Mein Leben 2013

Sülfeld, Germany – 1st January 2013

Happy New Year to all of you!

Sülfeld, Germany – 5th January 2013

Hi friends, The weather was better today – and we took a walk around Sülfeld. You can see my most famous tree behind me.

I loved the view here – I saw a lot of green although we are in the wintertime

We found a sunny place for a rest.

On this sign I read that they gave this river his old course back.


Look – what a beautiful house.

We went through a forest – not much green here.

But I found some green trees.

Sülfeld, Germany – 12th January 2013

Hello friends, It is winter in Sülfeld now. Look, we had snow.

I sat on a big stone and played in the snow.

Another stone in front of the old school of Sülfeld. You can see snowflakes on the photo.

The mayor lives here.

This is the pharmacy of the village.

On the other side of the street there is the beautiful church.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 19th January 2013

Hello friends, We went to Bad Oldesloe today – it is a small city near to Sülfeld. Our first stop was next to this water wheel.

Then I went to the church.

Because it was very cold I went inside.


There was a small river in the city.

And a bridge over it.

I loved the old houses in Bad Oldesloe.

Behind me you see the city hall.

Next to it was another beautiful building – called Stadthaus.

Hamburg, Germany – 20th January 2013

Hello friends, I went to Hamburg today – and watched ice-hockey. First a car drove over the ice and prepared it for the game.

Then the game started.

It was really interesting.

During the break I had something delicious to eat.

Well – we (the Freezers) won. Great!

Hamburg, Germany – 2nd February 2013

Hello friends, It was time to see one of the best sportsmen of the World again. I took my new guest Nayeli with me.

We went to the Alsterdorfer Sporthalle in Hamburg to see the World cup of Darts!

Many people were celebrating it with me. Behind me you can see one of the cameramen.

During one of the breaks we had something delicious to eat.

Then he came – Phil – the power – Taylor! You can see my ear on the photo! I am famous – a photo of Phil and me, Dicker Kumpel!

Of course we saw many 180s!

It was great – and in the end England won the tournament.

Sülfeld, Germany – 3rd February 2013

Hello friends, The weather was awful outside and my Mum had a bad cold, so we decided to play billiards. I explained my guests the rules.

Then I showed them, how to play.

We started to play and I won against Claire Tamias with 6:5.

Later I played in the room. Look – a big barrel.

Then I called my wonderful girl-friend Kleine Fee.

We have such a crazy lamp in our basement.

The worm and I had a lot of fun together.

Hamburg, Germany – 16th February 2013

Hi friends, Today we decided to travel to the Port of Hamburg.

I had nice views, although the sky wasn’t that blue.

Look – a wonderful old sailing ship.

This is a monument. People from Vietnam from the Cap Anamur gave it to Hamburg.

Another old ship – called Cap San Diego.

Then we went into the Speicherstadt – with many old storage houses.

Really near to the old houses they built new modern houses.

It was interesting, but very cold.

Sülfeld, Germany – 23rd February 2013

Hi friends, Today I found the first flowers in the garden. They were small and yellow.

Near to it I found white flowers

This funny guy has his own plant. He sits outside all year round.

For me it was too cold outside, I wanted a last photo with a flower – but inside the house.

Urlaub in der Karibik.

Sülfeld, Germany – 19th March 2013

Hello friends of the wintertime, We were back in Germany – and look – it was still winter!

These icicles were very long!

There was a lot of snow in the garden.

You don’t believe it?

Look at this snowy mountain!

Sülfeld, Germany – 23rd March 2013

Hello, The snow was still here – and we took a long walk.

What a long way!

I loved the blue sky and the white snow.

This view was great, too. There was so much snow next to a small river.

Sülfeld, Germany – 30th March 2013

Happy Easter! We bunnies were really excited today, because it was Easter.

Time to search some Easter eggs and other chocolate. Kleine Fee and I found something!

Well – there was something in the basket of the bunny. But it was so high above the ground.

We asked Long Hippo to help us.

It was much easier this way.

We got chocolate bunnies and some chocolate eggs.

Then we found the last chocolate egg under the big basket.


Later we all sat together and were happy, because we all find a lot of delicious sweets.

Sülfeld, Germany – 31st March 2013

Happy Easter again! Today we visited my grandma. I met the Easter bunny there and introduced my wonderful girl-friend Kleine Fee to him. We bunnies had a lot to talk about!

