Potsdam 2011

Potsdam, Germany – 5th August 2011

Hello from Potsdam,

We made a nice trip this weekend. We went to Potsdam – famous for the wonderful castle Sanssouci. You can see it behind me.

There were nice statues in the garden.

And a strange Chinese Tea-House.

Later I saw this wonderful fountain – in the background is the Orangery.

Yes – here you can see it better.

In the evening we relaxed on the big bed. Enough space for us 4.

I talked with Moony – so DuDu and DuDette had time for themselves.

Potsdam, Germany – 6th August 2011

Hello from Potsdam again.

We spent a second day in Potsdam. Behind me you see the Brandenburger Tor. Yes – there is a Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam, too – not only in Berlin. And the one in Potsdam is older than the one in Berlin.

This is the oldest church in Potsdam.

This part of the town is called Dutch Quarter.

There are really nice houses here.

There is another old Gate.

Then we saw another really beautiful church.

Next to it is the old Townhall.

This evening we spent on the colorful armchair.

Berlin, Germany – 7th August 2011

Hello from the capital of Germany.

After spending two days in Potsdam it was time to drive home today. But we visited another city on our way. Can you imagine where we were? (maybe I gave you a little hint – with the capital of Germany…)

Maybe you don’t know it – the drink is called Berliner Weisse mit Schuß – and it is typical for Berlin. It was yummy!

Then it was time for sightseeing. We saw some buildings in the new government district.

Then we saw the Reichstag.

And the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Before driving home we had a rest at the Potsdamer Platz. The roof of the building is so interesting.

It was a nice week-end.

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