Schweiz 2013

Sülfeld, Germany – 31st May 2013

Hello hello,

We were on our way into the South.

We took the ICE- a very fast German train. Look – our speed was 199 km/h at this moment. Later we drove 250 km/h. This was great.

I looked out of the window – the weather was not so nice in most parts of Germany.

And there were many tunnels on our way.

We will spend some days in Bavaria. I will write more soon.

Amberg, Germany – 1st June 2013

Hello from Amberg,

We visited the town Amberg today. It was raining – but it was raining for a long time in this part of Germany.
There are heavy floods at the moment.

This was a nice place – I think the market place.

I loved this funny guy on the fountain.

Look – can you see the high water – normally there is only a small river.

This is a famous building in the city.

I went nearer and it was really beautiful.

Neumarkt, Germany – 2nd June 2013

Hello hello,

Today we drove around Neumarkt. The first stop was a nice church with an interesting cemetery in Pilsach-Dietkirchen.

All graves have wrought-iron crosses and roses. Unfortunately we were too early for the roses, but I liked the beautiful crosses.

The interior of the church was nice, too.

Later we went to the ruin called Wolfstein. It was so big and high on a hill.

I saw Neumarkt fom there.

We played on the pillory.

But of course I know that it was a serious place in the Past.

I loved this ruin!

Tomorrow we will drive to Switzerland. Keep your fingers crossed that we will have a safe trip. Some trains were already cancelled because of the heavy floods here in Southern Germany.

on the way, Germany – 3rd June 2013

Hello from ???,

Good luck for all of us. The trains to Austria were cancelled, but we were able to drive to Chur in Switzerland. We were happy and decided to enjoy the trip without photos. But then we passed this Lake.

Surely you don’t know the name up to now. We all sat together, because we wanted to see the sign together.

Maybe you can see it – on the sign is the name Lindau.

We passed the Lake Constance.

Bernina Express, Switzerland – 4th June 2013

Hello friends,

Switzerland welcomed us with sunny weather. 😀

We took a train called Bernina-Express today. We learnt a lot about it in this little brochure. It is a Unesco World Heritage running along 122 kms of track, passing through 55 tunnels and over 196 bridges and viaducts.

We had a look at the map.

We found a great and sunny place then we started.

I met a friendly Capricorn in the train.

There were nice mountains with snow outside.

My Mum RikeH tried to take single photos of all of us, but the train was too fast – and it was impossible to get nice photos for all of us – so we decided to sit together and have most of the photos together. RikeH apologizes for it.

Can you see the viaduct behind us?

Look – wonderful green meadows.

We came into the mountains.

Later we found out that it would be better to look out of the window, and not laughing into the camera all time, so we moved and looked out of the window. We drove about his viaduct, too.

Next to the street – and our train – was a big river.

We saw the head of the train before us.

I love Switzerland.

Look – I was in one of the tunnels – it was the longest on our trip – called Albulatunnel. It is almost 6000 m long – on a height of more than 1800 m above sea level.

Sometimes the street was next to us.

Then we came to the highest part of the trip. Ospizio Bernina is more than 2253 m high.

This lake was so beautiful.

Another view of the front part of the train.

We went lower – and saw more green again.

Later we went near to the border to Italy.

But this was still in Switzerland.

And here you see the circular viaduct of Brusio. It describes a 360-degree curve.

Soon I will tell you about a visit in Italy.

Tirano, Italy – 4th June 2013

Hello from Italy,

As you know we took the Bernina Express. It stopped in Tirano in Italy. We had only 1,5 hours, but saw a lot of nice buildings.

I started next to the fountain on a nice place.

Kleine Fee and I loved these flowers. Some days ago we were in Germany – and there weren’t blooming roses.

I liked the house with the beautiful balcony.

And there was a nice church.

Tirano has nice buildings.

And some parts with older houses.

I like most this old tower.

There was a river in the city.

Then it was time to drive back to Chur, where we started. Behind me you see our train.

It was time for our meal.

Then it was time for looking out of the window.

A viaduct again.

And we saw snow.

It was a great day – in the hotel we were tired,

Chur, Switzerland – 5th June 2013

Hello again,

Today I explored the town Chur. Chur is the oldest city of Switzerland. It was nice and sunny weather. I started in front of the town hall.

This beautiful church is called church of St. Martin.

This is the gate to the episcopal Castle.

The cathedral of Chur.

I had great views over the city.

There was a nice place called Arcas.

Another gate – it is called Obertor.

Look – what a wonderful painting on this wall.

Kleine Fee and I relaxed in a nice garden.

At home it was time for a cake. I shared mine with Gozer and Kleine Fee.

The others had a tart with rapsberries.

It was so yummy!

Later that evening we heart some music and went out.

Look – this was our very nice hotel.


