gift, too.

It was a wonderful fridge magnet!

It is so nice to receive something beautiful. So if you want to send me something – please ask RikeH for my address. 😉

Sülfeld, Germany – 29th January 2012

Hello friends of winter,

We had snow outside, so we decided to leave our chair and made a walk around Sülfeld. Look – there was snow – it looked like winter!

We are in the North of Germany and there are not many big hills here. So the children use this small mountain with their sledges.

Behind us you can see the old school. It looks nice in the snow.

The clock of the church was broken – we haven’t been there at 6 o’ clock.

Back home in the garden we sat in the snow and we talked a lot.

Then we went inside the house – and found a great place!

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 4th February 2012


Today we went to a small city called Bad Oldesloe. My Mum RikeH went to school there – many years ago. We crossed a little river – but it was full of ice.

This was the view to the other side.

Behind me you can see the town hall.

This is the Stadthaus – we all had no idea, what is inside it.

There were many nice old houses.

We had a rest next to the river – but it was a little cold – sitting in the snow.

So we decided to walk to the church. Can you see the snowflakes on the photo? 😀

The last thing we visited was this water wheel.

Hamburg, Germany – 5th February 2012

Hi friends,

Look – where I’ve been! We went to a Darts Tournament.

Well – no one there up to this moment – so I played with the funny things, people put on their heads.

Then the games started. First we saw Australia against the Netherlands. I haven’t been to any of these countries so far.

People were holding signs in the air, when the players threw 180.

The people next to us had funny shirts.

On the red side you can see one of the players I love most! Raymond van Barneveld.

Look – they showed the tournament in the English television. The cameraman stood next to me!

When new player came into the hall – all people stood on their chairs. It was not so easy for a small bunny like me to see something then.

The next players came from Wales and England.

And this is the best player of the World. Phil Taylor!

It was a great afternoon!

Urlaub auf Amrum

Urlaub auf Madeira

Sülfeld, Germany – 15th March 2012

Hi friends,

Today I came back home! I had a great time in Madeira, but I am happy to be home, too. Thanks ScillyHH for taking me to Madeira – I really loved it. And I am surely will go on holiday with you again! 😀 There were two new guests waiting here – this was nice – we talked a lot.

Then I told them about my holiday in Madeira and showed two postcards.

I told the others that we ate fruits there all the time – and we should do it now, too.

Fruits? Well – fortunately, B.o.B. showed his chocolate – and we threw the fruits away!

Chocolate is much better than fruits, don’t you think so?

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 17th March 2012


It was a sunny day and I sat next to the crocus flowers in our garden.

Then we went to a small city near to Sülfeld. RikeH went to school there many years ago. Behind me you can see the Peter-and-Paul-Church.

We went inside. There were wonderful windows.

I was not sure, if this man is Peter or Paul.

Later we all sat in the sunshine in front of an old house.

There were other nice old buildings in the city.

Look – a water wheel!

Hamburg, Germany – 22nd March 2012

Hello friends,

We went to Hamburg. It was a lovely sunny day! We went to the Binnenalster – a little lake in the center.

We stopped at his nice place and had a nice photo.

See – what happened? We heard a voice calling our names. It was HömpfMömpf with another TV.

What a great surprise – of course we talked a lot!

Then we continued our walk.

There was a nice bridge.

We saw this angle on the bridge.

I liked this view.

I saw a boat from the police.

Behind me you can see the town hall.

Hamburg is a beautiful town!

This is a theatre.

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 25th March 2012

Hello again,

We visited a smaller town today – called Bad Segeberg. First we went into a Chinese Restaurant. It was boring inside – so we played outside.

Then we went to the big Lake of Segeberg. Behind me you can see the monument of an Indian.

I loved the view over the Lake.

We walked around the Lake.

I found lovely flowers!

Wow – this will be a long way!

But we were really sporty!

Later I relaxed in the sun.

It was a wonderful sunny day! See you soon.

Sülfeld, Germany – 1st April 2012

Hello friends,

Yesterday we had a lazy day in the sunshine.

Suddenly two birds landed next to us. HömpfMömpf missed the way to his next host – and Pink Charmin is a new guest of me. We all talked a lot.

Then we went inside and wanted to celebrate the arrival of the new guests.

We all chose the sweets we like most.

I had these chocolates.

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th April 2012

Hello friends,

In the last days three new guests arrived. Today we made a walk through my village. Our first stop was in front of the church.

