Slowenien, Kroatien und mehr 2009

Bled, Slovenia – 13th September 2009

Hello from Slovenia.

Yesterday we started our trip. We had a delicious meal and something nice to drink for our trip to Slovenia.

Today we reached Slovenia and made a nice walk through the Vintgar Gorge. It was wonderful with many green trees and the nice river.

Back home we were so tired and went to bed.

Bled, Slovenia – 14th September 2009

Hello from Bled!

This day we walked around the nice lake Bled. There is a nice church…

… a beautiful castle…

…and a small island in the lake.

We had a nice time there.

Kobarid, Slovenia – 15th September 2009

Hello from the Julian Alps.

We drove over the Vrsic Pass today. It is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia (1611m) and it has 48 hairpin bends.

On the way to the pass, we saw a nice little russian church.

I hope that you can see me on the photo…

Then we saw some funny sheep on the street – maybe they wanted to see the pass, too. Or they are a kind of sheep travellers. Who knows…

Here I am on the highest pass…

…and that was our view!

In the evening we tasted a delicious glass of Slovenian Wine.

Today I send Birthday Wishes to TobiHH and Tobi!

Kobarid, Slovenia – 16th September 2009

Hello from Kobarid!

In the morning we had rain, so we played as nice game called Carcassone.

Later the weather went better and we walked the Kobarid historical trail. We started next to the Italian Charnel House with the Church of St, Anton. We had a nice view.

Then we saw the Soca Gorge, which has the great color of blue-green.

We walked across the wooden, hanging bridge over the Soca River.

The highlight of the path was the Slap Kozjak, a beautiful waterfall in a cave-like area. The trail was a little tricky in some parts. We had to walk across narrow stone bridges without handrails and climb some slippery rock slabs, but it is well worth the effort.

What a great day!

Krk, Croatia – 18th September 2009

Hello from Krk,

Yesterday we didn’t take many photos, but we visited a nice
stalactite cave. It was great, but we were not allowed to take photos there.

So I had only two photos yesterday – the first was made on the same place as the day before – but look, we had much nicer weather!

In the evening we explored the garden of our first hotel in Croatia – and I met a friendly turtle.

Today we started the day with sunshine again. This is the Marina in Pulan on KRK. KRK is a funny name for an island, I think.

We visited the village Vrbnik – with a nice old town. You see me in front of the church – and with a great view over the water.

Then we went to another village called Baska – the beach is 1.8 km long!

Then I played on a modern ship!

Back home I enjoyed the view from our room.

Plitvica, Croatia – 20th September 2009

Hello from Plitvicka,

Yesterday we visited the town Krk on the Krk Island – and saw this nice old castle.

On the time square was a funny clock on the tower – it showed 24 hours instead of the normal 12 hours, Maybe you can see it on the photo?

On our way to the next Highligt – the Plitvicka Jezera (Lakes) we stopped at the roadside and took these two beautiful photos.

Today we visited the  Plitvicka Lakes. There are many lakes and falls. Here you can see me in front of one nice fall. It was far away – but beautiful.

There was a beautiful little river inside the forest.

A wonderful wide waterful – with a nice green pool in front of it. I would have loved to take a bath in it, but I was not allowed to do it.

This is the highest waterfall in Croatia – 78 m!

At the end we had a great view over the Park.

It was a wonderful day in the national park!

Paklenica , Croatia – 21st September 2009

Hello from Paklenica NP,

We went into another Nationalpark – the Paklenica National Park. There are many people climbing up the walls – really strange…

We had great views of the mountains. Fortunately we didn’t walked too much. We are lazy ToyVoyagers.

Mum told me, that we will make a  boat trip tomorrow – that should be fun!

Zadar, Croatia – 22nd September 2009

Hello from Zadar,

Today we made a nice boat trip to the Kornati Islands. Kornati is an archipelago of 125 islets and reefs. We started in Zadar and had nice views around.

We stopped on a nice island and had a view over the Bay and some wonderful Cliffs.

Back home we relaxed on the balcony and saw a colorful sunset.

We are great friends now – and we are happy to travel together for some more days!