Glacier-Express, Switzerland – 6th June 2013

Hello friends,

Surely you remember our trip in the Bernina-Express. Today we took another train – called Glacier Express. Like the last time we read our little brochure.

It looked interesting, too.

It was a nice train.

I like the mountains with snow on the top.

We drove high again and saw a lot of snow.

The landscape changed during our trip.

It was great – we had our headphones and learnt interesting facts about Switzerland.

We passed many small villages.

This was a deep gorge.

We had to use a rack railway, because it was so steep.

We arrived in Zermatt in the late afternoon and hopefully will have a great time here.

Kleine Fee and I drank a bottle of Coke in the evening.

And we thought of Murph, when we drank it.

Gornergrat, Switzerland – 7th June 2013

Hello Hello,

We were in Zermatt – and had a room with a nice balcony. We sat in the sunshine and talked.

What a wonderful view!

First we thought about climbing up that hill – but it was time to relax.

Later my Mum RikeH came and told us that we will drive with a nice train to a place called Gornergrat.

Good luck for me – I found a place next to the driver of the train.

We went higher – and there was snow again.

Then we were at Gornergrat – and saw the Matterhorn – maybe the most famous mountain of Switzerland.

We all wanted to have a group photo in the snow.

I wanted to have one more with snow AND the Matterhorn.

There were other beautiful mountains next to it.

This was the view to another direction – amazing!

There was a small chapel on the mountain.

I sat next to it.

Look – this was the train – called Gornergratbahn.

On our way back to Zermatt we all sat in Mum’s bag and had a lot of fun together.

But at the end I had to jump out of the bag – because I LOVE this mountain…

What a wonderful trip.

Zermatt, Switzerland – 7th June 2013

Hello friends,

When we came back from the Gornergrat, we took a walk through the village Zermatt.
We started in the old part. There were many old houses.

Behind me you can see how they were built. The funny construction with stones and wood should help against mice.

I met a Capricorn – normally they live in the mountains, but this one prefers living in the village.

And we had fun with this group of marmots.

This is the church of Zermatt.

What a nice day!

Kleines Matterhorn, Switzerland – 8th June 2013

Hello friends,

It was time for another mountain. Today we took three cable cars and went onto the Kleine Matterhorn. The trip was really interesting.

There was another gondola coming down from the hill.

I had a great view back into the valley.

Then we were on the Top of the mountain. Next to it was another nice mountain called Breithorn.

I loved it here.

Behind me you can see the Matterhorn again. We were happy to see it, because only one hour later it was behind the fog or the cloud.

It was amazing to sit at this height.

Look – I was about 3883 meters or 12739 feet above sea level.

Before we went back to Zermatt we visited the glacier paradise. A place where I learnt a lot about glaciers – and saw nice ice sculptures.

The ice crystals were amazing.

I was a brave bunny and sat in a crevasse.

And this was one of the best moments of the holiday – I climbed the Matterhorn. Can you see me on the photo?

We went back to Zermatt – and I saw nice houses.

Vierwaldstättersee, Switzerland – 9th June 2013

Hello friends,

After seeing so many mountains, it was time for a change. We drove to Luzern, a city next to the Vierwaldstättersee.

We jumped onto one ship and took a trip over the Lake.

There were many mountains around – but I didn’t want to climb on one of it.

I loved the views and the beautiful hotel there – it must have been a castle in the Past.

The lake is so big – it has a big Island.

We stopped at a lot of small villages.

Look – another ship – there were a lot of ships on the lake.

This was our first ship.

We stopped after 1,5 hours – and took another ship back to Luzern. It was called Schwyz.

On the way back I had great views.

The Castle again…

It was a nice afternoon on the Vierwaldstättersee.

Luzern, Switzerland – 10th June 2013

Hello friends,

Today we explored Luzern. First I climbed up a hill and had a great view of the city.

Behind me you can see the Vierwaldstättersee.

I walked on the old wall and saw this wonderful tower.

There were nice places with old houses in the city center.

And this is the famous place of Luzern – the Kapellbrücke.

Maybe this is a nicer view?

There were old paintings on the bridge.

Look – a wonderful church.

We went into it.

We went back in the hotel and had a rest.

Later in the afternoon I went into the city again. The weather was better than before.

This is one of the oldest houses in the city.

And here I saw the famous sleeping lion.

I wanted to show you this: there were so many tourist from Asia in Luzern in Zermatt. I felt like being in Asia sometimes.

And because of the Asian feeling I played in front of an Asian restaurant on an elephant.

Maybe this is the nicer view?

This still looks like Asia…

But the last photo of my trip to Switzerland should be more European. The big gate in front of the main station.

I had a wonderful time in Bavaria and Switzerland – but now it is time to go home – and celebrate my birthday there.

Dicker Kumpel

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