Then we went to the old school.

On our way back home we played on the playground.

We had fun on the swing.

Sülfeld, Germany – 7th April 2012

Hello again,

Today my guests had a surprise for me.

Erol and B.o.B. blindfolded me.

I heard them talking. They did something, but I was not able to see it.

They installed a big sign for me! I was so surprised!

They gave me a big hug – I won two GoldenBears Awards!

My Mum RikeH was happy and proud too, so we started a party. First we had a delicious burger and woodruff lemonade.

We ate almost everything.

Then we had our dessert – a yummy cake and coffee!

I had a yellow lime cake.


We decided to celebrate for a longer time – but we went closer to each other. Look, we had some bread and Sushi. As drinks we had a nice liqueur from Estonia, with the funny name Herbert!

It was a fantastic party!

😀 And I want to thank everybody who voted for me! 😀

Sülfeld, Germany – 8th April 2012

Happy Easter!

Today the Easter bunny was here – and I told my guests that we can search Easter eggs.

I started. Maybe there will be something under our chair?

I found something – great.

But there should be more. I asked long hippo.

He told me to look into the basket of a lovely bunny lady.

Then he helped me to reach the chocolate chicken in the basket.

Ooups – I was too fast!

But I got the chicken.

In a wonderful bouquet of flowers I found this chocolate bug.

Look –I was very successful!

We all had a great day!

Sülfeld, Germany – 9th April 2012

Happy Easter again!

We went to visit my grandma. I was sure to meet the Easter bunny there. And we were lucky. Look – I talked to the Easter bunny!

Then I met some of the other bunnies hanging around there.

There were two friendly hens.

Later we met a friendly bunny. He read something out of the nice Easter book that Noisy sent to us.

Then something funny happened. My grandma has a TV named [tv]Tobbi[/tv]. He was lost for two times – the second time he was lost in the Netherlands. But now he came back. He told us that he went to China – that must me the truth, because he came from China in his envelope. But look how big he is now. Maybe I will become that big someday after being in China, too?

After talking to the big Tobbi I decided to talk to smaller guys.

I found a nice place to spend the rest of the day! 😀

Sülfeld, Germany – 14th April 2012

Hello friends, imagine that – some people think that I drink too much..

I had a look through my travelog – no problem with or without alcohol, but I love to party.

Hamburg, Germany – 15th April 2012

Hello from Hamburg,

We made a nice excursion today. We visited the Wallanlagen – a park in the middle of Hamburg. Here you see a beautiful building we saw from the garden.

Normally here is a little river – but there was no water today.

Can you see me on this little monument?

This was the Asian part of the garden.

Then I found some colorful tulips.

On our way back home we stopped in Ahrensburg where I saw this beautiful castle.

Sülfeld, Germany – 21st April 2012

Hello friends, Look, what happened today. My best friend Murph arrived – and brought a treasure map with him.

We all had a closer look. It was the treasure of the Zuckerhut. Zuckerhut is the name of our street. The treasure should be here.

The map showed that the way starts outside next to a blue car – I found it.

We climbed onto a high place to find the next point.

This must be the right direction!

We met two funny guys and asked them for the way.

They showed us the right direction. We should meet their friends – two bugs – there. We climbed up the tree where the bugs live.

We all had a look at the map. And discussed the next way.

This was not the right place – but we were near to it.

Then we saw the treasure chest. We had to work together – but then we reached it.

We talked about opening it now – but then we took it onto the grass.

We opened the chest …

…it was full of money, gold and more!

We were so excited!

We went back onto our chair and had fun with our treasure.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 22nd April 2012

Hello friends, We went to Bad Oldesloe today. It is a small city near to Sülfeld. We saw some water – this was a river flowing around a small island.

I met some friendly ducks.

I loved the view of this little river.

This is the town hall.

And another important building.

Look – a water wheel.

Then we stopped next to the church.

Next to another river we stopped for a photo with all of us.

More old buildings…

Sülfeld, Germany – 2nd May 2012

Springtime! The weather was nice today – so I went into the garden. I loved this tree.

And I found this yellow flower.

The next color was red…

This is a view of the garden where we found the treasure last weekend.

I found other beautiful flowers! The springtime is great.

Sülfeld, Germany – 3rd May 2012

Hello friends, Some days ago my good friend TobiHH came back home. I was so happy to see him again.

The weather was nice and we went outside.

