Polen 2012

Warsaw, Poland – 7th September 2012

Hi from Warsaw,

We went to Poland – and I had a look out of the window of the plane.

In the evening we took a walk through Warsaw and saw this nice fountain.

At this place the people think of dead soldiers.

This is one of the best hotels here – but we didn’t have a room here.

The home of the President – if I remember it right.

To tell the truth – I have no idea what building this was.

This is the Sigismundsäule.

And this is the castle of the town. It was so beatiful.

Do you know the man on the photo?

Another beautiful building.

This is a nice big place in the old city.

Here you see a monument – Polish people love monuments like this one.

The city had wonderful views in this light.

Masuria, Poland – 8th September 2012

Hello from Masuria,

We left Warsaw and I saw this funny building.

Then we went to a region called Masuria. We took a trip on a river called Krutynia.

Look – we sat on a boat like that one.

We had wonderful weather!

There was a nice tree – sadly dead, but it looked great.

I loved this trip.

I met a swan!

Later we stopped at another place and had a great view.

I loved the wooden houses here. You can see me with my friends in front of this house.

Swieta Lipka, Poland – 9th September 2012

Hello again,

Today we visited a nice church – called Mariä Verkündigung in Swieta Lipka.

We had a nice time in the church and listened to an organ recital.

In front of the church I saw these nice harvest crowns.

A pilgrimage route seems to be here.

Can you see this nice Castle – unfortunately it was a ruin.

We had a nice stop at the port of Mikolajki.

On the market place there was this fountain with a fish on it.

Near to our hotel I had fun in this boat.

I had a great view from a hill there.

Around the hotel there were some funny guys.

It was a very beautiful hotel!

Frombork, Poland – 10th September 2012

Hello friends,

We took a boat trip today – but it was a special trip. On this water channel the ships drove some parts without water – this was strange. On this postcard you can see how it works.

This was our boat.

This photo should show the nice nature – but maybe it was more important to see me!

Behind me you can see our way over the hill.

Our ship was on a wagon like this behind me.

Here you see the moment, when we went onto the wagon.

It was so interesting!

With the help of water and these wheels they moved the wagons.

Here you can see the machine room.

After this interesting trip with a boat we went to Frambork and visited the big cathedral there.

Did you know Nikolaj Kopernik?

There were strange things in the church…

Malbork, Poland – 11th September 2012

Hello friends,

We started our day with another big red building. But this one was bigger. It is the Castle Malbork/Marienburg. It is the biggest medieval fortress in Europe.

It looked great!

We went into the Castle and saw this nice altar or whatever it should be – I am not that good in religious things.

This was another nice room.

In the castle courtyard we met these 4 guys. They were important for the Malbork!

The kitchen was really interesting – and I wanted to show this photo –although I look like a ghost on it.

This was a funny guy. Believe it or not – the size of his wings shows the distance to the restrooms.

After our visit we went to the other side of the river and had wonderful views.

Enough for the Castle – it was time for the seaside. We went to a place called Sopot. They have a very long pier there.

It was strange – at the end there was a little harbor.

Maybe I will be a pirate someday?

It was a hot and sunny day – so the people spent their time on the beach and in the water.

Next to the beach there was a really big hotel – I would have loved to stay in it.

In the city I saw this funny house…

It was a great day.

Gdansk, Poland – 12th September 2012

Hello from Gdansk,

My Mum told me that there will be a surprise for me in Gdansk. And look who waited for me in the hotel room? It was Kleine Fee.

It was great to see here again!

Normally we had good weather here in Poland – but today it was not so good – fortunately we had no rain. Behind us you can see one of the town’s landmark – the medieval port crane.

We had a nice view over the river.

There were many gates in Gdansk – we liked this one.

This was inside the old city – this house is called Artus‘ Court with the Neptune Fountain in front of it.

Next to it there was the town hall.

Our lunch was very delicious.

Back on the road we saw another Gate.

And this was the armory.

I am so happy that Kleine Fee spend the last time in Poland with me!

Leba, Poland – 13th September 2012

Hello friends,

We visited this nice castle from the family Krockow

We saw some nice rooms in the castle.

Later we went to a big wandering dune.

It was really big – and we loved the view from here.

Later we went to the beach.

After the walk we relaxed in a small dune.

Our next stop was the little town Leba. I liked the boats there.

In the evening we saw some folk dances.

It was really interesting.


Gdansk, Poland – 14th September 2012

Hello friends,

It was our last day in Poland – and we spent in in Gdansk again. Because the weather was much better, we wanted to have new photos of course.

Everything looked good today.

This time we crossed the River and had a nice view. The medieval port crane looked much better in the sunshine.

Stoker and I wanted to have a photo together!

We took a walk through the old city.

It was a nice and sunny day – then we had to fly home.

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