It was so great to meet the Easter bunny. Then it was time for coffee and cake.

It was delicious!

I had fun with other bunnies!

And a chicken was there, too.

Later in the afternoon we went into the garden and sat in the sunshine.

We met another bunny there – he gave us this wonderful Easter egg.

Sülfeld, Germany – 5th April 2013

Hello friends, Today my Mum told us that she had a surprise for us.

We were so curious.

What is this? A bath tub?

Oh no – we hate to bath!

But Mum told us that we were dirty after our cruise. So we had a look – it was really water in the bath tub.

We got some bath foam.

We were brave and jumped into the bath tub. It was not as bad as we thought.

I was very wet.

Finally we were allowed to come out of the bath. We had to dry, but we are clean ToyVoyagers now.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 6th April 2013

Hello friends, We went to a small city called Bad Oldesloe today. Behind me you see the church.

Normally the water wheel moves, but it was frozen today.

We went to an Asian restaurant and had something delicious to eat.

This is the town hall.

This is another house called Stadthaus.

On our way back we stopped at this beautiful castle.

Hamburg, Germany – 7th April 2013

Hello friends, We went to Hamburg today. Behind me you see the Alster Lake.

Look – far behind me you see the town hall.

What a wonderful view.

I went nearer to the town hall – a beautiful building.

There will be a big garden exhibition in Hamburg soon – this is the mascot for it, I think.

Later we went into the theatre – it was a funny play – I loved it.

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 14th April 2013

Hello, We went to the town Bad Segeberg. It is the town of the Apaches here. There is one of their stakes.

I drove with this wonderful loco.

There was a beautiful old house.

And another stake.

This big Eagle belongs to the third stake.

Look – the church of Bad Segeberg – and a nice blue sky.

We went up a hill and had a view over the theatre, where the Apaches will play Winnetou – Blutsbruder this year.

I had a great view over Bad Segeberg and its big lakes.

Later we went downhill and visited the small lake of Segeberg. I met some ducks there.

What a wonderful sunny day.

Sülfeld, Germany – 21st April 2013

Hello, We had nice weather here and took a walk around Sülfeld. Behind me you can see the my famous tree.

I found some nice flowers.

I loved this view.

We took a rest and sat in the sunshine.

Later we crossed a nice small river.

Back home I found this wonderful stone in the garden.

Sülfeld, Germany – 28th April 2013

Hello friends, Bad news – my Mum RikeH had the flu and was not able to make nice trips with us. So we decided to explore Sülfeld in the springtime. The first stop was next to this sign – Kleine Fee and I learnt a lot about an old channel.

There it was – smaller than in the Past I think.

We stopped at a nice place and talked a lot.

No snow anymore!

We went along this small lake – it was frozen in the wintertime.

Look – what a wonderful tree!

This is the old school of Sülfeld.

And behind us you can see the emblem of the village.

Some years ago they celebrated 800 years for Sülfeld – an old village, isn’t it?

This is the church – a really nice building.

We spent some time on a playground – and loved it.

Sülfeld, Germany – 4th May 2013

Hello friends, My Mum RikeH is still ill. But the spring arrived in Germany. So I decided to explore the garden. I found many nice flowers – tulips in different colors.

Two more colors.

I took a rest next to these blue flowers in the sunshine.

I loved these beautiful flowers – but I don’t know the English name for it.

The last wonderful thing I found was this blossom of the magnolia.

Sülfeld, Germany – 8th May 2013

Hello Charlotte, Helmut, Lille and strunki, thanks for the wonderful postcard you sent me!

And my Mum RikeH was so happy about your card and the sweets – and of course the turtle, but we forgot it on the photo, because it was outside in the garden, when we took the photo. 😀

Sülfeld, Germany – 11th May 2013

Hello Murph and HoBi, You helped me with the English names of two flowers – but I lost the email. So Kleine Fee and I decided to create a quiz for you. If you are able to send us all the English names for the flowers – Murph will get a wonderful gift, when you all visit us this month. Let’s start with two easy flowers.


Do you know yellow plants?

These flowers fits great to Kleine Flee’s clothes.

Red – the color of LOVE.

This should be easy.

