Vietnam und Kambodscha 2010

Frankfurt, Germany – 13th November 2010
By: RikeH

Hello from Frankfurt,

before we fly to Vietnam, we had a stop in Frankfurt. Here you see me in front of the main station.

This was the view into another direction.

On our way to the Römer Place – we found this great Euro-Sign.

Then we arrived at the Römer Place – there are nice old building.

Now we are back in the hotel and relax – tomorrow we will have a long flight to Hanoi.

Frankfurt, Germany – 14th November 2010

Hello from Frankfurt Airport,

we arrived at the Airport and I had to look, where the flight will start.

We had to walk to Gate B25.

This is our plane.

I relaxed in my chair – and will write more tomorrow – when I arrived in Hanoi.


Hanoi, Vietnam – 15th November 2010

Hello from Vietnam,

After a really long flight we arrived in Hanoi. We got our Visas and went to the hotel to relax.

Later in the afternoon we made a walk. Look, this is our Hotel.

There are many motor scooter and motorbikes on the streets.

Back in the Hotel we had a delicious cocktail.

In our room we have a fruit basket. But I don’t know all the fruits. Maybe someone can
help me?

Before we went into the bed it was time to go into the bathroom. So many nice things
for me – I will be a very clean ToyVoyager!

Hanoi, Vietnam – 16th November 2010

Hello friends of Asia,

today we made some sightseeing. We started with a very important place for the people
of Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. We were not allowed to take pictures inside,
but from the outside.

After it we walked around the area – this ist the Presidental Palace.

Here you see the House on stilts, where Ho Chi Minh lived from 1958 to 1969.

Then we went to two more religious places. First to the One Pillar Pagoda.

Then to the Temple of Literature – a Temple of Confucius. And it was Vietnam’s first University, too. One of the places there.

This is a Statue of Confucius.

This statue shows the king, who founded the Temple.

Back in the hotel we had a delicious cake – and I drank a Hot Chocolate.

What a great day!

Hanoi to Sapa, Vietnam – 16th November 2010

Hello from a train,

I want to tell you about my trainride from Hanoi to Sapa. Here you can see me in my cabin.

It had nice blankets.

And a gift for me.

I took the thinks out of it. Well – not so exciting.

A last view – no party out here…

…so I will take a nap.

In the morning we had to get up really early – and I looked out of the window. Sapa –
I am coming.

Sapa , Vietnam – 17th November 2010

Hello from Sapa,

today in Sapa we made a long walk. This is a ricefield – but the harvest already was over.

This was our way – we went this one down.

We went into the house of one family living here – the house was not big – and there are 21 people living in it.

Later we saw this nice waterfall.

Look – what a hard way back to the car for a small ToyVoyager like me.

I wanted to show you our room for this night.

Do you know, what this should be?

This is the view into the garden.

I found wonderful flowers.

We wanted to start a second walk onto a hill in the afternoon, but it was too foggy –
so we stayed at home…

… and had a nice time in front of the fireplace.


Sapa , Vietnam – 18th November 2010

Hello from Sapa,

today we made another walk in the surrounding of Sapa.We visited two villages of two tribes –
the Black H’mong and the Dzay People.

We were really interested in seeing the rice terraced fields. We made the first photo
as soon as we saw the fields, because it was very misty here.

Some minutes later we saw some more houses.

It was exciting – can you see the buffalos in the fields – they were on they ways, too,
and they are really big. We were a little afraid of them.

This was inside the village.

We didn’t want to make close photos of the people here – but this is a photo of
the children in the school – having a sports lesson.

In the evening we jumped into the train back to Hanoi and had a delicious dinner in
the train.

Hanoi, Vietnam – 19th November 2010

Hello from Hanoi again,

we were lazy today – hanging out in the hotel. Only once we made a short walk to visit this nice Pagoda next to the hotel.

I loved this yellow building. It was built in the same year as someone I know was born…

I learnt some strange signs.

It is still a temple today.

Look – there are funny trees growing here.



Tam Coc , Vietnam – 20th November 2010

Hello from a river,

it was time for a boat-trip today. We went to Tam Coc wharf, got on the boat
and enjoyed the nice riding along the river through 3 tunnel caves.

