Suedafrika 2012

Betty’s Bay, South Africa – 3rd November 2012

Hi friends,

We flew to South Africa. Isn’t that exciting? I looked out of the window.

On the map I saw that it won’t take too long anymore.

I am so happy – Kleine Fee came with me. So we can spend a nice time together.

Today we took our first trip here. We went to a colony of penguins, but first I met this nice guy – it was a Dassie.

Then I saw the penguins – there were hundreds!

I went closer to some of them.

Look – there were parents with their child.

These guys were very close to our way.

I wanted to have a photo with this penguin. He was not afraid of us.

It was a nice time here with the penguins!

Back ‘home’ we had delicious Sushi.

We have a great time here!

Hermanus, South Africa – 4th November 2012

Hello again,

I am in Hermanus now. It’s a city where you can see whales. We saw some from our balcony – but wanted to see more. A funny taxi brought us to the city center. It is called Tuk Tuk.

From this point we saw one of the whales very close, but unfortunately my Mum took photos of the whale at this moment – and not of me and the whale.

But here you can see how big the whale was. (About 15 meters!)

We decided to walk back to our home. The Cliff Path seemed to be a good idea. There were nice plants next to it.

We had nice views from the Coast and some Whales – but the Whales were too far away for a good photo without zooming.

We took a rest, because the way was long – and we loved this stone formation.

Wow – they have strange but beautiful flowers here.

Can you remember the photo we took half an hour before? It was nearly the same photo. The path was longer than expected. Because I am an intelligent bunny – I travelled in my Mum’s bag.

Fortunately we reached our home – I told Kleine Fee all about the walk. We had a wonderful view from the balcony.

We all relaxed in the sunshine after the long walk.

Have you ever seen a big flower like this one?


Oudtshoorn, South Africa – 5th November 2012

Hi from Africa,

It was time for adventure –we lived in this tent for 2 days.

We relaxed next to a beautiful lake and in the late afternoon we went onto a safari in this car.

We watched out for wild animals and saw some – but you cannot see them on the photo – they were far away!

The nature looks different here to my home country!

Our guide told us that maybe a hippo is living in this little lake. But we didn’t meet one here. We saw three others earlier in the afternoon – but it is always the same with these wild animals – they didn’t want to be close to us.

This is a typical tree for this part of the world.

Look – can you see the rhino on the hill? It was amazing – and so big!

We had a wonderful sundown.

Oudtshoorn, South Africa – 6th November 2012

Happy Birthday Mum,

It was my Mum’s birthday and we sang a wonderful song for her.

In the morning we visited an ostrich farm and learnt a lot about these birds.

First I met a really small one.

This one was bigger!

This one was an adult one, I think.

On this photo you can see a family. The black one is the male, the brown one is the female – and you see some children.

Their eggs were soooo big.

Later we saw some stupid people riding on the ostriches. First it was a visitor.

This guy felt from the ostrich…

And this guy really knew how to ride an ostrich.

The ostrich and I talked about strange behavior of some humans…

These 3 ostriches wanted to have a group photo with me.

Later we visited the Cango Caves. It was not so easy to take good photos – but I wanted to show you how the cage looked like inside.

Maybe I am the ghost bunny of the cave?

Back home in our lodge we relaxed some hours – then it was time for meeting elephants. They should be there behind the lake.

We were really close to the elephants. These elephants were orphans – their parents were killed in the Krüger National Park. Now they were about 10 years old – and really tall!

Look – the elephant played soccer!

It was so interesting to meet them!

We went back to our tent – you can see it far behind me!

It was a wonderful birthday for my Mum!

Oudtshoorn, South Africa – 7th November 2012

Hello again,

It was our last day in the tent – and I wanted to show you how it looked like.

Before we left we had a morning safari.

We saw some animals next to a water hole.

Later it was amazing – we went really close to many giraffes.

There were 10 of it.

We stopped at this wonderful point and saw other animals – but they were far away.

Here you see me with my friends on our vehicle.

I liked this nice flower.

We went to Plettenberg Bay – the world looked different there! We went to the beach.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa – 8th November 2012

Hello hello,

Today we went to a place called Birds of Eden – the largest free flight bird aviary in the world.

We saw a lot of wonderful birds there.

Can you see this colorful bird? He ran away when he saw me.

There were a waterfall – we walked behind it.

Then we crossed this adventurous suspension bridge.

At the end we came to the ducks, swans and other birds who live on lakes.

These red birds were wonderful!

The last birds were these blue parrots – they were so big!

What a nice day here.

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa – 9th November 2012

Hello friends,

After visiting the birds yesterday, it was time to visit the Robberg. We saw it from our balcony.

Then we were there – and behind me you can see the beach of Plettenberg Bay – and maybe our hotel far away.

We took a walk on the Robberg – and had amazing views.

Here you see me at the point called the Gap.

Then we went to the other side of the Mountain – another nice beach.

We climbed up the mountain and relaxed, hearing the sound of the ocean.

Back home I showed Kleine Fee where I spent my time.

Graaff-Reinet, South Africa – 10th November 2012

Hello friends,

We drove to a town called Graaff-Reinet and had a wonderful home there. We stayed in the feather baron suite. Look at the beautiful bedroom.

This was the room for the daytime.

A beautiful garden was just in front of our room!

This angel played a song for me.

There was a funny bike with flowers.

Around the pool there were colorful plants.

I found these wonderful hearts – and showed them to my beloved Kleine Fee.

It is great to be in South Africa with this wonderful girl!

Graaff-Reinet, South Africa – 11th November 2012

Hello friends,

I want to show you the house we live at the moment.

Isn’t it beautiful?

We walked around Graaff-Reinet and saw this colorful tree.

This is a typical house for the town.

And look – they have such beautiful church here.