Yellow seems to be a good color for flowers.

Well – we will see, how many of the flowers you will know. 😀 We sit on our nice new chair and wait for your answer.

Bargteheide, Germany – 13th May 2013

Hello again, We visited a small city near to Sülfeld today – it is called Bargteheide. I started next to a nice lake.

This was funny – a big old water pump.

This sign was really interesting. The rainwater take two directions here – the rain from one side of the street flows in two rivers to the Baltic Sea. And the rain on the other side flows to the North Sea in two other rivers.

My last stop was next to another nice lake.

We planned to visit the church, but it started to rain – so we drove home.

Sülfeld, Germany – 15th May 2013

Hello friends, We bought nice flowers in Bargteheide. Today I spent some time in the garden and had a look at the new flowers there. I loved these!

But these flowers were beautiful, too.

I liked the color of these plants.

I thought about picking some of the flowers for Kleine Fee, but decided not to do it.

This is the place where I grow his vegetables.

I talked a lot with this funny guy – he got a new plant, too.

Hamburg, Germany – 17th May 2013

Hello, Today we went to the church St. Michaelis. We went there by bus.

The church is called Michel and it is one of Hamburg’s five Lutheran main churches and the most famous church in the city. St. Michaelis is a landmark of the city.

We decided to go inside. It was beautiful.

Look – the big organ.

I love the interior. What a nice white church.

Outside I saw this big bell.

Behind me you can see the town hall of Hamburg.

We went back home by train.

Sülfeld, Germany – 20th May 2013

Hello friends, It was an awful weekend. We had so many plans – and then we had rain all the time. Maybe it is a bad idea to live in the North of Germany. The only nice thing of the weekend was the meal on Monday. I got some delicious self-made Sushi.

Maybe I will try to learn how to create it?

But it is much nicer to sit here with my friends and have a nice meal together.

PS : The green thing called Wasabi was so hot!!!

Hamburg, Germany – 24th May 2013

Hello, I decided to look what my Mum is doing, when she is not at home. So I went to a place called work.

It seems to be important to know the correct date here.

I talked to some friendly guys.

The view out of the window was not amazing – I think I will stay on my blue armchair instead of going to work.

Sülfeld, Germany – 25th May 2013

Hello friends, It was a great weekend. My best friend Murph came and visited me. I was so happy to see him again.

Kleine Fee and I created a quiz for Murph some days ago. He solved it and now he received a surprise. Look – a bathtub full of mushrooms!

He always wanted to take a bath in mushrooms.

We had another surprise for him.

Delicious Sushi!

Fortunately Murph had some gifts for Kleine Fee and me.

We looked into it.

We received some sweets – I got some balls from the soccer team HSV.

Thanks Murph!

Sülfeld, Germany – 25th May 2013

Hi friends, Later we arrived in the living room BineHH, PieksiHH and TobiHH sat on the table and told us that they had a surprise for all of us.

Of course we went into the room – we love surprises.

They had drinks, muffins and more delicious things to eat for all of us.

A party – this is great!

I found a great place between Murph and Kleine Fee.


Then it was time to eat.

We took all we found on the table.

Later this evening we all had fun and sang wonderful ToyVoyager-songs.

It was a wonderful evening!

Urlaub Schweiz

Sülfeld, Germany – 14th June 2013

Hello friends, It was my birthday today. I got a blindfold and heard some whispering.

Then I was allowed to look. My friends sat in front of me.

Kleine Fee had a wonderful card for me.

Then my friends sang a birthday song for me. It was wonderful!

Look – I got a lot of Swiss chocolate.

I took a bath in it.

Oh – another present for me.

Wonderful – garden tools – now I can help my Mum in the garden!

Then my Mum had a great surprise for me. I was sad because my best friend Murph was not able to visit me on my birthday. But he sent me a funny card and a present.

I showed it to Kleine Fee – she is a friend of Murph, too.

Before I opened the present I decided to blow out the candle.

Then I opened the next gift.


It is all I need for a romantic Candlelight-Dinner with Kleine Fee.

Thanks Murph.

I loved my presents!

Later we had a party with coke, fruits and burgers.

It was a wonderful birthday!

Hamburg, Germany – 21st June 2013

Hello friends, I went to Hamburg – this is a nice lake in the city called Alster.

There was a big fountain on it.

