Mein Leben 2015

Sülfeld, Germany – 4th April 2015

Hello friends, We explored Sülfeld today. Our first stop was next to the Alster-Trave-Kanal. I learnt a lot about it on this sign.

There is a big nature reserve with many birds.

I stopped next to a big meadow with many colourful flowers.

And I really liked this small lake.

Here you see me with my new friends in front of the old school of Sülfeld.

Look, this is the emblem of Sülfeld.

We wanted to see these two storks – and we were happy, because they were at home.

My last stop for today was in front of the beautiful church.

Sülfeld, Germany – 5th April 2015

Happy Easter to you! We met the Easter Bunny! It was so cute and friendly.

Then it was time for the search

We found something!

Look, there was something in the basket – but it was high in the air.

We asked Long Hippo and he wanted to help us.

It was steep.

But we did it!

We had a great Easter Party!

This Easter was very special, because my best friend Murph came and visited us.

He brought great gifts for us.

Timmendorfer Strand, Germany – 18th April 2015

Hello friends, We took a trip to Timmendorfer Strand. First we went to a concert and heart songs of sailsmen.

Look – wonderful flowers!

I had fun with this funny fish.

Then we saw the Baltic Sea.

This old man and his granddaughter seem to have a good time.

We went onto the pier, it was a nice sunny day.

What a wonderful place.

Do you know Udo Lindenberg? He is a famous German singer – and this is a monument for him.

What a funny bird!

We had a great day here.

Borstel, Germany – 25th April 2015

Hello friends, It was time for some sport, but only for my Mum, she took her bike and we all went to this nice building in Borstel, a place near to Sülfeld.

Can you see the beautiful tree in front of it?

We continued our trip and found this lovely lake.

Spring is one of the best time in the year.

Lucky Hü, Krystal and I had fun on this big piece of a tree.

Maybe Kleine Fee and I should live in a house like this…

On our way back we stopped at this sign. They changed the way of a river here – back to its natural way.

Urlaub Boltenhagen

Kurzkreuzfahrt Kopenhagen

Sülfeld, Germany – 6th June 2015

Hello friends, It is the start of summer – so I went into the garden and had a look at all the flowers here.

Do you know which vegetable grows here?

White flowers were beautiful, too.

And this curious frog told me a lot about the neighbourhood.

I loved the colour of this flower.

Sülfeld, Germany – 13th June 2015

Hello friends, I wanted to go to our church and show it my guests, because the church was open.

We went inside. It is beautiful!

I went to the front part and had a closer look.

Here you can spend money.

It was a very old church.

Sülfeld, Germany – 14th June 2015

Hello friends, It was my birthday!

The other sang a wonderful birthday song for me.

I got a gift.

Yummy sweets.

I received a parcel by my best friend Murph!

What will be in it?

Wow – great things for a party.

And a funny card.

Thanks Murph!

This one is for Kleine Fee and me.

Then it was time for the party.

We love muffins!

Of course no parties without drinks.

Murph sent me wonderful lights.

We loved it!

Can you see, who this was?

Yes, Kleine Fee and me!


The party was over!

Urlaub in Kanada und eine Rheinkreuzfahrt

Hagenbeck, Germany – 14th September 2015

Hello friends, We went into the Zoo of Hamburg today – and look, there was a small elephant.

Well, the maras were much smaller.

There was a part in the Zoo that looked a little Asian. The dragon was funny – water came out of its nose.

These guys had delicious food – and wonderful buildings.

I never went so close to a big bear!

Many years ago this was the Main Gate of the Zoo, but then the Zoo grew and now it is inside of it.

This was the founder of the Zoo – and look, he had a lion!

The polar bear was very tired.

Then we went to a nice place – I love seeing these animals swimming in the water.

I talked with the friendly guys and thought about swimming with them.

Look, funny Pinguins.

These building very nice – maybe they were from Iceland?

We met some of my relatives.

The lions were lazy.

Time for Zebras.

Back in the quiet part of the Zoo.

It was a nice day!

Hamburg, Germany – 30th September 2015

Hello friends, The weather was nice, so I went into the city of Hamburg. Behind me you can see the Alster.

I liked this view – the big white building is an expensive hotel.

These are the Alsterarkaden…

And when I turned right I saw the town hall.

The swans are famous for the Alster.

I had a closer look at the town hall.

Hamburg is a beautiful town!

Sülfeld, Germany – 10th October 2015

Hello friends, Stoker came and visited us – of course he brought a gift and a card.

We loved the fridge magnet and the sweets.

Time for party!!!! It was Kleine Fee’s birthday!

Stoker brought the gifts from Murph and him.