Trogir, Croatia – 23rd September 2009

Hi from Trogir,

when we started today – we saw, that there are Kiwis growing here in Croatia – this is funny!

We went into another great National Park, called KRKA National Park. We walked over nice paths and saw many waterfalls, they are not as high as the others a few days ago – but very wide. First we planned out tour.

Here you can see two of the waterfalls.

Here we are both in front of one of the nicest views!

Later that day, we visited a nice old town, called Trogir. In the 3rd century BC it was founded by Greek colonists as Tragurion. That is really old.

Here you see me on the nicest square in the little city.

At the seaside was a nice promenade – with palm trees – they are so beautiful!

It was a great day – with nature and culture.

Hvar, Croatia – 25th September 2009

Hello from Hvar,

yesterday we went to the Hvar Island with a ferry. You can see me on the ferry – in the afternoon we visited an old city called Stari Grad.

Today we visited another really nice city on the Hvar Island – called Hvar. There are many old buildings, a port – and a castle on the hill.

We found this interesting plant – the aloe vera. It was big enough to sit on it.

We really loved this island, although it was so hot on it – about 29 degrees Celsius.

Budva, Montenegro – 27th September 2009

Hello from Montenegro!

We visited the monastir Ostrog in the mountains today – it is very famous in Montenegro. There were many people on this day – we had a traffic jam on our way back into the Valley. This was the new part :

And this was the old one – built in the mountain.

On our way to Budva we saw another famous place in Montenegro – the Sveti Stephan.

In our appartement we sang Happy Birthday for Murph and gave him a big hug. After it we ate a lot of Chips and had a great evening.

Budva, Montenegro – 28th September 2009

Hello from Montenegro again,

we spent the day in Budva again – and visited the Old Town. In the Port we saw two great Yachts.

Back home we relaxed on the balcony and tried some freeclimbing.

Later we played on the ventilator. It was like a big fast roundabout.

In the evening we worked on the laptop to update our travel logs.

Kotor, Montenegro – 29th September 2009

Hello from Kotor,

We visited another nice old town in Montenegro today. It is called Kotor – the old town was built between the 12th and 14th century. This is old. Here I was in front of the big church.

These are the big walls around the city.

In the Harbour were two cruise ships – you can see me in front of the smaller one – it was beautiful!

Tomorrow we will leave Montenegro and go back to Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia – 30th September 2009

Hello from Dubrovnik,

Another nice old town – but this time – it is really big and has a wall all around the old city centre. And we walked all the way on the wall. It was a long walk – but it was worth it. First we saw it from far away – it looked great!

Then we began our walk on the big walls.This is the most important street.

A view of the old port.

And two other views from the wall.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

on the Ferry, Croatia – 1st October 2009

Hello from the Ferry Marko Polo,

We made a long trip with a ferry today – and tonight. We started in Dubrovnik and arrived in Rijeka – for the people who know the map of Croatia..

This is the Ferry called Marko Polo:

This is a view of the beautiful coast of Croatia.

We stopped in the lovely town of Korcula.

Greetings to my friend Tobi – I know, that you have been here
– and I am happy to go to Schalke with you!

In the evenings I relaxed with a good old and cold Beer.

I love boat trips!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

Pula, Croatia – 3rd October 2009

Hello again,

Yesterday we were in Pula – a very nice city – with great monuments.

First you see me in front of a great Gate – isn’t it nice? People laughed about RikeH – – taking photos of us in front of us. Do you understand this?

Then we saw the arena (colloseum). It is really big!

And we visited the Temple of Roma and Augustus.

Today we are on our way to Slovenia again. Before boarding our car, we found this great mushroom.

We stopped in this small town – but I forgot the name – we saw so many old nice towns…

On the way we had this great view!

yours Dicker Kumpel

Trieste, Italy – 4th October 2009

Hello from Italy!

We started our way back in a car train from Trieste in Italy. We had some time to explore this nice city – first we made 3 photos on a big place.

This canal is called Canale Grande – but is was not really big.

Well, this is all for our nice holiday here. I really hope, that you all like the photos!

Yours Dicker Kumpel

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