The town hall was really beautiful.

This place is called Alsterarkaden.

Then I went into a big mall –the Europapassage. Have a look at the arches.

It was funny – I saw the arch from above, because I went to my Mum’s working place.

On our way back home we stopped at another mall – the Levantehaus. I told the others that there were nice sculptures of wild animals. And I was right.

It was amazing. There was a bear like Gozer!

Back home I went into the garden – and found this wonderful blossom. Do you know what plant it is?

Then I met a colorful snail.

And I have to show you the wonderful icecake my Mum created some days ago! It was really yummy. :p

Hamburg, Germany – 26th June 2013

Hello friends, Today we went to the Port of Hamburg. You can see so many ships there.

This sailing ship is old and called Rickmer Rickmers.

This is a monument from people from Vietnam.

This is another old ship – there is a museum on it.

Do you know this monument – it is called Elbphilharmonie. It is really often in the news, because the building costs a lot more than planned.

I loved the red ship – it is called Feuerschiff – and it is a restaurant now.

Murph’s Birthday-Gift-Bistro, Germany – 29th June 2013

Hello Murph, Surely you remember your gift for my birthday. Today it was time for the Candlelight-Dinner.

We had something delicious to drink – called Secco.


Then we decided to turn down the light.

So maybe no one saw that we kissed each other.

Time for the first course – a baguette – vive la France.

It was yummy!

RikeH played a love song – and we danced.

The second course was chips – we loved it.

Kleine Fee fed me.

I won’t tell you more about this.

We were a little tired after the second course and rested some minutes.

Look – it was only me who was tired. Kleine Fee danced for me.

But maybe she was a little drunken?

Three courses – Murph – we are bunnies and not aliens with big stomaches.

So we darkened the room…

… and ate…

…well – maybe my Mum RikeH found out that we were playing instead of eating.

But we looked great.

It was a wonderful evening – thanks a lot!

Travemünde, Germany – 30th June 2013

Hello friends, I live in the North of Germany – and love the music here – it is called Shanty. Today there was a Shanty-Choir-Meeting in Travemünde. So we went to Travemünde. There was a beautiful beach.

This Buddha was so funny.

Then it was time for the music.

I knew many of the songs – and sang with the choirs.

Look – I saw a big ferry.

And a wooden sailing ship.

But this is the famous ship here in Travemünde – it is called Passat.

There was a big ferry wheel – but it started to rain, so we didn’t took a ride on it.

When I turned – I saw another big ferry!

Although it was raining we all loved these beautiful flowers.

I told the others that I saw this big hotel really early, when I arrived in Travemünde by ferry from Helsinki last year.

It was time to go home, so we went to the old train station.

We had fun on our way home and sang nice songs like ‘Rolling home’.

Bad Oldesloe, Germany – 13th July 2013

Hello, I went to a small town called Bad Oldesloe. Behind me you can see the town hall.

This is another beautiful house on the market place.

Look – a water wheel.

This was a nicer view.

There are many nice old houses here.

And I liked the church.

I went inside.

What a beautiful organ!

A small river flows through the city.

Oups – well maybe it is more important to zoom on me than on the house.


I found wonderful flowers next to it.

On our way back to the city we crossed the river again.

Grabau, Germany – 16th July 2013

Hello, We took a trip by bike to this nice place today. It was a group of big boulders.

This was a very big granite.

We all relaxed on one of the boulders in the sunshine.

Many years ago trains used this way – I saw photos from the Past.

Sülfeld, Germany – 17th July 2013

Hello, Today I played in the garden. There were many beautiful flowers.

And I talked to my friend Nessie, the funny monster with her fountain.

Look – a beautiful red dahlia.

More nice flowers.

And these yellow flowers were so beautiful, too.

We sat together and relaxed on my swing.

It is such a beautiful place!

Sülfeld, Germany – 22nd July 2013

Hello friends, It was a wonderful day today! I love having guests – and so I invited HelmutBluepant and his family to visit us, whenever he is near to my home. Today he arrived with his lovely fiancé Charlotte and his guests Mefito and Oink.

It was so nice to see him again!

And of course we were happy to welcome the other three, too.

Later we had some delicious cakes. Can you see how hot it was? The chocolate melted.

We ate a lot – it was yummy!