This was inside one of the caves.

It was dark inside, but of course I wasn’t afraid.

There were people working on the river.

I loved the beautiful stones.

We had a lot of fun.

Me in another cave.

And there were these nice trees next to the river. Just like the one yesterday in Hanoi.

When we were back – I saw a buffalo again, I really like them.

I love to travel and always want to be a good host. But I saw horrible things, when I
watched out of the window, I saw other animals travelling here – and I am sure that
they don’t have so much fun as we have.


Halong Bay, Vietnam – 21st November 2010

Hello from Halong Bay,

Well, today we started on another boat – much bigger than the one from yesterday. I will show you the photo later. This was the view from the boat. There are many – around 2000 – hills in the sea – now little islands. The weather was nicer than it looks like on the photos.

I really loved the view.

When we went nearer to the islands, we could see that there are green trees on the islands.

We made a stop at the Titop Island. It has his name by a Russian called Titov.
We climbed up the hill and had this nice view. You can see our boat behind me –
it is the second one from the right with one sail.

we went back and sat down on the beach. I saw the boat from here, too.

Only sitting on the beach was boring – so Huhn and I decided to make something exciting. Look:

This was fun!

Back on the boat – here is a view of our cabin.

I looked out of the window and saw another boat.

And a nearby island.

Later we went onto the boat deck – and I found a place next to the flag of Vietnam.

One hour later we visited Cua Van – the largest floating fishing village in Halong Bay.

There are about 130 floating houses and about 600 people live and work in the village.

Look – a fishing boat.

In the evening we spent some days on the deck drinking Cocktails – what a great day!


Halong Bay, Vietnam – 22nd November 2010

Hello from the Halong Bay again,

another great day on the boat. This was the nice view I had in the morning.

Here are the sails on our boat.

We were on the way to a surprise cave. You can see the entrance behind me.

We went to the island with a small boat and had a great view to our boat and a sister boat.

We crossed another floating fishing village – but smaller than the one yesterday.

Here are some views from the cave.

It was so wonderful!

From the exit of the cave we saw islands and boats!

I loved this place!

We went back to our boat.

We relaxed in the cabin…

…and said goodbye to the Halong Bay.


Hue, Vietnam – 23rd November 2010

Hello from Hue,

I am in the Middle of Vietnam now. The town is called Hue and it is an ancient Capital city of many original historical vestiges.

First we vistited the Citadel. Here I am in front of the Main Gate.

After it we passed this nice gate.

RikeH and Thomas learnt a lot about the history – I prefered playing in this small tree.

The next photos were taken inside the Forbidden Purple City.The royal family lived here – and this was the theatre.

Here you see me in front of the old library.

We visited nice other places – and this colorful gate.

Behind me is the Temple for the King who lived here.

There are funny dragons like this one everywhere – they stand for power.


Hue, Vietnam – 24th November 2010

Hello from Hue again,

today we will go by boat on the Parfume River. We went on a boat like this on the photo.

This was one view over the River.

This is the Thien Mu Pagoda (also known as The Heavenly Lady pagoda).

Here is a wonderful gate – with funny Statues in it. Can you see them?

Later we saw the Pagoda from another side.

This is the Happy Buddha. I likes his smile.

Another guard – I loved his face.

Then we went to another place – Tu Duc King’s Tomb. A big place – not only with his tomb –
it was built many years before he died – and he loved to stay here – writing poems.

This big building was in front of his tomb.

There were Statues on the way. Guardians, a horse and an elephant.

Later we went to the Temple for the King.

There were many more buildings – but many were destroyed – as you can see here.


Hue, Vietnam – 25th November 2010

Hello from the Hotel,

we have a lazy day in the nice hotel today. In the morning we played in the beautiful room. First we jumped on the couch.

Then we went out onto the balcony.

I shared the rocking chair with Huhn.

Then we all took a nap.

For lunch I had delicious fruits – given by this nice lady.

In the afternoon we went into the garden. I climbed up a palm tree.

Then I went to the pool.

This was the second pool here. Nice, too.

We relaxed next to the big pool – and talked a lot about our adventures here in Vietman for a while.