Then we heard the sound of a motorbike. A nice little bunnylady – sunshine -arrived. She is the fiancé of SunnyHH– another TV who belongs to the family of RikeH. Sunshine came with a friend – Petula.

I gave sunshine a big hug!


Then we called Kleiner Kumpel – he is a twin of SunnyHH. Sunshine was so happy to meet him. He came with his love Kleinohrhase.

We all had fun together and danced a polonaise.

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th May 2012

Hello friends, My Mum has a new camera – so we made a walk and took some photos. I read this sign – it was really interesting!

I loved the view over the meadow.

Hopefully my friend Murph will tell me more about this mushroom!

I saw some sheep.

We have a long nature trail in Sülfeld.

I had a rest on this big stone.

Behind me you see the old school.

Maybe I will be a mayor someday.

Then I would work here.

I like the church here.

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 11th May 2012

Hello again, We went to a city near to Sülfeld, called Bad Segeberg. The weather was not nice, but we had no rain. Behind me you can see the church.

We went onto a hill – and had a look in the theatre.

In the other direction I saw a nice lake.

Later we saw these nice ducks next to a little lake.

Look – I loved this sculpture.

Sülfeld, Germany – 13th May 2012

Hi friends, Today we visited my Grandma. We had something delicious to eat.

Later we heard some music outside and went onto the balcony. There was the Schützenfest – and the marksmen walked through the streets.

It was really interesting.

There was a car of the fire service at the end.

Urlaub in Finnland

Sülfeld, Germany – 14th June 2012

Hello friends! It is my birthday today! My TV-friends came and sang a Birthday-Song for me!

My Mum had this gift for me!

The others gave me a big birthday-hug!

We didn’t have a big party today – because my friend Murph will come this week-end and we will have a party then.

Sülfeld, Germany – 15th June 2012

Hello again, My friend Murph arrived today – and he brought some gifts for me!

I gave him a big hug. It is always great to meet him!

Then I started with the first gift.

What will it be?

Some sweets!

But there was more!

Beautiful sunflowers!

Thanks Murph.

Then I had to blow out the candle.

Mölln, Germany – 17th June 2012

Hello Mum 😀 I really wanted to search mushrooms with my friend Murph. We went to Mölln and met some mushroom-friends of Murph.

The weather was horrible. It rained all the day. But no problem for us – we went to the ‘Krebssee’ and searched for mushrooms.

The friends of Murph didn’t have a problem with the weather.

We decided to sit under the tree – and watch the others!

We found one mushroom.

But it stunk!!!

In the afternoon we explored the terrain of Uhlenkolk. I never saw such a big Indian tent!

What a wonderful barbecue place. Maybe we can have the next big TV-meeting here?

And I found this beautiful flower.

I wanted to have a look into the tent, but it was closed.

The friends of Murph examined the mushrooms in this house.

Unfortunately we had bad weather and didn’t find so many mushrooms.

But of course it was a great day with my best friend Murph!

Hamburg, Germany – 20th June 2012

Hello Friends, We went to Hamburg today. The weather was not so nice – but no problem for us. We walked along the lake Alster in the center of Hamburg. Can you see the sailing ships?

There were more boats – I think they will be used if the weather is better!

There were some geese.

It was a nice place!

I saw other nice birds. A mother with her children

Then I met some relatives – can you see the bunnies on the grass?

Believe it or not – it was the same day – only some minutes later – and we had sunshine.

One of many churches in Hamburg.

Hamburg, Germany – 23rd June 2012

Hello from the Port of Hamburg,

We went to Hamburg again. But today we went to the Port. And we saw a cruise ship!

This Part of the Port is called ‘Speicherstadt’. It is the old warehouse district, but they built a lot of new houses there.

Here you can see the old houses.

This is another part of the Port.

We  a short boat trip.

There was a wonderful sailing ship!

Behind me you can see the pier of the port.

My last views of the port.

Sülfeld, Germany – 30th June 2012

Hi friends, I wanted to show my guests some nice sights in Sülfeld. First we stopped at this nice lake – it was a little green.

Behind me you can see the old school.

This is the emblem of the village.

Later we went to the church – first I learnt a lot about it and the surroundings.

It is a beautiful building!

We were lucky – the church was open.

We had fun!

At the end of our tour we enjoyed the sunshine and talked a lot! Some of the others will leave soon.

I love this stone – but I am not sure if it is better to sit on it or in front of it – what do you think?