Helmut told me that he had a surprise for me. Great! I love surprises. It was a Killepitsch. I never heard of it before, but as most of you know, I love to taste alcohol.

Thanks Helmut!

Well – when I gave him a hug – I saw more bottles of Killepitsch. Wonderful!

Then I showed it to all my friends here. We should have a party in the evening!

Then Charlotte told us about a surprise for my girlfriend Kleine Fee.

Kleine Fee loved it.

Well – it was a girl-thing… I better hadn’t told this. Look!

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine and of course we talked a lot!

Then it was time to say goodbye to our friends. I was so sad that they didn’t spend a longer time here. But well – Cuddling is great – so we had a big cuddle.

In the evening it was time for the drinks!

We all got a bottle.

We would have loved to have a party with our friends, who left today, so we decided to ‘invite’ them to our party.

We chose HelmutBluepant and Charlotte!

It was a wonderful evening!


Sülfeld, Germany – 28th July 2013

Hello friends, It is summer in Germany at the moment – and a really hot summer. Kleine Fee and I had a look at the temperature – more than 30 degrees Celsius.

We asked RikeH what to do – and she had a great idea. We played with water bombs.

We threw our pink one on Pepita, and she threw here green one onto us.

We waited…

Then it came.

Wow – we got wet.

Pepita got wet, too.


It was so much fun – and we wanted more. So we asked our humans to throw the water bombs.

There were two.

Look – the next one was great – RikeH took the right moment for the photo.

It was so much water – Sean felt backwards.

More fun!

It was a great afternoon!

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 3rd August 2013

Hello friends, Today I went to a town near to Sülfeld – it is called Bad Segeberg. It has a wonderful church.

This is the market place.

During the summer time they play Winnetou in the open air theatre. All over the city you find different stakes.

On this one was a big bird.

And this stake was very colorful.

Later I went to the Lake of Segeberg – can you see the Apache on the photo?

The lake was really beautiful! We thought about going around it, but then we had to go home and wait for the Telekom-man who wanted to repair our internet.

Well, the man from the Telekom didn’t come. And we still have a lot of problems with the internet, that’s why we update really late.

Bremerhaven, Germany – 11th August 2013

Hello friends, Many greetings from Bremerhaven. We decided to go there, because I promised Sean a big surprise here. But it will be tomorrow, today we explored the city. There were two really beautiful buildings.

On the other side I saw the water from the river Weser.

You can see that we are close to the Sea.

There were some beautiful ships.

Many emigrants started their travels here – this monument is a memory for these people.

We had to stop at this watergate, because a ship wanted to go through it.

Behind me you can see the little harbor in the middle of the city.

And these are the views out of our room.

Bremerhaven, Germany – 12th August 2013

Hello friends, Today we went to the Zoo of Bremerhaven. I started with the ice bears. This one was a little tired at the beginning.

Hello, hello! The night is over.

But he didn’t get up. His friend was not as tired.

I met a polar fox.

Hello big bird – he is a Kea.

Then we came to the important part of the Zoo for Sean. I met two friendly penguins.

This is a relative of mine – a snow hare. In winter he is white, but in summer he is as brown as I am .

Look – I saw funny feet. Who will this be?

The feet of these birds.

I think that the left bird was a young one.

Later I met another tired animal.

I saw a seal in the water. Maybe he is the one I met when I was here last time.

This was my last view over the Zoo – and I saw the two ice bears together.

It was a nice day in the Zoo.

Cruise Ship Artania, Germany – 12th August 2013

Hello friends, today I visited a cruise ship called Artania.

Maybe I will travel on it next year – and today we explored it. First I looked in different kinds of cabins. Well – this one is nice.

It has a nice balcony – enough place for Kleine Fee and me.

This one is too small for us.

This cabin was nice – a Suite for me and my friends.

Enough place for parties…

This would be a good choice.

But THEN we went to the Owner Suite.

It has two rooms – this is my favourite. 😀 Strangely RikeH told something about winning a lottery before travelling in this Suite, can you understand it? I am a little afraid that she won’t choose this Suite for us. 🙁 We went away from the cabins and explored the rest of the ship.

A great place for me!

Well – sports on a cruise???

Hanging around the pool is better.

In front of us was another nice ship – the Amadea.

We explored the interieur of the ship – some bars and restaurants.