Then I went back to the room. Here is another view of the pool.

This is the house where we have our breakfast each morning.

I found this nice green plant.


It hurts!!! RikeH brought me back to the room soon – and helped me.

Because I was so brave – I got some sweets. Now I am happy again.

Hoi An, Vietnam – 26th November 2010

Hello Friends,

we will travel from Hue to Hoi An today. This will be a long way by car, but we hope to see interestings things on the way. We stopped at a beach – but I didn’t really like it.

We drove over some mountains and stopped on one pass and had nice views. This was the direction to Danang.

There was a Gate on the Pass.

A bunker out of the time of war here.

The view into the other direction.

Here I am in front of the big gate.

Just another view – I loved the pass.

Then we went to Danang and visited the Cham Museum. Isn’t this elephant funny?

Other tings in the museum.

A Lady Buddha.

Or is this the Lady Buddha? I cannot remember…

Before we left the Museum we found these nice flowers.

The last thing we visited were the Marble Mountains. We had to went up the hill –
many steep steps. But it was worth it. A nice pagpda.

Another part of the Pagoda.

The view from the hill – very nice!

But the best thing was this big big white Statue. She was wonderful!

What a great trip!


Hoi An, Vietnam – 27th November 2010

Hello from Hoi An,

today it is time to see the ancient city of Hoi An. We started with the Chinese Assembly Halls.

Chinese people met there to make important decisions – and there is a Temple inside, too.

This is the Gate.

In front of the Temple we found this dragon.

See the red thing – it is a big incense stick – it lasts 2-3 months! People write cards with their wishes and put them into it.

Look – the chinese Wall – but it is only a small one.

We walked along the river and saw a nice colorful dragon on it.

We love to go by boat – so we were on a boat again.

This is a normal ferry here – many people sit and stand on it. We had our own boat.

These are boats of the fishermen – the boats have eyes – this was funny.

Back home in the hotel I had a delicious Hoi An Pancake.

Tomorrow I will go to a cooking class – and cook it by myself.


Hoi An, Vietnam – 28th November 2010

Hello from Hoi An again,

it is time for the cooking class today. But first I will show you the hotel, we live at the moment. I hope it is not too boring, but I like the different kinds of the rooms.

Here I am on the bed with my friends.

This is the place for sitting, talking and having tea.

I relaxed on the terrace…

with a nice view over the river.

We went over the market to buy some food for the cooking class. Here are many fruits.

The women have funny hats.

I would love to have the carrots!

The lesson started. The Chief cooked in front of us – and there were a mirror, so
that all people and ToyVoyager could see, what she is doing.

This were Fresh Rice Paper Rolls of Shrimps. Really delicious.

Here you see, where we cooked our meals.

We had so much fun!


Saigon, Vietnam – 29th November 2010

Hello from Saigon,

this time we decided to travel from Hoi An to Saigon by plane. It was a really new one.

I was happy, because I had a seat at the window.

When we arrived in Saigon we did some sightseeing and started with the Reunification-Palace.

We were able to see some rooms.This was a big meeting-room.

This was a smaller living-room.

They had a garden – on the second floor – this was strange.

And this helicopter. Maybe I will have my own helicopter later, too?

Later we visited this church – called Notre Dame – it was built by the French – only
with things from France.

When we arrvied at our hotel room – I was very surprised. We have a great view over the city.
Especially when it went dark.

And we have our own garden – in the 7th floor – much better than in the palace…


Vinh Long, Vietnam – 30th November 2010

Hello from the Cu Chi Tunnels,

we started the day driving to the Cu Chi Tunnels. The Vietnamese People built these tunnels during the Vietnam War many years ago. First we learnt a lot about the tunnels – and where they were.

This is one entrance to the tunnels – very small – even for a ToyVoyager.

They built strange traps. I don’t like wars!

These are some of the Vietnamese People, who were in the War.

Then a funny thing happened. We went under the ground and tried one tunnel. It was
smaller in the past – and very dark – you cannot see it because of the flash.

After this experience we ate something delicious. It is a root, that the People ate
at that time – I liked it.

Here you can see us with the buttons, every visitor got.