Sülfeld, Germany – 4th July 2012

Hello friends,

In the last time I had the feeling that I miss something. First I had no idea, what it should be – but now I know it. I should fall in love!

Well – it is not so easy to find a nice girl in the garden – so I decided to join www.find_your_bunny.hops

And this is what I wrote into my profile:

Friendly bunny wants to find the Mrs. Right Bunny!

About me:
My name is Dicker Kumpel – and I love to travel. I saw a lot of the world – and I already travelled more than 52000 miles in the last years.

I love to have guests – and often there are guests (or maybe always some guests here) – but I would love to have a nice Bunny-Lady next to me.

If you like travelling, having guests – and of course if you like my photo, then please send me a message.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Great idea – but now I must have a nice photo. Women love flowers – so I should have a photo with flowers.

Maybe this one?

Or is it better not to see all of me?

Maybe it is better in the sun?


Well – I think this one is the best.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that a lovely lady will write me.

Sülfeld, Germany – 5th July 2012

Hello friends,

It is amazing – I got 3 messages from different girls – and this is the one I love most.

Isn’t she a wonderful lady?

Well – maybe you cannot see her that good – so here is her photo.

She wrote a nice letter.

Hello Dicker Kumpel,
I saw your photo – and I think we should meet.

I am a young Bunny-Lady, called Kleine Fee. I love to travel and already have been in some countries, but I would love to see more of the world.

My hobbies are playing games, singing, sitting under wonderful flowers and more.

I love your photo with the flower! On my photo you can see me on a brown bear from Canada.

Please send me a message, if you like my profile and photo,
Kleine Fee

Isn’t that cute?

Of course I wrote back:

Hello Kleine Fee,

Thank you so much for your friendly message. It seems that we have a lot in common – and I would love to read more about you and your life. Maybe you would love to give me a call – I will send you my number. But take your time – and do, what you prefer. You look beautiful on the photos!

This year I will travel to South Africa – this is amazing, have you ever been there?

I am waiting for your answer.
Dicker Kumpel

Look at her wonderful face!!!

Hopefully she will write back soon – no new message.

Maybe she will call me? I will wait all night long!

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Kleine Fee – what a name, what a nice girl! Maybe we will love each other – and travel together to South Africa – and live together for many years and and and….

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th July 2012


Believe it or not – Kleine Fee called me.

We talked for hours – she seemed to be a fantastic girl!

We think about meeting next weekend.

But this weekend will be great, too. I will visit my best friend Murph. Hopefully we will have a wonderful party there!

Hannover, Germany – 6th July 2012

Hi from Hannover, We went to the Zoo of Hannover today. I started with the hippos!

This is another view of the hippos – they looked happy on the water!

Then we made a boat trip – and I saw some more animals. First some birds.

These animals are called Zonkey – their parents are a donkey and a zebra.

We passed the house of a fisherman.

Well – you cannot see the giraffe on the photo that good – but isn’t it a good photo of me?

Here you see the giraffes.

Look – a big rhinoceros.

Another good view of the giraffes – the one in the middle was really young.

The last animals were really small – prairie dogs.

It was a great day in the Zoo. Tomorrow I will see my best friend Murph! I am really excited!

Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany – 7th July 2012

i friends, We went to Bad Salzdetfurth today. I met my best friend Murph there. Please don’t be surprised, because he is on all my photos, but we don’t see each other that often and had to talk a lot. First we sat next to the saline and enjoyed the healthy air.

Just another view of the salines.

We made a group photo on the fountain.

Later we sat in the Summstein and had fun!

This is a colorful house for doves.

They opened a golf-course here – but it was too hot to play it for us.

There was a big wheel in the park. It is from the time when Bad Salzdetfurth was a mining town.

We went into the town – and found another relict out of this time.

Can you find us on this funny guy?

We went along the path of planets – and started under the sun.

The stone was very high!

Fortunately my Mum helped us to get from the stone and we went to the Earth. It was the little round thing next to me.

The Earth is much smaller than the Sun!

This evening we will have a party!

Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany – 7th July 2012

Cheers! We went to Murph’s home and I met Mandy Sheep there. It was so nice seeing her again!

Then we started the great TV-meeting with a drink!

Murph decided to offer a blue drink – look at the color!

ll – really yummy… I drank a lot of it.

Later Murph and his guests showed us a wonderful cake!

We all went nearer!

It was so delicious – we had a great party!

Later it was time to leave – and we had a big TV-hug!