The theatre.

And the lobby.

The last stop was a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants. I especially loved the dessert.

I would love to travel on this ship next year – maybe someone out there could book the Owner Suite for me and Kleine Fee???

Hamburg, Germany – 17th August 2013

Hello, We went to Hamburg. This was the old part of the port, but now they built many new houses here.

This is the Elbphilharmonie. It is a new building, too – and it gets more and more expensive.

We decided to take a short trip on a boat.

It is great to see the ships and the port from the Elbe River.

This is a really old sailing ship.

Well – maybe I will sail the seven seas in the future? (Hm, anyone out there, who is really rich? I would love to travel in an Owner Suite next year…)

This building is the „alter Elbtunnel“ – a building where you can reach a tunnel under the Elbe River.

We decided not to walk under the Elbe, because it was a hot day.

Here I learnt a lot about the Elbtunnel.

Beatles Platz, Hamburg, Germany – 18th August 2013

Hello friends, It was a wonderful day today. We visited the Beatles Place in Hamburg – one of Rocky Raccoon’s life missions.

Here you can see the Beatles.

The Beatles Place is in a – well let me call it – not so nice part of Hamburg– my Mum RikeH told us not to have a closer look in this street.

But back to the Beatles – maybe I am a member of the Beatles now?

Here you can see the place – it is round like a record.

It was nice to see the Beatles Platz.

Then we continued our walk and visited a park called Planten un Blomen (plants and flowers). I liked this funny fountain.

And they had wonderful flowers.

We went into the tropical house and saw other beautiful plants.

I learnt that this plant is called Mother-in-Law’s chair. Can you imagine why?

It was a wonderful day in Hamburg, again.

Urlaub auf Amrum

Inside a Time Machine, Germany – 14th September 2013

Hello friends, It was a great day today. My best friend Murph came and visited us!

We were so happy!

I told him that I had a bis surprise for him!

But first he and Nathalie had to say hello to my guests and friends here.

Kleine Fee was happy to meet Murph, too.

Then we got a gift from Murph and Nathalie.

Later it was time for my big surprise. I built a Time Machine for us.

The others were very surprised.

I had to tell them more about the technology inside and hoped that they would try it with me. It went darker and darker.

I opened the door. Would they trust me and try it out?

Yes, they did!

We all went into the machine.


Bye – it will start soon!

Love you Mum!

There was a big silence inside the Time Machine and we only heard the noise of the Machine.

Then the noise stopped and the door opened.

Wow, what a trip!

We all felt fine – but where were we – and WHEN were we?

Murph and I jumped onto the Time Machine – it worked. We travelled through the time – it is Murph’s Birthday!

Hello friends,

We had the 27th of september.

It was Murph’s birthday and we created a wall out of mushrooms for him. It looked great!

Then we sang a wonderful birthday song for Murph.

And he got some gifts!

I think he loved his card.

And he got wonderful gifts!

Then it was time for dinner. We had a marshmallows barbecue.

It was great sitting around the fire with friends.

Our marshmallows were ready.

It was delicious!

In the evening RikeH and HoBi had a great surprise for us! A firework!

It went darker!

It started!

What a wonderful evening!

Hello friends,

We woke up in the Time Machine. What date would it be?

We were lucky, because we were back in the middle of September – it was the 15th of September – and again one of us had his birthday – it was TobiHH! We sang a song for him and wished him luck and happiness.

Murph had a nice surprise for TobiHH. He invited him to come to Lower-Saxony with him. So we had to say goodbye to Murph, TobiHH and Nathalie.

Goodbye friends!

Hamburg, Germany – 30th September 2013

Hello friends, We went to the Zoo of Hamburg – called Hagenbecks Tierpark. We started with really big animals – the elephants.

Then we met a family of baboons.

Can you see the big animals behind me – bears!

Behind me there is the old entrance – it is so beautiful. The Zoo grew, and now it is inside the Zoo.

There were nice gardens with lakes in the Zoo.

I liked it here, because there were not only foreign animals, but also cows and other domestic animals.

I met some relatives – this one had a lazy day in the sunshine.

I talked to this nice guy.

It can be nice to live here, but I prefer to be a TovVoyager.

The newest part of the Zoo is called Arctic Sea. We started with the penguins. I saw some last year in South Africa. But these were nice, too.

