Usedom 2012

Heringsdorf, Germany – 3rd October 2012


We went to Usedom this week. Behind me you can see our home here.

We stayed in a town called Heringsdorf. They have a long pier there – and we walked on it. We had a nice view from the pier.

Look – this was a part of the pier.

Many birds flew around the pier.

There were many people on the beach. And you can see the place where Oliver Kahn and a woman talked about soccer during the European Championship.

Later I listened to music with many other people.

They had nice plants near to the esplanade.

A special greeting to Kleine Fee!

Ahlbeck, Germany – 5th October 2012


Today we went to another little town called Ahlbeck. They have a very old clock there.

And another pier.

I loved this place – far behind me you can see the pier of Heringsdorf.

We went to the end of the pier and had this nice view.

It was a little windy.

We found a nice place at the beach.

We tried a photo with a Retro-Look, do you think it looked like a photo from the Past?

Well – I would love to come back here one day – and stay in this nice hotel.

Heringsdorf, Germany – 6th October 2012

Hi friends,

We had bad weather – and I hung around in the room. The apartment had the name Provence.

Have you ever been to Pisa?

This lamp was really funny.

I miss Kleine Fee, but I have this wonderful photo – a gift from my best friend Murph.

Maybe I should send Kleine Fee some flowers! :rolleyes:

Usedom, Germany – 7th October 2012

Hi from Usedom again,

But it was time to leave Usedom. We found a really big beach chair.

We drove over Usedom and found this great place. We were able to see 7 lakes from a tower.

Then we stopped at this wonderful mill.

We took a rest next to the mill.

Then we went to another mill – it was nice, too.

We had lunch in this castle.

I met this nice angle in the park.

Our last stop was at a small harbor.

We had a nice time on Usedom.

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