Hildesheim, Germany – 14th July 2012

Hi friends, We were in another nice city this weekend – called Hildesheim. There were many wonderful old houses.

See me in front of one of the nicest I have ever seen.

Next to it was a smaller one.

I loved the funny house with the two little towers!

This is the town hall.

Look – a wonderful old post box.

Then we went to a big church – called St. Michaelis.

Can you see us under this statue?

It was a little scary to sit there.

Sülfeld, Germany – 15th July 2012

Hi friends,

My life is so wonderful! I met the nicest girl of the world. She is called Kleine Fee.

We had a date – and I was waiting for her on a bench.

Then she came…

We talked a lot – the we decided to make a walk.
We climbed up this post…

…and jumped into the grass.

She is such a brave bunny!

Then we saw a nice butterfly. I will always think of this first meeting when I will see a butterfly in the future!

The sun was shining – what a wonderful day!

I showed Kleine Fee my famous tree.

Then it was time for a picnic.

We had some burger! It was yummy. But it was even better to spend the time with Kleine Fee.

It was a great afternoon – hopefully we will meet again soon!


Harburg, Germany – 21st July 2012

Hi Mum, This weekend we drove to the town Harburg – and went around this lake. This photo was a little dark.

But a little later I sat in the sunshine!

We went to a park – it must have been beautiful in the Past.

At least we found some nice flowers in one corner of the park.

Then there was a big surprise – we went to another part of the park – and it was so beautiful!

I loved these flowers – and would have loved to send some to Kleine Fee!

Or maybe these flowers would be better?

I am not sure.

Well – saw more of the garden and thought of Kleine Fee.

It would be great to be here with her.

But we will meet again next weekend!

Sülfeld, Germany – 27th July 2012

Hi friends,

Yesterday I got a letter from my best friend Murph.

What will be in there? I opened it.

And had a look!

Well – he saw my update with Kleine Fee – and thought about helping me with my next date.

I should use candles for more romantic…

He thought that chocolate is better than a burger for women…

The magic Towel is a nice blanket and should be nicer. And he gave me an advice how to use the Roller – but I am not sure, if I will do it, because I am a little shy…

He wrote all about his plans on this card.

I will read it often, and hopefully my next date with Kleine Fee will be a big success.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! And thanks a lot Murph – and Holgi.

Hamburg, Germany – 1st August 2012

Hi friends,

Maybe you remember the things Murph sent me for a romantic evening with Kleine Fee.

But I am a little shy – so I decided to have another meeting with her and use the nice things next weekend.

I asked her to go to a fun fair with me.

We didn’t want to try one of these carousels, but it was nice to see them.

But we loved this chocolate stick – and it was healthy because of the pineapple inside.

Look – this house had nice colors – and the people inside had a lot of fun. Maybe I will travel to the Alps with Kleine Fee in the future- who knows?

And this carousel was nice, too – not as fast as most of the others.

This one was called wild mouse XXL. We thought about using it, but we were too small!

So we stopped at the last roundabout – and then we went home. Well – she went to her home – and I went to my home. But she will visit me next weekend.


Grabau, Germany – 3rd August 2012

Hello friends, Today we took a trip to a village near to Sülfeld. Can you see me on the big stone?

See me on a lot of wood!

We found a nice place and talked a lot.

Then we went to a nice cabin – and watched for birds!

Can you see the white dots – there were swans!

I liked the tree in front of the blue sky.

And I loved this funny tree.

We had fun at this point. We made a competition in long jump.

I was second – but I am not sure if it was okay that Druri used his fire to jump faster.


Can you imagine what I did here?

Yes, I used the slide.


Before we went home – we played on this big swing.

This was fun!

Sülfeld, Germany – 4th August 2012

Hello Murph, hello friends,

I am so excited – Kleine Fee will visit me tomorrow. Murph gave me great tips – and I had to work hard for a nice evening. I need a nicer thing to sit on – so I had to put this blanket into water.

Here it is:

I had to read the instructions.

Then I put it out of the the package.

I threw it into water – this is strange. Hopefully it will be a success.

More water would be better!

Look! It worked!

I put it into the sunshine – and waited.

Sülfeld, Germany – 5th August 2012

Hi friends,

I am so excited – Kleine Fee will come this afternoon. This is the new blanket for our meeting.

I need flowers for the decoration. Blue is a good color.

And some white flowers would fit.

This looked good – but maybe one more color.

Red – the color of love.

I hope that she will like it.