We continued our trip and went to church of a sect, called Cao Dai. The religion is a mix of Buddhist, Taoist,
Confucianism and Chistianity.

We went inside…

Later we joined the daily noontide ceremony.

Back out in the nature I enjoyed the sun in this nice plant.

The People here are crazy when they drive on the streets, I tried to take some
photos, but they don’t show the reality.


Can Tho, Vietnam – 1st December 2010

Hi friends,

Imagine that – I am on a river again. This time it is a really big one – called Mekong. We started in a small city – with a nice church.

There were many boats here.

We went into a house where they make caramel candys.

This is Snake-Wine. Strange, isn’t it?

Well there was more to see – we went faster.

The Mekong-River is really wide!

On the other side we went on a canal in an Island. I loved the Palm Trees.

Then we changed the boat and went on a row boat. This was nice and quiet.

Later it was time for lunch. We had this Elephant Ear Fish – it was yummy!

In the afternoon we relaxed in our hotel.

There were nice flowers in the garden.

Can you see me?

Can you see the animal there? It is a Gecko – many of them are living in this part
of Vietnam.

We found this wonderful fruit basket in our room.

I ate one small banana.

Due to some problems we had to change the room – and found ourselves in a Suite – it was
fantastic and had two rooms and a big bathroom. Enough place for all of us!

We had a really good night!


Cai Rang, Vietnam – 2nd December 2010

Hello from Cai Rang,

we started early today – it was time to visit the Cai Rang floating market. It is the biggest market here. Of course we took a boat to go there.

People live in houses like this here. I am really happy to live in Germany!

They build a new bridge here.

Here we are on the market – it was so interesting!

On the way back to the hotel we stopped in a factory – where they dry rice.

Then we visited a family, they make rice noodles here.

This was our boat!

This woman came back from the market – her boat full with fruits and vegetables.

This is our new hotel in Saigon – very high.

In the afternoon we made a walk to the Saigon River.

This is the highest building here in Saigon. With a place for helicopters to land on.

Another view of the hotel – with the opera in front of it.

Nam Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam – 3rd December 2010

Hello from a National Park

It was time to go into the Wilderness. So we jumped into the car and went to the
National Park Nam Cat Tien. There are many wild animals – including crocodiles.

Help – there are three around me!

Just kidding … these were sweets – but you didn’t really recognize it at the beginning,
I am sure.

Well – we arrived in the Park- and had to go there by boat. In the afternoon we started a long
walk through the Jungle. There were really big trees.

This was our way.

Another nice view.

Look, what RikeH had to wear – these are a kind of big socks out of a thick material,
they were covored with some liquids, because there are leeches living in the forest –
and they wanted to jump onto the human legs and taste their blood. We didn’t wear it,
because RikeH was so nice to carry us all the way.

We had to sleep the night under this mosquito-net.

We get up early the second day – and I wanted to show our house.

There was a tree with funny fruits next to it.

In the way back to Saigon we saw this :

People are drying their corns and rice on the street – really strange, isn’t it?

Saigon, Vietnam – 5th December 2010

Hello from Saigon,

We had a day without a guide in Saigon today. But we are in Vietnam for 3 weeks now, so we can do
some sightseeing on our own. We started in the postoffice to buy the last stamps for postcards.

The building is really wonderful inside.

This is the church Notre Dame – I already saw it some days ago.

Then we went into the botanical garden to see some nice flowers. But it was more a Zoo than
a garden, so we met some not travelling animals. I liked this hippo.

I told him a really funny joke and he laughed a lot.

This was a clock out of plants.

We met a white tiger – and were so near to him.

Enough adventure for this afternoon – I relaxed in a beautiful tree.

Back in the hotel we did some sightseeing out of our window. This is the opera.

The building with the green on the roof is the town hall.

And we saw the Saigon River in the other direction.

In the evening we went outside to take some more photos. Our hotel behind the opera.

They decorated the hotel for the Christmas Season. Really colorful.

I went into the Bar with Rike and Thomas to celebrate the last evening in Vietnam.

Tomorrow we will go to Cambodia.

