Wolfsburg 2015


Wolfsburg, Germany – 18.10.2015

Hello friends,

We took a trip and visited Wolfsburg. The famous car company Volkswagen is situated here. Behind me you can see a part of the factory.

We will visit the Autostadt tomorrow.

I was so brave – and played with the wolves.

This big giraffe was very friendly!

Wolfsburg, Germany – 19.10.2015

Hello friends, I went into the Autostadt Wolfsburg – and first I watched 4 short movies!

This big ball was inside the entrance hall.

Under it in the floor there were nice lampions.

And funny white cars – with a good size for TVs.

Then I went outside and had a look at Thomas, he drove on an exciting course with a 4-wheel-drive-car.

Dou you remember, who it looked like yesterday – well the weather was less sunny today, to give a nice comment.

Then it was time for cars – maybe we should buy a Porsche?

This was funny – so many Porsche cars!

These two towers look great – what will be inside?

Cars – many cars!

It was a great view to see the cars on the lift.

We took a kind of elevator – and went to the top of the tower.

From there we saw the big areal of the Autostadt and the factory!

This was the best place – in front of and over all the new cars!

We left the tower and went to the Audi pavilion.

Well – a big motor – really interesting!

Our last stop was a house with many different cars – old and new. These two were old.

This one was a typical VW.

What a wonderful color!

More funny and nice cars!

I am not sure, if this was a car.

Lüneburg, Germany – 20.10.2015

Hello friends, Where am I, or when am I? It looked like a living-room in the Past.

We were in a museum and they had a special exhibition with a house in the 50s.

This was funny – maybe someone remember this time?

Then we went into the city if Lüneburg – it has wonderful houses.

We went onto the water tower and had a beautiful view.

There were nice places next to the river.

And a beautiful old crane.

This is the town hall.

Yours Dicker Kumpel

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