This one was an idea of Murph – for the first kiss…

…but was still not sure if I would use it.

Some romantic candles.

But I didn’t find the wick – and had no idea how these candles work.

So I took these candles.

Then I put the chocolate in the four corners – I love this place.

When will she come? I waited…

Then she arrived – the most beautiful girl of the world!

She brought a basket with her, because she promised to bring the dinner.

I showed her our place for the afternoon and evening.

Isn’t she cute? I think she loved the chocolates!

We sat together and talked a lot.

I had a plan for the afternoon – we would plant sunflowers together.

We had to fill the round thing into our plant-form.


We needed water!

This was funny – with the water and the round thing we get a lot of humus.

Then we opened the little sachet.

And we put the sunflower seed into the humus.

Hopefully we will get wonderful sunflowers soon.

After planting the sunflowers we were hungry. Kleine Fee and I looked into her basket.

Look, Murph – Kleine Fee loves the same things as I do. Wei had a delicious burger and a healthy drink.

It was yummy!

Well – she is so wonderful!

After our meal we relaxed and had fun! The chocolate was our dessert!

Later – in the evening – we had romantic candlelight.

Oups – why does RikeH always use the flashlight?

I told Kleine Fee that my best friend Murph had a gift for our evening. Of course she wanted to know what it was.

Should I really try it out? I was very shy.

But Kleine Fee wasn’t that shy – so we tried to eat it, like Murph explained it to me.

Then we had OUR FIRST KISS!

Thanks Murph for the nice idea!

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 10th August 2012

Hi , I went to a little town near to Sülfeld today – Bad Oldesloe. The white building behind me is the town hall.

This is the Stadthaus – but I don’t know what is inside the house.

I loved this water wheel.

We had a rest next to a small river.

There were some old houses in the city – a nice place with a lot of flowers.

Lübeck, Germany – 17th August 2012

Hi again, Today I went to Lübeck – a nice town in the North of Germany. They have really beautiful old houses here.

This is the theatre of Lübeck.

I loved the beautiful balcony of the town hall.

These are views from the other side.

I went to the river – and saw old storehouses.

On the other side of the river are typical houses.

The river was really nice.

On this photo you see the most famous building of the city – it is called Holstentor. Years ago it was on a bill of German money.

On our way back to the car we found this funny building – I never saw it before.

Sülfeld, Germany – 19th August 2012

Hello friends, I met the most beautiful girl of the world again. 😀 This time I bought a big bouquet of flowers for her.

She really loved it!

And I think that I love Kleine Fee.

Sülfeld, Germany – 24th August 2012

Flowers again! A new guest arrived today – it is Lorca. She showed the nice postcard that olgamaus created.

Later Kleine Fee and I visited my Grandma. She had birthday this week – and this is one of her presents.

We really loved these wonderful flowers!

Sülfeld, Germany – 1st September 2012

Hello friends, The weather was awful outside, so we decided to explore the house. A horse must have lived here in the Past.

I called Murph and thanked him for the beautiful postcard he sent me!

No wine in this barrel.

Then I played the trumpet or whatever this was.

Sülfeld, Germany – 2nd September 2012

Hello, On Sunday Kleine Fee and I walked through Sülfeld. This is the old church. We were there with my guests.

Do you understand the words on this big rock? I hope this will be the truth for Kleine Fee and me!

Behind the rock there is the old school.

I am a little sad because I will go on holiday next week – and Kleine Fee cannot come with me, because she had an important meeting. But we will see us, when I am home in Sülfeld again.

Urlaub in Polen

Sülfeld, Germany – 21st September 2012

Hello from Sülfeld, This weekend my best friend Murph will visit us with his guests. We wrote a Welcome-Poster. Then Stoker asked all the other TVs here to hang on the chair like this.

It was fun – when they arrived, because they were very surprised. I am sure that they loved this welcome!

They climbed onto the chair and we talked.

Then they joined us!

This evening Murph and Kleine Fee will meet for the first time (next to this hanging on the chair). I hope that they will like each other.

I introduced Murph to my girl-friend Kleine Fee. He wore a wonderful dressy bow-tie!
He brought wonderful presents with him.

And some information about horoscopes.

Of course Kleine Fee and I were curious!

It looked great!

It looked great!

Kleine Fee started and opened the first gift.

Can you see it – it is a picture frame with a photo of our first meeting.

We loved it.

Then I opened the next gift.

Something to eat is always important. Murph brought Champagne and something for a party, too.