Do you know this animal? It is a walrus. There were 5 living in this basin.

They were so big!

This was great – we could see them in the water.

There were funny little animals, I don’t know the English name, but we found the Latin one: Dolichotis patagonum.

We came to very tall animals, the giraffes.

It was a great day here!

Sülfeld, Germany – 7th October 2013

Hello friends, Today we explored Sülfeld. On this sign I learnt something about an old canal here.

Normally you can see water here.

I liked this tree with the red berries.

I met other animals. They seemed to have a nice life here.

There is a small kind of park in Sülfeld.

There was a beautiful lake in the park.

Later we found this beautiful flower.

Behind me you can see the old school.

Maybe I will be mayor when I am older? And you can see the emblem of Sülfeld on this sign.

This stone was created when the church had its 800th birthday.

This is the church.

And this is the old pharmacy.

At home we played in the garden and found another plant with red berries – well maybe it is the same kind of plant – I am not a gardener.

But I know that these are different flowers.

Look we found a lot of chestnuts during our walk. It seems to me that it is autumn now.

Molfsee, Germany – 8th October 2013

Hello friends, We went to a nice outdoor museum today. It is called Freilichtmuseum Molfsee. You can see many old buildings here – we started with this nice mill.

This was inside one of the buildings – it was so dark – and I look like a ghost…

This was the living room.

Look – what a big barn.

Some animals were living here – I loved the big pig.

But of course my relatives were much nicer!

Another beautiful house.

We went inside.

This is a very famous building of the museum because of the entrance.

Next to this houses were beautiful flowers.

And inside the yard of one big house was a big tree.

The old pharmacy was one of the most interesting places here.

This was a part of an old dairy farm.

What a wonderful museum – and just more to see.

This small house…

…belongs to this big house.

What a wonderful place next to a lake.

Behind me you see one of the smallest houses.

And I liked this mill with the water wheel.

It was a long day in the museum – fortunately we found this great place at the end!

Urlaub Madeira und Portugal

Hamburg, Germany – 18th November 2013

Hello friends, I went to Hamburg today and went to the Binnenalster.

This is another nice place called Alsterarkade

From this place I saw the City Hall.

I went to the City Hall. It is nice inside.

This is the beautiful courtyard of the City Hall.

Soon the Christmas Market will start here.

Hamburg, Germany – 28th November 2013

Hello friends, The Christmas Time starts now – it is the time of the Christmas Markets. We went to Hamburg by train – and arrived in the main station. There is always a beautiful big ball in it – from Hamburg.

This is one of the Christmas Markets – a white one – but I didn’t like it so much.

This was funny – a small Michel – it is one of the town’s landmark.

Then we went to the big Christmas Market in front of the town hall.

I wanted to buy toys here, but unfortunately I had forgotten my pocket money.

Look –what a funny guy.

Believe it or not – I saw Santa’s reindeers and his sleigh.

It was nice on the Christmas Market, but I told the others that it would be nicer in the evening, so we went to another Christmas Market later that day.

What a wonderful big Christmas tree.

And I loved this Christmas Pyramid.

I started my trip in Hamburg in the main station – and now I finished it here with these wonderful lights.

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th December 2013

Hello friends, It is St Nicholas‘ Day today. And because we were so nice and well-behaved, we got some sweets.

Then my Mum had a nice surprise for me. I love Christmas so much! So I got my own nativity scene.

I was so happy!

We searched for the three wise men, but they were far away on a hill. It was too early for them to reach the Christmas Crib.

Later I went outside into the garden – look, we have snow here.

Sülfeld, Germany – 15th December 2013

Hello friends, The weather was awful outside so I decided to show you my Christmas Decoration. I started with some lighted wooden decorations. First I met Santa Claus.

This one is typical for a region called Erz Mountains.

And I loved this snowman.

I visited another Christmas Crib.

There were three funny guys hanging around on the lamp. The first one was a reindeer.

The second one was Santa Claus.

The third guy was a polar bear.

The rest of the evening I spent in front of this Christmas pyramid. It is so lovely!

Bad Segeberg, Germany – 18th December 2013

Hello friends, We went to a town called Bad Segeberg. During the summer time they show Winnetou in the open air theatre – and you see stakes in the town.