Angkor Thom, Cambodia – 6th December 2010

Hello from Cambodia,

we arrived here – with a delay, because they had to change a tyre of our plane –
but it was still enough time to visit one Temple – called Angkor Thom.

Here you see me on the bridge to it.

There were nice statues on it.

We saw these wonderful dancers.

There were long walls – with so many people on it, carved into the stone.

I loved this place.

Isn’t it wonderful – there are faces on the towers.

Can you see me under the nice face?

A view back – it was great!

Then we went to the street of elephants.

Another nice women – next to the elephants.

I hope that you are not bored about the hotels – but I must show you this one. Look – we had fruits, flowers and a bottle of wine for our welcome. Cambodia is great – and the Victoria Hotel, too.

I will sleep here at night.

and stay here during the day – when we are not visiting the Temples.

In the left you can see the place, where I wrote theses updates.

And I should not forget to say – it is Nikolaus-Day today – and we got sweets of my Grandma – thanks a lot!

Siem Reap, Cambodia – 7th December 2010

Hello from Cambodia,

today there were some more Temples to visit. We started with the biggest here in Angkor – it is called Angkor Wat. Maybe you already heart of it?

Well, here I am in front of it!

On the walls are a lot of stories – and I learnt a lot about the old history.

This was very steep…

…but it was worth the way!

I visited a tired Buddha.

This lady was so beautiful.

And this statue has many more than one head!

A view back – it was great!

Just another Statue on our way to the car. She had a lot of arms.

Now we were really far away – the place was nice!

But there were another nice Temple for this morning. It is called Ta Prohm.

It is well-known for the big trees!

Really strange – they live on the old building.

Here you can see the big roots!

It was a great morning – and we went back to the hotel to relax!

In the afternoon we had some more miles to drive – the next Temple was Banteay Samre.

The carvings here were wonderful – and the stone had another color!

Funny and strange creatures were the guardians.

I relaxed in the sun – and other tourists were laughing about RikeH – can you understand this?

Well – it was a nice place, too. But then it was time to go back to the hotel.

Siem Reap, Cambodia – 8th December 2010

Hello from Cambodia again,

Today we drove to a big lake. And I wanted to show you, how the peple here live in the villages.

Well – it is not easy to make photos out of a driving car…there are palm trees here.

I want to have a photo with a house…

…there are too many trees here.

This is better – with two cows.

But this is the best – they live in stilt-houses like this.

There are rice-fields around the streets.

And gates – on the streets to Temples.

But it was time to be on a ship again!

We visited a floating village here in Cambodia.

The Temple here is not a floating building.

But all the other houses, where the people are living.

Birds like this place, too.

On the way back we saw this water-buffalo. A really big animal.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – 10th December 2010

Hello Friends,

I am in the Capital City of Cambodia, called Phnom Penh. We started the day – visiting the Royal Palace. The first interesting thing was this Banana plant – with so many small bananas.

But then we saw the beautiful buildings.

This friendly snake with so many heads was in front of one building.

This golden product belongs to the king, but I don’t know, why.

These buildings are called stupa – the ashes of dead people are in the stupas.

The garden around was so wonderful with many nice plants.

I found a nice little lake – just right for a little rest.

Look – these flowers belong to a tree – they only blow one day in the morning, after it they die off.

Later that day we visited the national museum. The building was very nice.

There was a big elephant!

And a smaller one!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – 12th December 2010

Hello Friends,

Another sunny and hot day in Cambodia. It was really hot – around 34 degree Celsius, but Rike and Thomas decided to visit a place called Wat Phnom. We went along the river.

We passed another nice Temple.

People work on their small boats on the river.

This is the Place Wat Phnom. The city started here many many years ago, when a woman met a Buddha at this place.

A nice way to the Top.

I talked with this nice guy.

We went inside the Temple.

Another nice view.

This is the lady with the Buddha.

Back home the others watched TV.It was a very big TV.

We had some fun!

But I told them that it would be better to go outside. We had our own pool.

It was great to sit next to it.

I had a good view from this Flower.

Look – there were wonderful green trees here.

We finished the day – and our holiday – sitting in the garden and talking a lot.

I really loved this holiday. Tomorrow we will fly back to snowy Germany.

Dicker Kumpel

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