Quedlinburg 2016

Quedlinburg, Germany – 05.12.2016

Hello friends,

Back in Germany I took a trip to the wonderful town Quedlinburg. There were many timbered houses here – we lived in one of it.

There was a funny monument – Stoker and I loved it.

I liked the old houses here.

This one was beautiful!

There was a wall around the old city.

Then we visited the Christmas Market.

Look – the town hall.

This church was funny – with two different towers.

I walked through small streets…

…and found more nice houses…

A beautiful town!

Back in our holiday home we found a nice Christmas tree.

Quedlinburg, Germany – 6.12.2016

We knew that there was a nice Castle here. We wanted to see it. On our way we crossed a big place with many nice houses.

Hey, we found the Castle.

First we went into the church.

The Castle looked really nice.

What a great Castle.

We went into the Castle Garden and had a wonderful view over the town.

I liked it here!

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