Oups – Kleine Fee gave Murph a kiss! What a wonderful little lady!

We loved everything!

And I am happy that Murph and Kleine Fee like each other a lot!

Sülfeld, Germany – 22nd September 2012

Hello, Today it was time for a party. I went to my guests in a dotted cape and invited [tv]Dottie Mouse[/tv] for a party with dotted animals.

Murph and Clairchen had dots and were allowed to join Dottie Mouse. Some other guys with dots came for Dottie.

I went back to my other guests – and they all were a little sad, because they wanted to have a party, too.

We went onto the back of Long Hippo and had a look.

Back on our chair I had an idea. I found some stickers with dots.

We all looked like dotted animals now.

We were all ready.

We went to Dottie and asked her, if we were allowed to join her party.

She said yes – and we gave her a Thank-You-hug.

Fortunately my Mum RikeH had more things to eat, so we all started our party together.

Later Murph and I had a surprise for the others – a wonderful firework.

We decided that Murph started it – together with the help of a part of HoBi.

If you have a closer look – you can see some blue parts in the air above us.

This was fun!

Back home on our party-table, we ate the rest of our dinner. Unfortunately we ate everything.

Everything was empty – what should we do?

Well – I am in the host – and I know how to party. We drank a delicious cocktail.

It was yummy. Some hours later – no comment…

I loved this party!

Sülfeld, Germany – 23rd September 2012

Hello, It was a great party yesterday – today it was time to say goodbye to Murph and Sofia, because they travelled back to Lower Saxony. They got a big hug by us!

PinkyHH told me that she was invited to stay a little longer with Murph.

We decided not ask HoBi and RikeH. So Murph, Sofia and I helped PinkyHH into HoBi’s baggage.

PinkyHH thanked us three strong TVs!

Then we said goodbye.

PinkyHH, have fun with Murph and Sofia!

Heringsdorf, Germany – 3rd October 2012

Hello, We went to Usedom this week. Behind me you can see our home here.

We stayed in a town called Heringsdorf. They have a long pier there – and we walked on it. We had a nice view from the pier.

Look – this was a part of the pier.

Many birds flew around the pier.

There were many people on the beach. And you can see the place where Oliver Kahn and a woman talked about soccer during the European Championship.

Later I listened to music with many other people.

They had nice plants near to the esplanade.

A special greeting to Kleine Fee!

Ahlbeck, Germany – 5th October 2012

Hello, Today we went to another little town called Ahlbeck. They have a very old clock there.

And another pier.

I loved this place – far behind me you can see the pier of Heringsdorf.

We went to the end of the pier and had this nice view.

It was a little windy.

We found a nice place at the beach.

We tried a photo with a Retro-Look, do you think it looked like a photo from the Past?

Well – I would love to come back here one day – and stay in this nice hotel.

Heringsdorf, Germany – 6th October 2012

Hi friends, We had bad weather – and I hung around in the room. The apartment had the name Provence.

Have you ever been to Pisa?

This lamp was really funny.

I miss Kleine Fee, but I have this wonderful photo – a gift from my best friend Murph.

Maybe I should send Kleine Fee some flowers! :rolleyes:

Usedom, Germany – 7th October 2012

Hi from Usedom again, But it was time to leave Usedom. We found a really big beach chair.

We drove over Usedom and found this great place. We were able to see 7 lakes from a tower.

Then we stopped at this wonderful mill.

We took a rest next to the mill.

hen we went to another mill – it was nice, too.

We had lunch in this castle.

I met this nice angle in the park.

Our last stop was at a small harbor.

We had a nice time on Usedom.

Lübeck, Germany – 13th October 2012

Hi from Lübeck, We took a trip to Lübeck – a really nice town. On the photo you see one of the typical backyards there.

This is the famous town hall.

Here you see it from the other side.

This building is called Holstentor. It is really famous in Germany – and had been on a money note in the Past.

Can you see me?

Here – in the flower!

Sülfeld, Germany – 19th October 2012

Hi friends, The weather was nice outside so we took a walk around Sülfeld. Behind me you can see the tree that I love most.

Look – we had sunshine – and talked a lot on this bench.

The trees looked so wonderful and colorful.

I thought about taking a bath – but didn’t do it, because the water was not so clean.

Back home we walked through this forest.

What a nice house!

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 26th October 2012

Hi from Bad Oldesloe, I went to a small town near to Sülfeld. Look – there was a wonderful water wheel.

