Neufundland 2011

in the air again, Germany – 2nd June 2011

Hello friends,

today we started our big holiday. I had a wonderful view out of the window of the plane.

Can you see the river? It looks so funny.

Then I had a delicious meal – it was yummy.

We will go around in a car – and RikeH chose this big car!

Hopefully they will let me drive it, too!

St. John’s, Canada – 3rd June 2011

Hello from Newfoundland,

Today we made a trip to a point called Cape St. Francis. On the way we stopped at this lovely beach.

Then we reached the Cape – and had a wonderful view.

I enjoyed sitting on the Cliff looking at the Cape.

We were allowed to sit in the front of the car – it was great!

Then we drove back to St. John’s and went onto the Signal Hill. We saw a nice lake.

And there was the town.It was very windy there – look at my ears.

This was the Building – where Mr.Marconi started the first wireless connection between Canada and England a long time ago.

Here you see the street, where we live at the moment. The houses are very colorful.

I still was not allowed to drive the car up to now. But I found out, that it has a camera to show, what is behind the car…It must be easy to drive it, I will ask RikeH everyday!


St. John’s, Canada – 4th June 2011

Hello again,

Today we drove to a point called Cape Spear. Behind me you can see the old Lighthouse.

Maybe we will see lighthouses every day? I am not sure about it.

We had a wonderful view from the place.

And there is the most easterly point of North America. This was amazing.

Then we drove to another nice place – it is the Ferryland Lighthouse.

On the way we saw the wonderful Coast.

We went to this lighthouse…

…and had this delicious picnic there.

I loved this place!

Cape St. Mary’s, Canada – 5th June 2011


We went to visit a lot of nesting birds today. But first we stopped at a little harbour with beautiful boats in different colors.

This net is used by the fishermen. I wanted to try it out, but I am too small.

Then we arrived at Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. It is is one of Newfoundland’s major seabird colonies. During the breeding season, it is home to 24,000 Northern gannet, 20,000 black-legged kittiwake, 20,000 common murre, and 2,000 thick-billed murre.

Well – we wanted to go there and count them all. It was a nice walk along the coast.

We came nearer to the biggest rock. Most of the Northern gannets, for example, make their nests on „Bird Rock“—a 100-metre-tall stack of sandstone that is separated from the viewing area by a
chasm only a few metres wide.

Here you see me really close to the rock. I wanted to go nearer, but my Mum RikeH was a little afraid of the steep cliffs – and unfortunately she cannot fly – and told me that a 100-meter-fall would have been not really good for her.

These were the views to the other directions.

We were not able to count the birds, because many of them were away to find food for their children.

This night we spent in a funny cottage. Have you ever seen something like this in a fridge?

There was a big bear, but I was not afraid of it.

I found a great chair to relax.

But it was nicer to spend the evening together with Quentin Ducky and Lintilla in front of the fireplace.

Harbour Grace, Canada – 6th June 2011

Hello friends,

we drove to Harbour Grace – but we stopped in a little village – and took a photo of this nice church.

Then we arrived in Harbour Grace. Behind me you can see the the SS Kyle. The vessel was pruchased by the Earl Brothers Fisheries of Carbonear in 1960 and used in the seal trade until 1967 when
an iceberg accident caused her to be moored in the Harbour Grace harbour. During a storm the SS Kyle broke its moorings and drifted to Riverhead where it has been standing ever since.

Amelia Earhart took flight from Harbour Grace on May 20, 1932, to become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. The plane behind her monument is the „Spirit of Harbour Grace“.

We had a closer look at the SS Kyle from here, too.

After looking at all these exciting things we drove to our next destination. We took a rest at this lovely place.

There were beautiful rocks in the sea behind me, but unfortunately they are really small on the picture. But they were wonderful when I saw them.

Some kilometers later we saw a moose next to the road. We all were so glad – and of course I wanted a photo with it.

Bonavista, Canada – 7th June 2011

Hello from Bonavista,

We were in Bonavista. On our way we stopped at a cliff, where puffins are living.

They are so cute and funny. We saw a lot of them, sitting there and flying around, but they were far away. You can see the black and white dots on the photo behind me :

there were the puffins.

The nature around were really beautiful, too.

I found this funny chair – so you can see a puffin and me!

Then we went to Bonavista – behind me is the lighthouse.

This is a monument of John Cabot, who gave this part of the land the name.

We drove to nice rock formations, called Dungeon Rocks.

It was a windy place – like all places here in Newfoundland.

Near to the Rocks were some animals – I visited them.

First I talked with the cow.I told her about the ToyVoyagers, but she didn’t seem to be interested.

So I changed to the first horse…

… and to the second.

But they were too tired. Look!

So it was time for some more sightseeing – one of many churches in the town of Bonavista.

There was a big pond – and we walked around it.

These houses were important in the history of the town – but I didn’t really understand why.

Let’s talk about the big car again – I asked to drive it, and this time they answered ’not yet‘. This is even better than no…


Twillingate, Canada – 8th June 2011

Hello from Twillingate,

we were in Twillingate – a little town next to the sea with nice old houses.

Behind me you can see the harbour – and the way to the ocean.

This lovely beach was next to our home. We had a great view there.

Twillingate, Canada – 9th June 2011

Hello from Twillingate again,

today went to a place called Long Point. There is a nice coastline, of course.