I found another nice plant…

… in front of this house.

In the evening we celebrated Stoker’s 100th birthday! We sang a wonderful song for him.

He loved his birthday candle.

Then he got his presents…

… and a big hug.

Graaff-Reinet, South Africa – 12th November 2012

Hello friends,

We went to the Camdeboo National Park – and stopped at this beautiful point. We had a great view over Graaff-Reinet.

In another direction I saw this funny mountain.

Then we continued our trip to the Valley of Desolation.

I liked these stone formations.

near to Grahamstown, South Africa – 13th November 2012

Hello again,

We went to another lodge and had a drive in the afternoon. We saw so many animals – starting with elephants.

There was a big elephant family!

Then we met the hippos.

Earlier the day we saw them outside of the water – you can see them here: hippo1 and here is a closer look. hippo2

Sometime later we saw cheetahs.

And some antilopes.

The last animals for this day were lions – we were very close to them.

It was a wonderful experience!

near to Grahamstown, South Africa – 14th November 2012

Hello friends,

I want to show you more of our Lodge. There were many interesting things to see. Here you see wooden characters from South Africa.

I loved this guy.

This was the small pool.

From the pool I saw our tent!

This was the main lodge.

Then I played chess.

Time for dinner?

I have no idea what these things were for. But it was fun playing here.

This place was a little scary.

Back in our room.

This was the view to our balcony.

And here is our balcony. One day we saw baboons on the hill in the back.

In the evening we had another drive and met friendly giraffes again.

And lions. This time you can see them better, I guess.

Wilderness , South Africa – 16th November 2012

Hello friends,

We stayed two nights in a town called Wilderness – and took walk here. It was so funny – we had to cross a river – and used this kind of boat.

We had to use the roped to pull us over the river.

Then we walked on this nice way.

The river looked so nice.

Then I met this beautiful guy.

At the end of the trail we took a rest next to this water fall.

This was the view into the other direction.

Back on our way home we saw lovely flowers.

And the river again.

Before we went back into our guest house we went to a place called maps of Africa. Can you see why?

From that place we had a great view over Wilderness and the ocean.

I climbed up a tree – but didn’t see much more from there.

Montagu, South Africa – 18th November 2012

Hi again,

This is the church of Montagu, another town on our route.

There were many houses with beautiful gardens.

And a really big tree with so many birds on it.

We didn’t do a lot in this town, because it was so hot – about 32 degrees in the shadow. So we relaxed on our terrace.

Stellenbosch, South Africa – 20th November 2012

Hi from South Africa again.

What a wonderful view! Yesterday we were on our way to Stellenbosch and stopped at the Franschhoek pass. I loved this view!

Behind me you can see our street.

In Franschhoek we stopped at this monument – it was big – and we didn’t went nearer to it.

Red flowers in November – what a wonderful country!

Today we walked through Stellenbosch. This church looked similar to the one in Montagu.

They have beautiful houses here.

This is the mill river – in the past it brought water for the mills – now it is here for nice photos.

Look at this manor!

This plant is so funny – it looks like a bird, I think.

This was art!

We went into this building – there is a funny store in it – with so many different things.

We had a nice time here – now we will drive to our last city on this trip – it is called Cape Town. I will write you soon from there.

Cape Town, South Africa – 21st November 2012

Hello from Cape Town.

We arrived in Cape Town today – and went onto the Signal Hill. I had great views from it. I saw the ocean…

… the left part of the Table Mountain…

… and the other part of the Table Mountain – next to the Table Mountain was a mountain called Lion’s Head.

This is the big stadium of Cape Town.

And I saw the port with the Waterfront.

I love this place!

Then we went to our hotel – we had such a nice room. It was funny – there was a window between the bathroom and the living-room.

And look – we saw the Table Mountain and the Lion’s Head from our balcony!


Cape Town, South Africa – 22nd November 2012

Hello from Cape Town.

Today we visited a beautiful garden near to our hotel. Look – so many colorful flowers!

I loved this view with the monument, the Table Mountain and the beautiful building.

This is another nice building with a wonderful garden.

Then we went to the Castle of Good Hope.

They had a wonderful balcony. You can see it behind me.

In front of the balcony we saw the changing of the guards.

This man fired a small cannon.

Look – I saw the Table Mountain behind the Castle.

Then we drove with a bus through Cape Town. We stopped at the station for the Table Mountain Cable Car and had great views!

Look – there is the Signal Hill, where we stood yesterday.

I had lovely views from the mountains around Cape Town.

We continued our trip and drove along the beautiful beaches.

Christmas is coming!

This was the clock tower near the Port.

Another part of the Port.

Back home in the hotel Kleine Fee and I spent a nice time on our balcony.

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa – 23rd November 2012

Hello from the Cape of the Good Hope,

It was time to visit the Cape of Good Hope. On our way we stopped at this nice point.

Then we arrived at the Cape of Good Hope. First we went to a place called Cape Point. I had lovely views there.

There was a beautiful small lighthouse.

Behind me you see the Cape of Good Hope.

This was the view to the Cape Point.

We saw some baboons.

Everyone took a photo at this point!

It was a nice place!


Cape Town, South Africa – 23rd November 2012

Hi friends,

On our way back to Cape Town we stopped at a colony of penguins. We visited another colony at the beginning of our trip – and it was nice to see penguins again.

There were less penguins in this colony – but they had a beautiful beach.

Our next stop was the botanical garden of Kirstenbosch. I saw nice flowers again.

These ones were so funny.

This is a typical tree for South Africa. They have only plants from South Africa in this garden.

Behind the garden there were mountains!

I am sure that you know this man – he is very famous in South Africa.

The next day we had to say good-bye to South Africa – we had a great time here – and saw so many interesting things!

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