Can you see me?. Behind me you see the church of Bad Oldesloe.

Here I sat together with Dottie Mouse and JUMP – you can see the water wheel again.

There were some nice houses.

I took this flower and gave it to Kleine Fee, when I met her in the evening.

This is the town hall and a nice fountain.

And another nice house – the Stadthaus.

There is a river in Bad Oldseloe.

On our way back to the car we met these ducks. They were friendly and we talked some minutes.

Sülfeld, Germany – 28th October 2012

Hi, It was sunny outside so JUMP and I walked through Sülfeld. It is autumn here now.

I liked the colorful tree behind the little lake.

This is the old school of Sülfeld, a nice building.

Sülfeld is an old village; it is more than 800 years old.

We have a wonderful church here – we wanted to go into it, but it was a church service at this time.

Urlaub in Südafrika

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th December 2012

Hi, It was sunny outside so JUMP and I walked through Sülfeld. It is autumn here now.

I liked the colorful tree behind the little lake.

This is the old school of Sülfeld, a nice building.

Sülfeld is an old village; it is more than 800 years old.

We have a wonderful church here – we wanted to go into it, but it was a church service at this time.

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th December 2012

Hello friends, I wish you a nice ‚Nikolaus-Tag‘. In Germany it is normal to put the cleaned boots in front of the door – and you get sweets. Unfortunately we all had no boots – and decided to draw some.

We wanted to wait for the Nikolaus, but he didn’t come and we felt asleep.

The next morning we saw that he visited us in the night.

I was so happy!

Hopefully the Nikolaus brought you something, too! We have snow in Sülfeld at the moment.

We tried to build a snowman – but the snow wasn’t good for it – so we will try it later this year.

Hamburg, Germany – 13th December 2012

Hello friends, I went to Hamburg today – and wanted to see some Christmas Decoration there. Look – what I found in the main station. There were big balls with trains and houses from different cities.

I especially loved the one from Hamburg – it was the biggest with the emblem of the city on it.

This was one of the biggest Christmas Trees in the city.

Look – what a wonderful Christmas Pyramid in such a lovely light.

I saw these wonderful lights on our way home.

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 14th December 2012

Hello again, We went to a town called Bad Segeberg. First we saw these strong guys.

There was a nice building – but Kleine Fee and I loved the carousel and the Christmas tree more.

Behind me you see the church of Bad Segeberg.

There was another big Christmas tree on this place.

Back home we met some funny guys – first one in the garden.

This guy had a warmer place in the living-room of my grandma.

I called my girl-friend Kleine Fee to join me.

Hamburg, Germany – 16th December 2012

Hello friends, We went to Hamburg and wanted to visit the Christmas Market.

I loved this beautiful pyramid.

We saw a nice Christmas Crib.

Behind me you see the town hall.

Unfortunately the weather was not so good, so we decided to drive home. I am so excited – we will decorate the Christmas tree next weekend – and I am allowed to help!

Sülfeld, Germany – 23rd December 2012

Hello friends, Christmas is coming – and today my girI-friend Kleine Fee and I helped decorating the Christmas tree. We started with the Christmas baubles.

These two baubles were so funny!

This is a very special bird for my Mum RikeH, because it belonged to her Grandma – my great-grandmother.

We had more decorations for the tree.

We loved these stars most!

Sülfeld, Germany – 24th December 2012

Hello friends, It was Christmas and Murph and his guests went to home Sülfeld to celebrate it with my Mum RikeH and us. First we all met – and we shared our gifts!

Great, everyone got chocolate!

I received a funny penguin!

And my girl-friend Kleine Fee got a nice bear.

Murph is my best friend and we had nice gifts for each other.

First Murph gave us our gift.

We unwrapped it.

And found this wonderful mushroom for our Christmas tree.

We love it!

Then it was time for Murph’s gift.

A delicious tart of Marzipan.

It is great to have a friend like Murph.

Look – we put the mushroom into the Christmas tree.

Then it was time to talk to Snowy the snowman and Rudi the reindeer. Santa was very busy this Christmas – so he sent his two best friends to us.

I called Kleine Fee – and we started and sung a song. Then we performed a poem.

We must have been great – and we received something nice from Snowy and Rudi.

It was wonderful. And Kleine Fee is wonderful, too!

Later I had to say goodbye to Murph and Stoker. They will spend some time together now.

I hope that you all had a great Christmas Time, too.

Love Dicker Kumpel