Siseby 2016

Sieseby, Germany – 07.05.2016

Hello friends,

I am on the way to a nice small village, but first I stopped at this beautiful lighthouse.

Surely I climbed onto it and had nice views!

This way looked nice – I have to go there.

But first I relaxed on this big stone – can you see the sailing-ships behind me?

Then I went along the promenade.

We continued our trip and reached the village Sieseby. Well – first I saw the Schlei.

They have so beautiful houses here!

And this is the church.

I went into it.

What a nice path!

I saw a last beautiful house.

What a nice day!

Kappeln, Germany – 08.05.2016

Hello friends,

I was so excited – we will drive in an old train – this loco is called Julchen.

We were in a nice wagon.

I saw the smoke of Julchen.

It was a beautiful old train.

Look – an old sign.

I like the color of the rape.

We talked a lot and had fun together.

We arrived in Kappeln and went onto a ship.

I saw some houses of Kappeln.

This bridge looked great – and the cars and people had to stop, because we went through the bridge.

This is the famous Herring fence of Kappeln.

We were on the Schlei and had nice views.

I saw Sieseby from the water.

Back in Süderbrarup, where we started our trip – I saw this wonderful stone circle.

Our last stop was really funny. Can you imagine, what it was?

A huge giant – can you find me on his foot.

He was 5 meter high!

What a wonderful day!

Eckernförde, Germany – 09.05.2016

Hello friends,

We visited the town Eckernförde.

First we went to the harbor.

Look, a small lighthouse with funny colors.

This was the market-place…

…with the town hall.

This was a nice small church.

I went inside.

Back to the harbor again – I liked the red houses.

We continued our walk.

These guys were so funny.

We arrived in the spa garden. I loved this statues.

And this beautiful flower.

Other nice flowers with an anchor.

I went onto a long pier.

Nice views in both directions.

The beach is next to the town – that was nice.

Gettorf, Germany – 10.05.2016

Hello friends,

I went into a small zoo with funny animals. Here you see the first one.

These birds have a wonderful color!

Look, great paintings on the wall.

Beautiful flowers.

A friendly zebra…

…and some cows.

We both talked a lot.

Do you know these animals?

Then we arrived at this funny house. We must go into it.


It looked funny this way!

On our way back to the entrance we met other animals.

My Mum and others were allowed to feed the Tapirs. This was exciting. We TVs were too shy to feed them. But it was a great day!

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