Zingst 2011

Zingst, Germany – 12th March 2011

Hi from Zingst,

today we drove some hours with the car – then we arrived at the Seaside. We have a wonderful holiday house – I will show it later this week, I think.

But the weather was so nice – and we made a first walk through the village called Zingst.

Here you can see me on the Pier.

This is the long way we walked on the Pier.

I saw the beach from here – really nice.

Then we walked on the Pier back to the beach. What a long Pier!

I sat in front of a small Dune – hopefully we will find bigger ones in the next days.

Back home we found a cosy place…

Can you see us?

We loved to sit in front of the fireplace and talked a lot.

What a nice day.

Zingst, Germany – 13th March 2011

Hi from Zingst again,

today we took another walk in Zingst. This time on the other side of the Village – there is another Water – called Bodden.

It was very windy.

There is a lot of water everywhere.

The trees are really lopsided, probably it is often very windy here.

This is the way we walked. On the top of a dike.

Then we went to the Harbour. There were only two ships – and I thought this one would be better in America…

On our way back we saw this wonderful house.

Zingst, Germany – 14th March 2011

Hello friends,

we walked along the beach today. Here you can see me in the Dunes.

This is the way to the beach – there were really high waves.

I though about taking a bath – but the temperatures were very low…

We made a rest in this little boat.

It was so windy – and Inuk felt down – but fortunately he can fly – so don’t worry – nothing bad happened.

We found another boat – with nice red flags in it.

We stopped at this little bistro and took a photo – it is really funny, because Zuckerhut is the name of the street where RikeH and I are living.

Then it was time for entertainment. I took a ride on this carrousel.

It was so funny!

This is the house of the tourist information.

Another nice building.

On our way back home we stopped at a restaurant and RikeH bought us delicious ice-cream.

This was yummy! Back home we sat some minutes outside in the sunshine. But although the sun was shining – it was cold – so we went inside and had a nice evening.

Zingst, Germany – 15th March 2011


we decided to have a lazy day at home today.

Most of the time we relaxed on the couch, but in the afternoon we played a nice game.

First I had to throw the dices.

Then Inuk wrote it on the paper – we had to built streets and villages.

Surely I won!

After it we had a delicious meal. Not only bread…

…there was hot cheese, too.

I put the bread on my fork and then I put the bread into the cheese,

It was yummy – and I had a glass of wine with it.

Sadly we finished it really fast. No bread anymore.

And no cheese.

In the evening we played with RikeH’s new Smartphone. We made a photo in the Comic style –
we think it is really funny, what do you think?

Prerow, Germany – 16th March 2011

Hello from Prerow,

we drove to another Village – Prerow – today. First we had a stop at the High Dune.

But to tell the truth, it wasn’t that high… Well, we saw the Sea from here.

In the other direction we saw the little Prerow River.

Then we went to the Beach. It was so cold and windy that we didn’t walk a long time.

We found a nice place without wind – next to an old tree.

Later we visited the small church.

We went inside – it was nice there.

There were ships inside.

Here you can light candles for the ones you love and who are dead. We light one for our really good friend Tobi, who died one year ago.


Zingst, Germany – 17th March 2011

Hello Murph,

It was so cold outside – Inuk and I decided to stay inside. We wrote updates for our travellogs and watched some of my friends. First we looked at the one of UrselHH. She has such a great time in Finland. She visited the Baltic Sea, too, but had more sunshine – and more snow.

TobiHH is at the beach, too – but in England – I have no idea, if it is that cold there, too.

Then I saw your updates, Murph. You took photos with flowers – well, they are wonderful.

A good idea – I wanted to take some flower-photos, too. But not outside, so I walked through the house.

This was the first one I found. A white one…

Lovely yellow ones…

I loved these small white flowers.

And the last one is beautiful,too. What do you think?

Well, of course you have the better photos, but I found my flowers inside. 😉

Zingst, Germany – 18th March 2011

Hello friends,

we were in the forest today. But the forest was not so nice now in the Spring Time.

Fortunately we found this lovely little lake.

You can see the trees behind me – not really green.

Maybe I should come to this place later this year…

After the walk we stopped in the village and had a nice cup of coffee and a big chocolate tart.

Zingst, Germany – 19th March 2011

Hello again,

it is our last day in Zingst now. Tomorrow we will go back to Sülfeld. We will make the big walk around Zingst today.

It started in another forest – can you see us?

Here we are.

Then we saw this kind of heath.

Later we reached the beach again. There are pieces of wood in the water.

Can you remember the Pier behind me? We started there one week ago.

In the Village we found a boat – but not in the water.

There were statues of some people.

A really nice place.

Back home we played in the garden.

Then we heard someone calling…

We jumped to the other tree and met this funny yellow guy.

We talked a lot about our lifes and had a lot of fun.

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