And they had some nice decorated small houses everywhere.

I loved the big Christmas tree…

… and of course the carousel next to it.

This stake was really beautiful, too.

There was another Christmas tree on this big place – unfortunately it was not lighted up to now.

Our last stop was in front of the nice church here.

Back home a surprise waited for us.

Kleine Fee and I know this foot!

Yes – it is the foot of our friend HelmutBluepant!

What a wonderful surprise!

The others came to say hello, too.

I showed Helmut my wonderful Christmas Crib.

Helmut brought Christmas Gifts for all of us – great!

We just thought about starting to unpack our gifts when my Mum RikeH arrived. She told us: It is not Christmas now – and took all our gifts with her.

It seems to us that we have to wait until Christmas.

Sülfeld, Germany – 23rd December 2013

Hello friends, In Germany we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December. Today it was time to decorate the Christmas tree. Look – we had sunny weather – my Mum RikeH loves sunshine – but told me that we will have problems with some photos because of the light. Look – there is our tree.

Here you can see our decoration.

I loved these balls.

These are the wooden things.

Here are the small ones for the upper part of the tree.

And some of these she brought from her journeys, most of it is from Denmark.

These are some ornaments RikeH likes very much.

Witching hour! No – it is not a ghost – it is me with Kleine Fee. There is still the problem with the sunshine in the living-room. But I wanted to show you a photo of our Christmas tree.

This is the decoration I love most!

Or maybe this?

And this is an important part of the Christmas tree – the bird was always in the Christmas tree of RikeH’s grandma. And now it has a place of honor in RikeH’s tree.

I am so excited – tomorrow it is Christmas!

Sülfeld, Germany – 24th December 2013

Hello friends, It is Christmas! And look! A child is born!

First I read the Nativity Story for all of us.

We all sang Christmas Songs – the last one was Silent Night.

Eventually the two most important guests arrived. Santa Claus was busy, but he sent his two friends Rudi the reindeer and Snowy the snowman.

I started with a Christmas Poem and sang a song.

I am sure they loved it – because I got some chocolate.

Kleine Fee was happy, too.

We all wanted a group photo with Snowy and Rudi.

Then Helmutbluepant’s big moment came. He had a lot of gifts for us.

First he had something for Kleine Fee from Charlotte.

Spices for my beloved girl-friend.

Then it was my time! What will it be?

A trolley!

My guests could bring me to interesting places in it.

And I can store chocolate in it – or go shopping!

Thanks Helmut and strunki! Then it was time for Helmutbluepant’s gift.

We all had a great time!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Sülfeld, Germany – 25th December 2013

Hi friends, Today we took a walk through Sülfeld. First I learnt something about an old canal here.

There is a small park in Sülfeld…

… with a little lake. Maybe I will see it frozen in the wintertime.

Behind me you can see the old school with a beautiful big Christmas tree.

This is the emblem of Sülfeld.

Then I met Santa Claus and said thank you for the presents.

I went to the church.

On the other side of the street there is the old pharmacy.

In front of my house there were funny Christmas guys. We talked a lot.

In the afternoon we visited my grandma. We loved the candlelight.

Look – there are wonderful wooden things out of the Erzgebirge.

And a really small Christmas crib.


My grandma had a very nice Christmas tree.

Sülfeld, Germany – 26th December 2013

Hello friends, Great news – my best friend Murph came and visited me. He brought his guests Soeren and Sean, they are good friends of me, too. And my brother TobiHH came home!

Murph had Christmas gifts for us.

Kleine Fee had yummy chocolate!

And I got delicious chocolate, too.

Of course we had gifts for the others, too.

I am sure that Murph loved his gift. Thanks to strunki for helping us with it!

The others liked their gifts, too.

Then it was time to say goodbye.

Murph, Soeren and Sean will go on a holiday with HoBi.

We had a big TV-hug!

Sülfeld, Germany – 31st December 2013

Hello friends, Look – the Christmas tree has colored lights today – time for a party!

I decorated our chair.

Then I brought the important things – drinks and food.

After our dinner we played Helmut’s new game. It was great!

After the game I came with the prices!

I lost the game but got this funny chocolate pig.

Kleine Fee didn’t play with us – but got this funny chimney sweeper.

At midnight we went out to welcome the New Year.

Happy New Year to all of you!