We stopped at the lighthouse. There are many of them here in Newfoundland.

We drove back to Twillingate and found a nice place for this photo.

Then it was time for adventure. We were making a boat trip. There were no icebergs, but boat trips are always fun.

I were allowed to be the driver. Maybe RikeH and Thomas will allow me to drive the Jeep, when I am doing a good job here.

It was lovely to be on the water.

I searched for Whales, but we didn’t find any.

The view was so nice! But it was very windy!

We stopped near to some nice rock formations. Can you see the hole in the rock behind me?

We continued our trip and saw a little village from the seaside.

This was fun!


Gros Morne National Park, Canada – 12th June 2011

Hello friends,

we spent the day in the Gros Morne National Park. Here are many big mountains and wonderful bays. I liked it a lot!

First we stopped at a lookout and saw the Bonne Bay.

We drove further and stopped next to it.

The next stop was next to the Tablelands. They were really interesting and we made a walk there.

Next to the trail were these beautiful flowers.

Then we reached the end of the trail and saw this great valley with a nice river.

Can you see that there is still snow on the top of the mountains?

I loved the river.

In a small town called Woody Point we saw this old house. I have no idea, why RikeH was not able to make a nicer photo – maybe because it was too windy?

Next to the house was another lighthouse.

This was the view when I stand next to the lighthouse.

After walking another trail we reached this wonderful waterfall. It was amazing!

Well – you remember – it is still my dream to drive the Jeep. Today I looked at the motor. I have to understand how it works to drive the car.

And I learnt the signs next to the road. There are mooses in the area, I think.

I finished the day with another lighthouse – it is the one of Rocky Harbour, where we are living at the moment. Behind the lighthouse is the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

In the evening I saw this wonderful sunset.

Gros Morne National Park, Canada – 13th June 2011

Hello again,

my Mum RikeH packed our bags again – so we had time to play in front of the cottage.

I loved the slide.

It was a very big one!

Then I tried the swing.

But playing alone was boring – so we all tried to use the slide together.

I was the fastest!

The idea was not so good…

My Mum RikeH came and told us to sit in the sunshine.

Later we were on the road again and stopped at this funny rock. It is called Arches and really nice.

The beach next to it was not really nice and sandy – and it was a little windy, so we decided to move on.

We spent this night in a lodge.

Next to it was this pond.

Tomorrow it is my birthday. I am so excited!

St.Anthony, Canada – 14th June 2011

Hello friends,

as you know, it was my birthday today. I got a beautiful present!

The other came and sang a wonderful song for me.

Then they gave me a big hug!

After the breakfast we drove to St. Anthony – it is in the North of Newfoundland.

Next to the street we found some snow – in June!

We took a boat trip. This was our boat.

Can you see, what was behind me?

Yes – we saw this wonderful iceberg! This was amazing.

We drove around it – and took a lot of photos.

Then we left it. Bye iceberg!

We drove along the Coast and saw a small lighthouse. RikeH had to hold me, because it was so windy on the boat!

There should be something nice in the next bay.

Another iceberg – he had such a funny shape.

In the evening we had the birthday party! We had a lovely drink…

… and something nice to eat.

But I loved the drink more!

And made some nonsense.

We were very tired for a moment.

But then we decided to become artists!

My birthday was great – maybe I should have a party like this every week.

St. Anthony, Canada – 15th June 2011

Hello from St. Anthony again,

we planned a lazy day today, but made a short walk to a lighthouse. But first I wanted a photo of our home here.

On our way to the lighthouse we saw this nice plane. It is in a Memorial Park for people who died during their fight agains fire.

Then it was time for a lighthouse. It was the same we saw from the boat yesterday.

We had a lovely view to the other side.

This photo is typical for the sense of humour of the people here. They call the steps – stairway to heaven. Because there is a cemetary at the beginning of the steps.

We went back to the town – you can see it.

We stopped at a museum – there is a monument in front of it.

Did you find me – here I am!

An artist created a fish out of ice in front of the museum. It looked great!

In the evening I sat in our room and looked out of the window – it is a nice place.

St.Anthony, Canada – 16th June 2011

😀 Happy birthday Thomas !!! 😀

Today it was time for a museum. It was at the place where Vikings lived around 1000 years ago.

Behind me you can see their village.

They had very funny houses.

I went inside – there was a wonderful fire.

I found big helmets…

… and big shoes.

I visited the old smithy. Can you find me?

And here was something for HoBi and Murph – do you know these mushrooms?

It was great – I met some of the Vikings – maybe they came back home after being away for 1000 years?

I think that they came with this boat.

On they way back to the car I found an interesting monument.


St. John’s, Canada – 18th June 2011

Hello friends,

It was our last day in Canada today. I looked into my travelog and found out that I forgot to post one of the most important events of the holiday.

I drove the Jeep Grand Cherokee!!! Look.

And I drove really fast. It was so much fun!

Maybe I will become a race driver in a few years!

In the garden of our last cottage I found a friend. Can you see him?

Here is a better photo.

And on this photo you can see him really good, I think.

Of course we talked a lot about our different lives!

In the evening our traveling group sat together in a big armchair. We met a new friend from Newfoundland. He is the funny puffin between us.

We had a small party – it was such a nice holiday!

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