Kleine Fee loved it!

This one was from Murph – he is such a sweet-talker.

Bine, Kleine Fee loved all!

Then it was time for the dinner.

We had Coke…

…and spaghetti – I chose the blue ones, Kleine Fee the red ones.

My gift for Kleine Fee was this wonderful egg.

It was hard work, but we did it.

It was a wonderful birthday for my beloved girl-friend!

Wolfsburg, Germany – 18th October 2015

Hello friends,

We took a trip and visited Wolfsburg. The famous car company Volkswagen is situated here. Behind me you can see a part of the factory.

We will visit the Autostadt tomorrow.

I was so brave – and played with the wolves.

This big giraffe was very friendly!

Wolfsburg, Germany – 19th October 2015

Hello friends, I went into the Autostadt Wolfsburg – and first I watched 4 short movies!

This big ball was inside the entrance hall.

Under it in the floor there were nice lampions.

And funny white cars – with a good size for TVs.

Then I went outside and had a look at Thomas, he drove on an exciting course with a 4-wheel-drive-car.

Dou you remember, who it looked like yesterday – well the weather was less sunny today, to give a nice comment.

Then it was time for cars – maybe we should buy a Porsche?

This was funny – so many Porsche cars!

These two towers look great – what will be inside?

Cars – many cars!

It was a great view to see the cars on the lift.

We took a kind of elevator – and went to the top of the tower.

From there we saw the big areal of the Autostadt and the factory!

This was the best place – in front of and over all the new cars!

We left the tower and went to the Audi pavilion.

Well – a big motor – really interesting!

Our last stop was a house with many different cars – old and new. These two were old.

This one was a typical VW.

What a wonderful color!

More funny and nice cars!

I am not sure, if this was a car.

Lüneburg, Germany – 20th October 2015

Hello friends, Where am I, or when am I? It looked like a living-room in the Past.

We were in a museum and they had a special exhibition with a house in the 50s.

This was funny – maybe someone remember this time?

Then we went into the city if Lüneburg – it has wonderful houses.

We went onto the water tower and had a beautiful view.

There were nice places next to the river.

And a beautiful old crane.

This is the town hall.

Sülfeld, Germany – 26th October 2015

Hello friends, We decided to take a walk – and met this friendly cow.

Next to it there lived a lot of chicken!

Autumn is coming – behind me you see my famous tree.

Look, nice red berries!

Time to relax on a sunny bench.

This was a beautiful river.

On our way home we found this big mushroom!

Sülfeld, Germany – 31st October 2015

Hello friends, We sat together and talked.

Suddenly my Mum RikeH arrived and brought something for us. What should we do?

It was Halloween – and we had to wear scary dresses.

Kleine Fee and me.

Really scary!

We got some chocolate!

And money – we are rich.

It was a funny evening.

Sülfeld, Germany – 11th November 2015

Hello friends, It was Stoker’s 101st birthday today. RikeH had a surprise for him. Can you imagine where we sit?

Right – it is a music stand.

Stoker LOVEs shanty-music!!! So RikeH brought her songbook…

…and he was allowed to choose one of his favourite songs.

He was allowed to sit next to the accordion.

Then he received his gift. A wonderful mushroom.

We spend the rest of the evening sitting around the fire – talking of course.

Sülfeld, Germany – 23rd November 2015

Hello friends, We had wonderful weather – time for a walk. Our first stop was in the park of Sülfeld.

There was a nice little lake behind me.

This was the old school – look, the Christmas Tree is already there.

The mayor works here – maybe I will become mayor of Sülfeld in the Future.

This is the home of the pastor.

The pharmacy is inside of an old beautiful building.

But the church is the nicest building in the village, I think.

And it is old – more than 800 years.

A great church!

Kreuzfahrt rund um Dubai

Sülfeld, Germany – 24th December 2015

Hi friends, It’s the 24th of December – time to celebrate Christmas here in Germany. I helped decorating the tree. I loved the nice things from my Mum RikeH, especially the small wooden things.

And these were my favorite balls for the tree.

But the normal ones were nice, too.

Look, people can create wonderful things out of wood.

Then we went to Stoker’s and my Grandma.

This looked yummy!

Nice candles next to a friendly camel.

A beautiful Christmas tree.

The cake was so yummy.

Later I played in the tree, this was fun.

Sülfeld, Germany – 24th December 2015

Hi friends, Back home we found a parcel from Murph, my best friend. Look, a wonderful Christmas Card.

What will be in it?


Thanks Murph!

Later we met Snowy and Rudolph.

Kleine Fee and I recited a poem.

And got some gifts.

It was a wonderful Christmas!